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Lucha Underground results: Gift of the Gods title match

The Big Takeaways --

  • Famous B is going to be okay.
  • Strong pushes for Jake Strong and Matanza Cueto continued.
  • Even in squash losses, Sammy Guevara and Vinnie Massaro were able to shine and entertain.
  • Antonio Cueto's changes to the gimmick matches have kept things fresh this season.
  • Ivelisse might be the most over wrestler on the roster, but it wasn’t enough to give her the Gift of the Gods Championship.
  • Mil Muertes is not a happy camper after being excluded from the Gift of the Gods.
  • El Dragon Azteca Jr. has now earned a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship, provided he gives a week’s notice.

Show Recap --

Jake Strong defeated Sammy Guevara via ankle lock submission

Strong got a nice reaction from the crowd. Immediately, Guevara was selling a foot or ankle injury. Strong used a lot of power moves, but Guevara countered with high-flying offense. Guevara tried to climb a ladder, but Strong caught him in an ankle lock as he hung from the lower rungs in a cool spot.

Guevara broke free and climbed the ladder to the upper catwalk, then hit an insane moonsault to the floor, which the crowd loved. Guevara threw Strong back into the ring, but he then missed a springboard tackle and got caught in the ankle lock and tapped out.

Matanza Cueto defeated Vinnie Massaro via pinfall

Antonio Cueto appeared and called Massaro a poor excuse for a man. He said he should fire him. Instead, he sent him a pizza. As Massaro opened the pizza, which he didn’t like (because it had pineapple on it), Antonio announced that Massaro was going to be sacrificed.

Matanza beat up the pizza man. Massaro ran the ropes until he was out of breath, then was dispatched in two moves. The pizza man tried to steal Massaro’s money, but he was met with a chokeslam for his troubles.

Gift of the Gods

After introductions from Melissa Santos, Antonio Cueto came back out. He said that there would be a trios match, and the winning team would compete for the Gift of the Gods.

Cueto let Ivelisse and Son of Havoc pick their partner. They chose The Mack.

Dezmond X, El Dragon Azteca Jr. & King Cuerno defeated Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & The Mack via pinfall

Killshot was out to watch the match. With a nice mix of styles, it was typical trios action. The crowd was strongly behind Ivelisse. The Mack hit a corkscrew dive to the outside, followed by Havoc hitting an even more impressive handspring corkscrew attack on Cuerno and company.

Havoc then missed the Shooting Star Press on Cuerno but rolled through. Unfortunately, this set him up for a quick and cheap pinfall loss. Afterwards, Mil Muertes came out and destroyed the losing team (and Killshot).

El Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Dezmond X and King Cuerno to win the Gift of the Gods Championship

The match quickly spilled to the outside, where some more aerial acrobatics took place. Cuerno threw Dezmond throat first across the steel guardrail, then stalked Azteca, tossing him into a pile of wooden chairs. Azteca and Cuerno exchanged blows, and out of nowhere, Dezmond hit an insane dive from above.

Dezmond took Azteca to the top rope, but Azteca escaped a fireman’s carry and hopped off. He quickly climbed up and hit what Matt Striker called a victory roll from the top rope (it was more like a package piledriver into a pin) for the victory as the crowd celebrated.

Marty The Moth’s Destiny

After the match, Mariposa stood over the sleeping Marty Martinez. As the show went off the air, she woke Martinez up and told him that it was his destiny to bring the Lucha Underground Championship to the Moth Tribe.