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Lucha Underground mid-season finale results: Main event deathmatch


The mid-season finale is upon us as Famous B tries to wrangle Texano as a client. Texano himself will face Joey Ryan, while Cage battles a newcomer named Veneno. Prince Puma meets with Catrina, and El Dragon Azteca aims to end the life of Matanza in the show's main event - a death match. He defies the order of Rey Mysterio Jr. in asking for the match, but will the legend be there for his pupil to show support?


A brief rundown of the season's biggest events starts things off. We see Famous B enlisting Texano as a client, Matanza's path of rage, and El Dragon Azteca Jr. swearing to kill Matanza much to Rey Mysterio's disappointment. Finally, The Mack vs. Johnny Mundo from last week is shown, hyping up All Night Long.

Dario meets with Mr. Delgato, one of the men that Dario met in a limo in season two, and tells him that Cage loves the gauntlets. Their meeting is interrupted by Dragon Azteca Jr., who tells Dario he wants to face Matanza in a death match. Dario grants his wish and talks to someone about making this new main event. Matt and Vamp run down the card and Vamp tells Mil Muertes that his time will come.

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Joey Ryan defeated Texano

Vamp hypes this as a blue collar fighter against a cocky guy that makes Texano think of some boss's son he might have had. Joey tries to avoid contact with Texano, but a dropdown leads to him eating an elbow to the back. An outside-in somersault senton gives Texano an edge, so Joey plays a game of cat and mouse and wins that. Joey tosses him into the barricade and then into the ring before pulling out the lollipop from his trunks.

Joey dominates with choking before Famous B and Brenda come out as a cowboy and cowgirl. Texano hits a flying leg lariat for 2 and then a buzzsaw kick off a sunset flip for 2. Texano sends Joey to the floor and he avoids one dive by ducking, but then eats another one because he's too cocky. Joey crotches Texano up top, leading to an exploder and a superkick for 2.

Joey goes for the rope, but Famous B holds it so Brenda can hand him a golden horseshoe and clocks Joey to win. Famous B and Brenda celebrate and Famous B is overjoyed because he might get yet another client.

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Johnny Mundo comes down and says he has something to say. First, Taya is at home making his documentary. He is the mayor of slam town, the face of Lucha Underground, and he is YOUR CHAMPION. He runs down his list of victims in LU and says the fans never believed in him, but Jack yells loudly that he has always believed in him. The Worldwide Underground hugs and Johnny cuts a promo on The Mack not being able to go all night long with him.

Mack has heard enough and comes down to punch the daylights out of Mundo. Johnny's goons attack, but Mack stunners PJ and Evans to send Mundo packing while security separates them momentarily before eating stunners. Mack tells Mundo that he'll take the title and whoop his ass all night long.

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Cage defeated Veneno

Veneno comes down while Vamp compares him to some guy who climbs walls in blue and red. Veneno hits a series of kicks before eating a huge lariat in the corner. Veneno avoids the F5 before a Steiner screwdriver squashes the spider. Cage grabs the gauntlet while Striker says that Veneno is yet another man who was unsuccessful in his debut. Sexy Star runs down and tells Veneno it was him.

Prince Puma is shown training and beating up a heavy bag with sticks. We see recaps of his training with Konnan before Catrina tells him about the voices he hears now being due to him coming back from the spirit realm. He tells her of a vision he has of Mil Muertes being in agony. She agrees, but it isn't Mil's blood being spilled, it's Puma's. This pisses him off, so he destroys the heavy bag.

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Matanza Cueto defeated El Dragon Azteca Jr. in a deathmatch

Matanza starts off with a snap sidewinder suplex before grabbing a chair from the floor. Matanza grabs the chair, which gets superkicked into his face. Azteca springs off the chair and hits a flip dive to the floor. Matanza recovers and tosses him around ringside before carrying him up above the office area. Azteca hits a rana sending Matanza into the steps, but he hangs onto the railing. Matanza clubs away with punches and chokeslams him through the bleachers! 

Rey comes down, Matanza beats up some fans, and then fights with Rey in the crowd. They fight up above the office area before Rey gets powerbombed into a wall. Rey backdrops Matanza through an office area before Dario closes the Temple. We see Mariposa tie up Marty in a storage room before he tries to free himself from his ropes.

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This was a solid show overall even if it wasn't quite befitting a "mid-season finale" that it turned into.