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Lucha Underground results: Johnny Mundo takes on The Mack

Main image: @LuchaElRey

The Battle of the Bulls tournament is recapped, as is the debut of the White Rabbit Tribe. Sexy Star's fear of spiders is showcased, and Kobra Moon's kidnapping of Drago is shown too.

Mil Muertes asks how Prince Puma is alive and Catrina tells him that it was Vampiro and his dark magic. In order to get to Puma, he'll have to take out Vampiro. This seems to excite Muertes, so Vampiro had better watch out. Catrina walks backstage and Jeremiah Crane tells her that he beat Muertes -- the man she loves. She tells him that she doesn't love Muertes before Crane buries his head in his hands.

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Metalachi plays us in while Matt Striker runs down the card. It will be Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack for the title tonight. Our first match sees Mariposa vs. Sexy Star, while Striker comes up with 5,000 ridiculous sayings to describe her. Striker says this is their first one-on-one encounter since the No Mas match last season -- adding a sense of importance to this while also reminding us that they have been feuding forever.

Sexy Star defeated Mariposa

Star does a variety of flying mares -- giving her the diverse moveset of a wrestling bear. I doubt they could've done a running rana like she did though. She dives onto Mariposa on the floor, but going to the floor backfires on Star as she gets tossed into the barricade and then swung several times into the announce table. That draws the first "holy sh*t" chant of the evening.

Mariposa takes a long time to set up the Butterfly Effect, so Star counters and lands some chops. Mariposa's Samoan drop gets two. Mariposa locks on a kneebar, but Star gets the ropes. Star avoids a moonsault and a superplex before double stomping her and winning.

Marty the Moth comes in and consoles Mariposa -- before throttling her and hitting a violent chokeslam. Well, that was unexpected. Mascarita Sagrada meets with the White Rabbit Tribe. Paul London calls Sagrada their God -- so he calls them crazy.

The Rabbit Tribe comes down and dances around Melissa Santos. They face Kobra Moon's team of herself, Pindar, and Vibora. A giant Luchasaurus chant breaks out while she drags Drago out on a chain. Vibora is Luchasaurus, while Pindar is the guy in the giant lizard mask and bodysuit.

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Pindar, Drago & Vibora defeated The White Rabbit Tribe

Kobra makes Drago take her place. Marisuerte attacks Pindar, before Drago comes in and battles the guy in the checkerboard get-up. The Tribe dances around Drago before he runs away and tags in Vibora, while Striker talks about vibration sensitivity. Vibora double chokeslams the Tribe before Pindar attacks London with many chokes.

Drago tags in and eats a stereo basement dropkick from the Tribe that gets two. The Tribe teases a coast-to-coast dropkick before Marisuerte hops off and just dropkicks him in the corner. Pindar hits a sit-out chokeslam to Marisuerte. London jumps into the arms of Luchasaurus before the tombstone piledriver takes him out. Drago comes in and takes out Saltador with the blockbuster DDT. Fenix and Aerostar make the save for Drago, who is trapped by the chain. They free Drago, but she begs him to leave with them.

Sexy Star meets with The Mack for another wacky meeting. He doesn't want her coming out there and he wants to prove that he can win the title on his own. She is kind of okay with this, but clearly annoyed.

The Mack meets with Dario Cueto, who tells him that The Mack's match isn't for a title -- but the winner gets to pick the stipulation for the title match. Mack asks him if he's a betting man -- Dario says he is, and that he should always bet on Mack. Dario looks on with pride at the violence he knows will transpire.

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Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo defeated The Mack in a non-title match

Mundo beats Mack down with forearms and kicks while Vampiro says that these shots won't really hurt Mack as he's used to street fights and being beaten with batons. They play cat and mouse and Mack turns this game against Mundo after a bird flip leads to him sending Mundo onto the floor. Mundo tosses him into the barricade and hits a flying Chuck kick mid-ring. The End of the World is met with a schoolboy for two.

Mack sends Mundo down and hits a People's Elbow along with a dab for two. Mack Samoan drops Mundo, kips up, and hits a moonsault for two. A pop-up forearm hits Mundo for two as he uses the ropes to stay alive in the match. Mack hits an apron Codebreaker for two. Mack hits a huge powerbomb, but only gets two.

Mundo's goons come down, distract Mack, and lead to a low blow cradle for the win. The goons hold Mack down while Mundo tells him he sucks and couldn't even last 10 minutes -- so he'll take him to slam town all night long. So we've got an iron man match for the title, which seems like a perfect way to make Mundo eat his words. They beat up Mack and pose over him.

Mil Muertes comes down and beats up Vampiro. Vampiro does as much as he can to sell without bumping before Puma comes down to save him. Vampiro takes a very safe flatliner while telling Puma to let it happen. Puma stands over the body of yet another fallen master and will certainly battle Muertes once again to try and atone for this beating.

Solid show overall -- nothing amazing, but the main event was very good and set up a title match quite well.

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