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Lucha Underground results: Fenix vs. Cuerno in a ladder match; more Rey & Dragon Azteca Jr

The show starts with a recap of the Sexy Star-Marty the Moth feud. We see Catrina's issues with Puma and her closing the casket on Konnan at the end of Ultima Lucha.  Catrina's vignette with Pentagon Jr. is shown as well, while her issues with Cuerno are recapped since he lost to Fenix. Tonight, Cuerno battles Fenix once again - in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Title. In a temple, Mil Muertes prays and says that he listened to Catrina and she says that she's known him since he was a little boy.

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She says he's a scared little boy and if it wasn't for her, he'd have never had been removed from the tomb the gods put him in. If he could bury her, he would - but he'll settle for Puma and Pentagon. She denies his request and disappears while he bellows in anguish. Mil's acting here was dreadful, but Catrina was good. Mil should stick to staring at people from a giant throne to make his point. Vamp notices that Mil isn't in his throne and Melissa Santos introduces the first match. Sexy Star is back to her regular ring gear and looks fine - so that whole kidnapping didn't do much to her. She'll face Kobra Moon here.

Sexy Star vs. Kobra Moon

Striker talks about how Sexy influenced an entire generation - of who and in what way, he does not say. Moon slaps Sexy, while The Mack comes down to watch the action and presumably protect Sexy from Marty the Moth. Striker name-drops Selena to put over Sexy Star. Kick to the back from Moon and then an awful forearm to the face. Sexy gets a wacky lucha cradle into a wackier lucha submission. Marty the Moth stands in the crowd and claps, distracting Sexy and leading to a loss via the dragon sleeper with a bodyscissor.

Famous B's ad tells us that he's famous because he has dominated the world of underground fighting. Pick up "yo fone" and get fame - in keeping with tradition on this show, he does beat up at least one masked man lurking around the world. Dragon Azteca Jr. is watching the ad and interrupted by Rey. The two luchadors have another kung-fu fight and have a staredown. King Cuerno says he is a hunter, but he's not out to kill. However, as a hunter - he has to kill. We get slick shots of Cuerno hitting moves and a great one of him sitting in a chair with his hat and title slung over his shoulder.

A Fenix highlight video airs during the break. Melissa Santons introduces Prince Puma as the former Lucha Underground Champion - which really does make even holding that title seem important. Pentagon Jr. comes down in his one other cooler-looking shirts - a white and black variant of a shirt with his mask on it.

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Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

Puma gets a running elbow smash, but eats a Slingblade. Puma is sent to the floor and responds with a springboard lariat. Puma sends him to the floor and lands a moonsault to the floor. Puma goes for a Tajiri-style handspring elbow, but Pentagon dropkicks the ribs for a 2 count. Pentagon revs up his chop and Striker says it's time to just be silent and we hear the nasty THWACK. Puma lands the northern lights into the brainbuster and gets 2. Puma goes up top, but comes down and runs into Pentagon in the corner. He is lifted up and Mil comes back to his throne. Canadian Destroyer hits for Pentagon Jr. and gets 2.

Mil takes the sling off! Pentagon showboats and sets up the package piledriver, but Mil comes in and lands a corkscrew chokeslam to Pentagon! Punch and a spear to each man. Double Flatliner by the champ takes out his top two contenders. Backstage, Mil and Catrina meet and he says he will defend his title against both men and no one can stop him. This statement clearly pisses her off. Striker announces Aztec Warfare II - and that should be amazing.

The winner gets a shot at Mil's title, and it's coming in three weeks. Fenix comes down to face King Cuerno in the ladder match main event. Cuerno comes down and Vamp ponders that he just might kill someone. Mil Muertes resumes his spot on his throne.

Fenix vs. King Cuerno - Gift of the Gods Title Ladder Match

Cuerno tosses him into the ropes, but Fenix evades and flips onto him for a brief edge. Fenix sends him to the floor and he climbs the ladder briefly, but is pulled down by Cuerno. Cuerno leans the ladder against the ropes and lands a nasty powerbomb where the ladder doesn't bend at all. Cuerno sets up a double ladder bridge on the floor. Cuerno hoists him up and just drops him over the top with his face smacking the apron. Fireman's carry facebuster into the ladder bridge on the floor. Cuerno sets up another ladder next to Catrina's office - just like he did in the last man standing match. Fenix prevents him from doing anything there, but gets chucked into the post.

Fenix gets up and eats a punt to the ribs. Fenix tosses Cuerno into the office-leaned ladder, but Cuerno hops up and clotheslines him on the floor. Cuerno and Fenix fight on a ladder, with Cuerno wanting to suplex him to his demise. Fenix forearms his way out of danger. Fenix climbs the office ladder, gets on top of the office and does a swanton dive off the top of the office, over the ladder and onto a standing Cuerno! Fenix smacks him into the barricade, but he tosses Fenix into the crowd afterwards.

They fight in the crowd and Fenix kneedrops him over a chair. They fight into a higher deck of the Temple and Fenix hits a superkick that snaps Cuerno's head back. Fenix goes for a dive, but Cuerno shoves him off and onto the ladder bridge. Vamp's "HE BROKE HIS ASS" is rather fitting since hid land hip-first. Cuerno goes for a headshot with the ladder, but Cuerno misses and his arm is hit by the ladder. Fenix gets another superkick! They play hot potato with the ladder, but Cuerno just shoves it in his face. Cuerno climbs the ladder, but eats a dropkick - sending him to the mat once again.

They each climb the ladder once again and hang off of the belt-holding structure. They knock each other off as Vamp leaves to join the fans. Vamp comes back right as Cuerno hits the Thrill of the Hunt. Running punt to the gut in the corner once again from Cuerno. Cuerno gets a table and goes up for a Super Thrill of the Hunt. Fenix escapes and gets a wacky pop-up palm strike before hitting a wackier rana and climbing the ladder to win and regain his title. Fenix stares at Mil in his throne and get a giant staredown. For the first time this season, we don't get a post-credits scene.

This was a super-fun video game match, and easily the best part of the show that didn't involve Famous B or Mil Muertes destroying two dudes in rapid succession.

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