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Lucha Underground results: Johnny Mundo battles Sexy Star in a cage


Last week, we got a tease of dissension between El Dragon Azteca Jr. and Rey Mysterio. The Battle of the Bulls tournament continued and set up the elimination match finals tonight. Sexy Star will take on Johnny Mundo inside of a cage for the Lucha Underground Championship in tonight's main event.

Show Recap --

A recap of the Battle of the Bulls tournament starts things off while we see Kobra Moon's goon squad beat up Drago. Sexy Star's title win and loss to Mundo are shown, alongside her win against PJ Black ensuring her a rematch.

Matt Striker and Vampiro hype up the title match being inside a cage and possibly leading to the first ever two-time LU Champion. Striker uses a lot of words to describe The Mack, while Vampiro just says that he's big and here to kick ass. Striker says his description was for his grandmother -- who Vamp then tries to hit on.

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The Mack defeated PJ Black, Jeremiah Crane, and Cage in the Battle of the Bulls tournament finals

Cage tosses guys into each other before chucking Mack with a German suplex. PJ gets a double stomp to the back and teams with Crane for a pump kick party on Cage. Mack moonsaults onto PJ and Crane for two.

Crane and Mack get into a slap fight. Mack flip dives onto Crane on the floor. Cage dives on that pile, and then PJ hits a moonsault off the top rope to the floor onto them. PJ goes for an apron PK, but gets caught and smashed face-first into the apron from an electric chair position.

Mack goes for a double impact onto Cage, but Cage catches PJ off the top with a Rick Steiner-esque mid-move powerslam. It wasn't as smooth, but it still got two. Crane gets a really loose choke, but gets tossed off and Cage then hits the F5 on PJ. Texano interferes and hits Cage with the bull rope before everyone hits their finisher and Cage is taken out.

Crane stacks his foes in the corner and hits a double face wash. Crane hits a sick neckbreaker on PJ, then fights up top with The Mack. They fight down and a Batista bomb gets two. Crane locks on a submission, but PJ cradles him for a near fall.

An emerald frosion is hit with Striker paying tribute to Mitsuharu Misawa, and then a super stunner hits to give Mack the win over Crane. PJ and Mack chop away at one another before Mack hits a stunner and wins.

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Aerostar and Fenix look for Drago in the bathroom before Kobra Moon and her goons attack them. One of them is Pindar. Luchasaurus spins him into a mirror, resulting in a car crash sound effect for some reason. Another wacky ninja fight scene breaks out and everyone hits a series of badly-synced attacks. Kobra Moon's gang leaves them laying. 

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Sexy Star and The Mack have another of their weird multi-language conversations where everyone speaks a different language and understands the other perfectly. He tells her to take the title from Mundo -- but says he'll take it from her. A spider is shown in her locker room.

Dario Cueto talks to Crane, who gets a match and grabs something that he left in Dario's office ceiling when he was a kid. He tells Catrina and says that he'll face Mil Muertes and wish he'd have died in the earthquake. So now he's a ghost or a spirit or a time-traveler or something.

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Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star in a steel cage match to retain his title

Sexy Star inspired a generation according to Striker, and her Rita Repulsa staff is apparently a reason why. Mundo kicks her in the stomach, so she kicks his legs. Mundo shoves her into the cage before they get into a race alongside the top ropes, which Star wins with a rana off the top. Mundo hits a spinning Irish curse for two. Mundo hits a series of running fireman's carry slams into the cage. Mundo goes to escape, so Star hops up and powerbombs him for two.

They fight up top and Star slaps Mundo down. She gives her signal for love and then hits a crossbody off the top of the cage onto Mundo for a near fall. She tries to climb over the top but Mundo attacks her leg. They fight on top of the cage and then on the top rope, where Star lands a series of chops and kicks.

Mundo responds by removing Star's mask to give him time to escape while she puts it back on. I loved that finish and the match itself wasn't too bad. As Mundo leaves, Mack hits a stunner on the steps.

Drago is shown being chained up in Kobra Moon's throne room. She tells him that Pindar will fetch a small meal and let him feast on the bones -- but he says he'd rather starve. She leaves and he unleashes a fireball in this bizarre Mortal Kombat-meets-Power Rangers storyline.

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