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Lucha Underground July 22 TV results & recap: Mundo vs Texano, battle royal

By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week's show was all about solidifying the build towards Ultima Lucha. We got a lot of top-notch work towards Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro, while the ancient medallions were the focus of the show. Sexy Star won one medallion and defended it against Marty the Moth, beating the creeper with La Mistica to close out her mini-series to defend her medallion.

The show begins with a recap of the medallions, the turn of Blue Demon Jr., Texano's babyface turn. It's one of the most abrupt videos yet, but effective. Dario meets with Ryck and says that they're not seeing eye to eye, but he had big plans for Ryck. He was blinded by Daivari's money, and Dario apologizes for his word choice. Dario says that tonight, he'll reveal the power of the medallions and what means more to Ryck - money or power. Ryck says he wants both and gets money from Dario through intimidation. Serio Arau is our house band, and they have some fantastic hairstyles amidst this group. Vamp says that Prince Puma will speak tonight and we'll get Mundo vs. Texano. Actually, that will be our opener as Johnny is walking down now.

Johnny Mundo vs. Texano

Mundo calls Texano something that actually gets bleeped, which is astonishing. Vamp says that Johnny has the abs, but Texano's a real "shit-kicker" who can lift practically. Johnny sweeps the knee, but eats a dropkick. Texano gets a seated buzzsaw kick for 2. Texano lands a pair of punches, but a third one gets blessed from above, and countered. Johnny kicks him and gets an apron kick and apron-assisted spinning neckbreaker. Johnny knees him against the barricade and gets a spinkick against the fencing. This gets 2, so Johnny goes for some mounted punches.

Johnny gets a chinlock, but eats elbows to the gut. Texano chops away, so Johnny ducks - and eats a chop to the back instead. Rough Ryder gets 2 for Texano while Vamp says that Mundo is 260. Pounds!? Mundo crotches Texano on the top and eats a big kick for 2. Texano gets a pair of kicks after avoiding the End of the World and the Crew comes down and attacks Texano for a DQ win. Alberto comes down for a save, so logically, we should get the Crew against Texano and Alberto next week. Alberto runs wild and Texano whips them. Alberto and Texano share a glance, but haven't made peace. This was really good stuff - excellent start to the show.

Cueto tells Hernandez that Ultima Lucha will begin next week and he'll face Drago there. Dario says that he's been reading tweets, and the fans hate Hernandez. He'll make a strap match where the fans have straps and can attack them - it's the Believers Backlash match. Hernandez downs some Miller Lite and says he'll paint the canvas red with the fans' blood if they attack him. Cage and Mack are in the ring. Vamp says that Mack is a big jumbly bumble bee that he wants to hug.

Cage vs. The Mack

Mack gets a flash pin, resulting in Mack and Cage fighting all over the ringside area. They brawl with security and Dario tells them to hold up, so he'll find anything laying the Temple and use it to beat each other up. Dario says that Ultima Lucha will be starting next week and they'll start it with Mack vs. Cage in a falls count anywhere match. After a break, he'll say what the medallions mean.

Dario says that whoever has the medallions can get the Gift of the Gods title belt, but there won't be any cashing in. He must have one week of notice to advertise the match, and if the GotG title-holder waits too long, they'll have to defend the title and risk the medallions. A seven way medallion match will happen at Ultima Lucha, so the medallion-holders come down with Cueto doing a hilarious intro for Big Ryck and Bengala. Striker says that Ryck got his through a deal with Dario. Dario has them place their medallions in the belt, which still leaves one medallion left to be placed because Fenix was destroyed. Dario puts that medallion up for grabs in a battle royal - but with a pinfall at the end ala TNA's gauntlet match. Fenix returns and Dario is greatly unamused by this development. Dario tells him that he's late, but he'll let him enter the battle royal.

Medallion Battle Royal

Fenix is mid-ring and then Marty the Moth comes down to join the fray. Vinny Masarro bonks Fenix into the buckle. Famous B gets a crotch chop and a pedigree before doing Hogan's big legdrop. Ricky Mandel is tossed out. Arenis eats a Pele kick from Famous B to take him out. Killshot goes up top, but Daivari tosses him to the floor to prove the risk of that position. Vinny hits a giant lariat on Famous B. Vinny eats a neck snap to take him out. Mascarita Sagrada hits a monkey flip to take he and someone else out. Marty the Moth, Famous B, Daivari, and Fenix are the final four. B is double teamed and eliminated. Fenix takes Daivari out, ending the battle royal portion and just making it a Marty vs. Fenix match for the medallion.

Fenix vs. Marty the Moth

Marty gets a big dropkick for 2. Marty gets a slam and Fenix goes to the floor. Marty feigns a dive, but bows instead. Fenix gets a Tajiri-style springboard back elbow mid-ring. Fenix does a wacky triple-jump armdrag. Big flip dive to the floor to Marty. Fenix counters a wonky tilt a whirl with an even wonkier rana for the win. Fenix regains his medallion and thanks the fans in the crowd. Dario comes out and is fairly pissed, but Fenix won fairly. Puma speaks next.

Striker and Vamp talk about Ultima Lucha. Next week's show is one hour long, and the August 5 show is two hours long. They run down the card, and show the build-up for every single match on the card. Puma comes down in black jeans, a yellow hoodie, and a new mask with black and red. Before he can speak, Mil Muertes and Catrina come down. Muertes looks even bigger and more of a badass in his suit. The Disciples of Death attack Puma, who fights back with a series of wacky kicks. Mil Muertes stares at him, but doesn't move as his goons eat more offense. Finally, he comes down and we get a quick brawl. Puma takes the challenger down and hits the 630 - it hits, which doesn't bode well for Puma.