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Lucha Underground results: Fenix is broken, Trios titles on the line


The Takeaway—

Something is very wrong with Fenix. His resurrection seems to have gone wrong. My theory is that it has something to do with Catrina's soul possessing him, but we shall see how this plays out. Fenix turned on Aerostar and Drago, and even shoved Melissa Santos to the ground. This is going to be very interesting.

Ivelisse agreed to form a tag team with XO Lishus & Joey Ryan. Mil Muertes, King Cuerno, and Pentagon Dark will wrestle in a triple threat match for the Lucha Underground Championship next week.

Marty the Moth made his return, requesting a shot at the Gift of the Gods Championship.

The Recap—

The show opened with Matt Striker talking about how they received news that Fenix is somehow back from his Three-Way to the Grave match.

Gift of the Gods Champion Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Ivelisse to retain the title

Dragon Azteca Jr. has made his intentions to cash in his Gift of the Gods Championship for a Lucha Underground title match at Ultima Lucha 4 known, but he wanted to gain experience before getting there, thus defending his title now. Azteca controlled the early portions of this match with some basic offense. He locked on a Boston crab and transitioned into a headlock. Ivelisse countered and hit two forearms and a tornado DDT, but Azteca kicked out.

Ivelisse was sent to the outside with a flying arm drag, but she dodged a plancha from Azteca, and he crashed into the railing of the stairs with a huge thud. Ivelisse hit a Code Red, but Azteca kicked out. Ivelisse hit a kick, but he kicked out again. Both wrestlers ended up on the top rope, but Azteca managed to knock Ivelisse down and hit a leg drop from the top rope, scoring the pinfall. Good match.

XO Lishus and Joey Ryan came out and said they wanted to form a trios team with her to take on whoever wins the Trios titles match tonight.

King Cuerno came out for his match. Antonio Cueto announced that he would be taking on Mil Muertes and that the winner would go on to challenge Pentagon Dark next week.

King Cuerno and Mil Muertes went to a no contest

Muertes was out here without Katrina, who he murdered last week. It doesn’t seem to have effected him too much, as he hit a superplex off the top rope early on. Muertes appeared to soak in the cheers from the fans, which is very different from before, including playing to them.

Muertes jumped off the middle rope, and Cuerno nailed him with a flying knee. Both men exchanged strikes while on their knees, then rose to their feet and kept going. Both wrestlers spilled to the floor.

The striking battle continued on the outside of the ring, as the crowd’s support for Muertes grew. He might be a monster, but he’s their monster. The referee tried to get them back into the ring, but both shoved the referee, who went crashing into the people in the front row. The referee disqualified both men as they continued to brawl up the stairs.

Antonio Cueto was displeased at the ending to the match, but informed Muertes and Cuerno that he doesn’t punish violence, he rewards it, and next week will be a three-way match between Cuerno, Muertes, and Pentagon Dark!

Lucha Underground Trios Champions The Reptile Tribe (Kobra Moon, Daga & Jeremiah Snake) defeated Drago, Aerostar & Fenix to retain their titles

Before the match started, Jake Strong came out and said he’d challenge Drago, Aerostar & Fenix for the Trios titles himself if they win. He promised to snap their ankles. Fenix, meanwhile, did not look like the old Fenix. Something was quite off. It seems his resurrection didn’t quite go as planned.

Jeremiah Snake took it to Drago right away, as Melissa Santos looked on in concern at Fenix. Daga got the heat on Drago for a little bit before tagging out to Snake. Drago managed to make a comeback, but didn’t tag out immediately. However, Fenix made a blind tag, rolled in, and hit a great cutter on Snake. Fenix immediately started stealing the show with his killer offense, and there were flashes of the Fenix of old, but he didn’t even think of going for a pinfall.

Fenix scared Kobra Moon back to her corner and looked far more bloodthirsty than previously. Fenix tagged in Aerostar, not by tagging his hand, but by chopping him. Aerostar came in with some fast-paced offense, hitting a cutter before getting cut off by Snake, who tagged in Daga.

Aerostar flew to the outside, taking everyone out. Drago tagged in Fenix, who seemed to wake up, but something was clearly off. Fenix helped Drago and sent him flying onto everyone. Back in the ring, Fenix nailed Aerostar with a massive kick, and followed up with a Fenix Driver. Snake picked up Aerostar and hit Get Out of Here for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Melissa Santos walked up to Fenix, who looked like he was in another world. Fenix shoved Santos to the ground and left as all the people in The Temple looked on confused. Dragon Azteca Jr. came out and helped Santos up.

The show closed with Marty the Moth appearing at Antonio’s door, trying to purchase a Gift of the Gods title shot for next week. Antonio agreed. Marty also had another request, but before we could find out what it was, the show faded to black.

Episode Death Count: 0 (shockingly!)