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Lucha Underground July 29 TV results & recap- Ultima Lucha Part One - The Mack vs. Cage hardcore

By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week, the build for Ultima Lucha was finalized. The Gift of the Gods title was debuted, and each of the seven medallions will be used in it to determine title shots for season two (if there is one). Other than the creation of a new title, it was a very good and effective show. Johnny Mundo and Texano had a fun match, while Cage and The Mack had a short match that built up this week's falls count anywhere main event with a long post-match brawl all over the place. Fenix also won a battle royal to get his medallion back, and he defended it against Party. Puma laid out Mil Muertes to close the show and build up their title match next week.

The show begins with a recap of the events that led us to tonight's show - with a Cage vs. Mack rundown. We see Drago get his revenge and get a title shot, only to have Mil Muertes steal it. More recaps show the trios champs are attacked by the Disciples of Death, while Hernandez talks smack to the fans leading to a fans get the straps match. Dario Cueto meets with Black Lotus in her cell, while he is in a slick tuxedo. Matanza grunts in the background and we hear Dario talking about him as a monster not through size, but his circumstances. Dario tells her that Matanza didn't kill her parents - El Dragon Azteca did. They close the scene by showing her beating up a chalk outline of a person on the cell wall and nailing the heart. This took some twists and turns and I loved it.

Ultima Lucha gets its own logo on the screen while Vampiro and Striker welcome us to the show. We get the card tonight and each match gets its own poster in the building - they look beautiful, so hopefully they monetize those and try to sell them. The opener is The Mack vs. Cage. Mack comes down, but he gets jumped by Cage on the steps.

The Mack vs. Cage - Falls Count Anywhere

Cage has a new black and yellow singlet and tosses Mack onto the top of Dario's office. Cage slams him down hard and Striker says the ceiling has been reinforced. Exploder suplex on the bleacher from Mack to Cage! Fire extinguisher to the face of Mack leads to a stop sign shot and a DDT onto it for 2. Mack breaks a board on Cage's back and hits him with a cooler full of Miller Lite. Mack takes a sip of a "Mackweiser" and hits a stunner for 2. Odd to use a Budweiser reference for Miller Lite. They fight up top and Mack kicks him and hits a sitiout powerbomb off the apron through a table on the floor! This gets 2 and a "this is awesome" chant.

Mack and Cage brawl up the steps to Cueto's office ceiling once again. Sitout spinebuster on top of a garbage can from Mack gets 2. Cage gets a discus lariat over the railing into the crowd. Deadlift suplex from the railing to the ceiling gets 2! Cage gets some cinder blocks and curb stomps his head through one of them for the win. The trios tag title match is up next, and it's hyped up with Angelico's crazy dives.

After a break, we come back to the Temple where we get a rundown of next week's two hour finale for the season. Striker makes a clear difference between Ian Hodgkinson and Vampiro, treating Vampiro like a split personality of Ian's - which has been hinted at for a month or so now. The Disciples of Death come down with Catrina, and the Disciples do actually have names - but we don't get graphics. One is in a gold mask, one is in silver, and the other is in purple - so that will be the key difference used here. The champs come down with Ivelisse still on crutches.

Team Havoc vs. Disciples of Death - Trios Tag Title Match

Bario attacks Ivelisse and Vamp praises the tactic. The black and gold disciple lands a torture back powerbomb to Angelico. Striker points out that this could be the first title change yet on Lucha Underground - which is amazing statistic given that it has LU and AAA's top title on it. Flying knee sends one Disciple down for 2. A Disciple gets a stretch muffler onto Ivie's good leg, but Havoc saves her. Havoc's double handspring elbow gives them a breather for a second. Striker talks about how everyone wants an "Ultima Lucha Moment", and Angelico runs up the wall to attack a Disciple. He then dives off of the office ONTO THE FLOOR. This man is nuts and he's got blood coming from his mouth. Catrina stalks Ivie, and we get a catfight - which Striker prefaces by saying "I love ya, Joey!" Catrina wins the fight bonking her with the stone and giving her team the win. This was the worst Trios tag title match so far, but still fun. Catrina licks Ivie's face and she holds her stone high while the champions hold their titles high as well. Striker toasts to Vampiro and the fans come down, with complete bios for some by Striker. Hernandez comes out without a top, and has painted in his Superman logo - either for legal reasons or due to the shame of using the Man of Steel version of the logo.

Hernandez vs. Drago - Believer's Backlash Match

Hernandez crotches him up top and sends him to the floor - but the fans help him back in. Hernandez goes out there and gets whipped on the back and face. His forehead is just a strap-shaped red mark now. Drago hits a billion kicks and clotheslines him to the floor to eat more lashes from the Hot Tub podcast guy. Fallaway powerbomb hits Drago while the fans in the crowd and on the floor cheer. Hernandez gets a splash, but Drago gets the knees up and lands a running tornado DDT. Way of the Dragon only gets 2 for Drago.

Hernandez lifts him up and Striker calls it a Last Ride, but he border tosses him to the crowd on the floor. Supermex dive is met with yellow mist while fans lose their minds. Hernandez goes under the ring, leading to fans waiting for him and Drago setting up a table on the other side. Drago has nunchuks and nails Hernandez onto the table. Big splash off the top rope to the floor and through the table! Drago sends him in for another splash and the win! To close the show, we get yet another rundown of the two hour finale. El Dragon Azteca arrives and fights someone to get into the Temple despite being threatened with the possibility of death. This was a pretty fun show - not as good as many weeks, but still solid.