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Lucha Underground June 24 results & recap: Drago vs. Mil Muertes No. 1 contender's match

By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week, Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma had a crazy show-long match. The all night long match was, of course, an invention of Dario Cueto and another example of how Lucha Underground can take something that could easily fail - like a TV iron man match, and make it compelling through the whole show. It had a lot of bells and whistles like stunts, but some cute things like using the band and bandstand throughout the match. Puma was down by a ton of falls, which led to Mundo stalling, but Puma eventually retained thanks to Alberto, who will seemingly be Mundo's next big rival.

This week's show begins with a recap of Dario's announcement of the ancient medallions. Drago's return is covered, as is Catrina threatening Cueto's life to make tonight's Muertes vs. Drago number one contender's match. We get a recap of Mundo slamming Alberto through Cueto's window, and Alberto costing Mundo his title shot last week. At Ultima Lucha, Mundo will face Alberto. Sexy Star is in the ring twirling around with her wristband cape. Super Fly comes down for his first match since losing his mask against Sexy, and attacking her during her match with Pentagon Jr.

They throw to a Vamp-Super Fly interview where they replay his attack on Sexy. Sexy took his mask, so he wanted to take something from her. Vamp says she didn't steal his mask and she beat him. Fly says he got authorization for a rematch, and Vamp had better not interfere. He rubbed his braced elbow after the arm snapper from Pentagon.

Match One - Sexy Star vs. Super Fly

Super Fly superkicks her down and gets 2 off an elbow. He gets a running back elbow and Striker says that unmasking is a chance to be reborn. He dropkicks her down, but he ducks down and eats kicks for 2. Running big boot to Sexy sends her to the corner and he stomps away. He gets 2 off an awkward cover. He kicks the hamstring a few times and headbutts her, but she avoids a punch by grabbing the arm and getting a wacky arm drag off the top. A cradle gets 2 for Sexy. He punches her in the face hard and he follows up with some leg kicks. Super Fly gets a super-light AA and a side senton dive for 2. Sexy backdrops him high over the top in a beautiful move. She dives off the top onto him, and he barely catches her. This has not exactly been a pretty match.

She gets a tornado armdrag on the floor using the apron. She climbs up and she hits something off the top to the knee. She kicks his back and gets a legdrop for 2. Fly gets a light powerbomb and then a sitout variant for the win. This wasn't very good, and borderline awful at points, but was pretty captivating because you never knew what was going to happen. Fly tries to get her mask, but she frees herself. Medallion five way match is up next.

But first, we get a dubstep montage of Drago looking cool and doing things with nunchuks against the sunlight. The referee holds up the bag with the medallion, and he's got two broken fingers. Pentagon Jr. comes down to a sea of cheers, claps, and the fans chanting his catchphrase. Melissa Santos leaves the ring because he's crazy. Pentagon wants to prove that he's the only luchador with zero fear, and he must destroy the man who prevented his sacrifice - Vampiro! He bows up to vamp, who pushes him back to a huge "Vampiro" chant. Vamp prepares to take his shirt off and says something I think probably would've been bleeped on any other network. Pentagon leaves, so we've got a four way next.

Match Two - Cage vs. vs. Marty the Moth vs. The Mack vs. Aerostar

Aerostar gets 2 off a rana on Marty. Mack flips out of a dragon suplex - or he did the All Japan no-sell, hard to tell with the camera angle. Cage throws mack into the barricade on the floor. Marty clotheslines Aerostar down and Vamp profiles Marty the Moth as a member of law enforcement. Aero dives on the pile. Aero is caught by Cage in a fallaway slam setup, and after doing some curls, he tosses him over the top literally like it's a video game. Deadlift apron superplex to Marty gets 2. Aero sends Mack down and gets a springboard senton for 2.

Aero hits Mack with an elbow, but he eats a slam and a standing moonsault for 2. Mart pump kicks Mack for 2. On the floor, Cage hits a deadlift apron backdrop onto Aero. Mack avoids a suplex and tosses Marty to the apron, but he waves and gets a dive and a charging dropkick in the corner. Cage gets the discus lariat on Mack for 2. Shock treatment gets 2 on Marty. Aero and Marty dropkick Cage, but he clotheslines them both down. Mack and Cage brawl on the floor, but Mack gets posted.

Apron exploder by Mack to Cage on the apron. Well, that's right out of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. Mack dives onto Cage and Marty climbs and flaps. Aero kicks him and does a rope to rope rana instead of just climbing up, but wins after a dive. 

The trios champs train and Ivie eats some shots and complains. Catrina comes in and seductively warns her. Then the Disciples of Death appear from behind the champions as if they're Putties from Power Rangers, kick their asses and Mil and Catrina leave hand in hand. This act is so much more fun now that they've added all of this goofy stuff to it. Drago comes down and then gets jumped by Hernandez, who beats the crap out of him with a belt. He chokes him out and we go to a break. The referee asks Drago if he wants to compete, and then Muertes comes down and the crowd chants "mamacita" at Catrina.

Main Event - Drago vs. Mil Muertes - Number One Contender's Match

Mil tosses him into the corner off a tie-up and punches away. Drago avoids a shoulder charge, but can't get a German suplex. Drago gets a run-up sliced bread, but Mil sits up. Drago gets a kick, but eats an overhead belly to belly. Mil tosses him into the corner for another beating. Drago avoids a press slam and gets a superkick to the gut and a spinning headscissors. Spear to Drago leads to a series of rope chops. Drago ducks down and sends Mil to the floor for a big dive. Mil tosses him into the post and then into the fans and beats him with chairs. Crowd alternates between a "holy shit" and "this is awesome" chant.

Drago rises up and Mil spears him into the chairs again. Mil powerbombs him onto the announce table, which doesn't budge at all. Mil tosses him in and a big "Drago" chant breaks out. Drago fights back and gets a springboard DDT! Mil reverses the Dragon's Tail cradle and punches away. Mil holds him up, punches his face, then gets a straightjacket flatliner for the win and the Ultima Lucha title shot! Drago gets the lick of death and Prince Puma comes down with Konnan and we get a staredown to close the show.