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Lucha Underground results: Dario Cueto makes an announcement


The Big Takeaway --

Drago's future with the Reptile Tribe moved forward in a big way, while the slow burn towards Prince Puma turning heel with Vampiro by his side continued.

There was nothing out of this world on this show, but it was a solid night of action with a very good main event that worked as both a match and a way to further a larger story.

Show Recap --

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We started off with a recap of the Reptile Tribe's torture of Drago before a rundown of All Night Long led to Dario Cueto making the sudden death round for tonight.

Rey Mysterio Jr. chatted with Prince Puma backstage as he had visions about Vampiro's destruction of others. Vampiro appeared in ghoulish makeup to warn Mysterio.

The band played before the fans sang "Return of the Mack" for Mack. Cueto said that the winner of the first fall tonight gets the title and that it's now falls count anywhere.

Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo defeated The Mack in a sudden death falls count anywhere match to retain his title

Mack bullied him into the corner for a jumping lariat. Mack and Mundo walked and brawled for a bit before Mack hit a cannonball onto Mundo on a pile of chairs. Mundo ate a few chair shots before a twirling slam on some chairs got two for Mack.

Mundo hid in the people before Mack went to toss a chair at him, but Ricky Mandel saved him and Mundo dove on Mack for two. Mundo told Mandel to get a chainsaw, but Sexy Star attacked Mandel.

Mack got a near fall off a Sky High onto a trash can. PJ Black came in but ate a stunner. Mundo took advantage and got two before going for the End of the World -- but Mack got his knees up. Taya came in and distracted Mack so Mundo could win with a sunset flip bomb to the floor onto chairs.

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Matt Striker said that Cueto has an Earth-shattering announcement and he said that things like Dario's Dial of Doom and the Battle of the Bulls have kept Lucha Underground unpredictable and violent.

Cueto said that he's the reason for it and that the office should say Lucha Libre Genius and he has new imaginative concepts for Ultima Lucha Tres -- including the Cueto Cup!

He took the trophy from Melissa Santos and told her to leave before announcing that 32 luchadores will compete in a tournament for the Cueto Cup, and the winner gets a title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Cueto said that a man will get a shot on that night, but it won't be Matanza because "two weeks ago" he was beaten up by Mysterio, so Mysterio will face Mundo on the night of the Cueto Cup Finals. 

The Reptile Tribe defeated Aerostar, Drago & Fenix

Aerostar began against Pindar, but Pindar used his power to dominate. Pindar went for a dominator, but Aerostar turned it into an armdrag. Vibora hit a pump kick off of a Pindar slingshot. Vibora sent him over with a suplex before Kobra stomped Aero on the floor. Pindar held him up for a powerslam off the top, but it was turned into a rana.

Vibora went to chokeslam Fenix off the apron, but got a tombstone on the floor instead. Drago misted Aerostar and Pindar hit a cutter, then they held him up so Drago could pin Aerostar with a splash off the top.

Kobra chained him up to remind everyone that this may have been done as an ultimatum -- so it's not quite a full heel turn.

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Mandel was in Mundo's locker room after he showered and Taya told Mundo that he'll have to defend against Mysterio. Mandel was told to warm up the car -- Mundo needs to get to his dojo ASAP. Mundo said he's scared and she told him to put some pants on. He had the best line of the season with, "No time for pants!"

Catrina led Mil Muertes down to the ring to battle Prince Puma.

Prince Puma defeated Mil Muertes in a Boyle Heights street fight

Puma rushed him and attacked from behind with a running dropkick. Puma hit a big flip dive to a giant "Puma" chant. He set up a table, but ended up eating a spear through it immediately.

Muertes threw him into some chairs before punching and chopping away. A DDT on the floor led to Muertes getting more weapons and then fighting with street signs. Puma laid him out with a DDT and then hit a 450 off the apron. They fought up through the fans and Puma kicked away to avoid being thrown off the steps.

Muertes beat him with a shoe before fireman's carrying him down the steps and landing a TKO. Puma tossed a trash can at Muertes before kicking away at him in the crowd and then getting tossed off the banister. Muertes tossed him into Cueto's office, where he was polishing his trophy.

Puma used a wrench to knock Muertes down. Muertes leered at Vampiro before torturing Puma more with lariats in the corner.  Muertes hit a spinning uranage for two. Puma then landed a series of trash can lid shots before a Van Daminator with the can lid. He set Muertes up in the corner for a spinning Van Terminator for a near fall.

The 630 senton hit, but Catrina attacked him with the stone, so Vampiro gave Puma a brick, which he used to beat Muertes after blocking a spear with it.

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