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Lucha Underground results: Cage & Texano conclude their series


A recap video shows Angelico being taken out by the Worldwide Underground, and a rundown of the best-of-five series between Cage and Texano. We see Vampiro telling Prince Puma that he needs to do to Mil Muertes what Muertes did to Konnan before going to Vampiro's temple.

Vampiro tells Puma to rise and tells him that his journey into darkness begins tonight. He makes Puma his new pledge. Puma declares his loyalty to Vampiro and says he's his master. Matt Striker and Vampiro chat for a bit, but don't really hype up the card much. Jeremiah Crane roams around for a bit in the ring.

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Jeremiah Crane defeated Mil Muertes

Crane pump kicks Muertes to start, but then eats a tackle and Muertes dominates him with a series of corner lariats. A snap powerslam wipes him out even further. Catrina licks her hand and she rubs her finger across his forehead. Puma comes down and cane shots Muertes, leading to a pump kick win for Crane.

So now we've got Crane as an enemy of Muertes, and that tying into his girlfriend Ivelisse's issues with Catrina. Puma beats down Muertes and Vampiro looks on with pride. Instead of kneeling on the seal, Puma kneels towards Vampiro.

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A random long-haired brunette man and Sexy Star have a wacky mixed-language meeting with him giving her a gift box. She opens the box to reveal a spider. And then she roars.

Texano works out before Famous B introduces himself. Famous B tells Texano that he can help him connect, and he won't even make him call 423-GET-FAME. Vampiro tells Striker that whatever is between he and Puma should be left alone. This ties into day one of the show with Vampiro loving Puma's work, but not approving of his choice of mentor.

Jack Evans & PJ Black defeated Son of Havoc & Angelico

Angelico starts and gets a huge chant to begin things. Evans and Angelico flip around for a bit before Evans references their team in AAA before Havoc comes in. PJ grabs the beard, but Havoc gets the handspring elbow. Angelico tags in and hits a series of lariats to PJ. Angelico hits Jack with an outside-in knee strike. Angelico separates his elbow, leading to Evans hitting a slam and getting the win.

Dario Cueto opens a blue-glowing box before Sexy Star yells about Mariposa. She wants a match with her and Dario gives it to her.

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Texano defeated Cage in the fourth match of their best-of-five series

Cage boots Texano before Texano hits a Death Valley Driver on the knee for two. Texano gets two off a roll-up. Cage eats an exposed turnbuckle, busting him open. A running elbow hits hard and Texano hits a sit-out powerbomb to get the win and make the series even with two wins apiece.

Dario comes out of his office and says that the opportunity is amazing, and he doesn't want to wait -- match five is next!

Cage defeated Texano to win their best-of-five series

Cage is out on his feet, and Dario makes it an anything goes match. Texano wipes Cage's blood on his chest and stomps a mudhole into him in the corner. Cage blocks a kick and DDTs him down. Cage goes up top and gets kicked before Texano hits a rana off the top. Texano hits a somersault senton over the top for two. Cage rolls out of a sunset flip and hits a sliding dropkick. Cage sidesteps Texano to send him out before Cage hits a flip dive to the floor. Texano gets sent into Dario's office wall and then Cage hits him with a keg.

They fight into the bleachers and Cage hits a suplex on Texano -- and it wasn't pretty. He barely got him up and just tossed him down. They fight back down to the ring with Cage leaving blood wherever he goes.

They fight into the "corridors and conduits" of the building, as Striker calls them. They're just fighting in the crowd and Striker talks about lactic acid buildup becoming an issue. Texano celebrates for a second and Cage hits hard before the crowd claps the Terminator theme. Cage gets tossed off of the crowd area before Texano dives on him.

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Texano tosses Cage into a sea of chairs before hitting him with an unprotected chair shot to the head on the floor. Texano grabs the bull rope and whips him a few times. Vampiro talks about Rick Martel being taken out for quite some time by Stan Hansen with shots like that. Cage recovers and hits a running chair shot for two.

Striker puts this over like it's an all-time classic. Cage hits a flying knee, but the discus lariat misses and Texano locks on a crossface, but Cage rolls him into a two count. A discus lariat hits for a near fall! Cage grabs the bullwhip and takes it to Texano before laying him out with a Steiner Screwdriver to win the series.

Dario tells Cage that he has won the ultimate opportunity -- and it's so powerful, he can't give it to him in front of the believers. They're too weak-minded, so he invites him into his office.

Striker hypes up Mack vs. Mundo next week and Dario opens up a box and offers Cage an amulet. Cage puts it on and gains the power of several dozen Cages and chokes Dario while lightning flows through the amulet. Cage accepts the offering and leaves.

Well, this was a fun, fairly focused show. They got Cage over as a pretty top-level guy here and the amulet does give him a unique gimmick -- even in this promotion.

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