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Lucha Underground results: Johnny Mundo vs. Fenix; Prince Puma vs. Dragon Azteca Jr.


The road to Ultima Lucha Dos has been paved over the past few weeks, and with that show one week away, the card should take shape tonight. We see the death and rebirth of Mil Muertes and last week's Rey vs. Puma challenge. Vamp says that he's half out of his mind with excitement over Ultima Lucha Dos.

Striker says that the LU version of the Super Friends of Drago, Fenix, and Aerostar face Mundo, PJ Black, and Jack Evans tonight while Prince Puma faces his other former Trios Championship partner El Dragon Azteca. Next week's show is run down and we'll get Mil Muertes vs. King Cuerno to start things off tonight. Cuerno flexes his pecs to the "Cuerno, Cuerno!" chant. Mil shoves the cameraman away and we're underway.

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King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes

Mil drops down and goes for a tiltawhirl, but Mil hits a big kick to the gut and a spear to the spine. Mil stomps the groinal region, or as Vamp says "he stomped him right in the balls!". Cuerno hits a boot, but eats a big lariat for 2. Mil hits a huge swinging chokeslam ala The Giant for 2. Mil is sent to the floor and eats a baseball slide and then the Arrow of Death hits! Ref is taken out with it and Cuerno grabs a chair and hits him in the head, but it's no-sold and Mil punches his lights out!

Mil slams the back with a chair and he sets the chair up in the corner. Cuerno avoids a corner spear and Mil hits the chair and eats a schoolboy with the ropes held to give Cuerno the win. This was short, but fantastic while it lasted. 

Dario meets with Taya and Ivelisse and puts them over for being tough - but says there can only be one baddest bitch in the building. At Ultima Lucha, they will determine who deserves that title most. Catrina walks in and wishes Ivie luck and she wants a rematch against Cuerno for the show. He says that she took over his temple, took over his office, tried to destroy his brother and says that their issue over a dented casket involves a funeral home - not him.

Catrina says they want a death match and Dario says he hates her - but she knows what to say to excite him, so it's on and then she disappears. Puma walks down and then Rey brings Azteca down with him.

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Prince Puma vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Puma chops him and we get a tumbling exchange before a sunset flip leads to spinning and a legsweep gets 1. Back and forth armdrags lead a staredown. They shake, but Puma won't let go - so Azteca hits a pair of chops and slaps him. Puma slides over Azteca, who hops up and kicks him before eating a snake eyes against the post.

This is a crazy-fast match - holy smokes! Puma gets a dueling chant and lands a European uppercut before eating a pop-up springboard rana. Puma gets crotched and chops him on top before hitting a springboard rana for 2. Puma hits a forearm shiver and then eats a running forearm from Azteca. Azteca hits a DDTJ for 2.

They exchange waistlocks and Puma traps him in the corner and hits a pop-up blue thunder bomb into a Northern Lights and then into a brainbuster for 2! Puma goes for the 630, but takes too long and Azteca crotches him up top. Azteca hits a super victory roll for 2! Azteca flows through a missed 450 but eats a belly to belly into the buckle! A spinning Benadryller gets 2!

A corner hesitation dropkick hits for Puma, leading to the 630 as he stares at Rey and gets the win. This was fantastic and easily Azteca's best match to date. Puma says that will be Rey next week and slaps him.

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Cage, Texano, The Mack, and Son of Havoc are mid-ring with Dario. He says that he feels like a kid on Christmas and it's time for one of them to get a gift from him for Ultima Lucha Dos. He says they will be entered into the Unique Opportunity Tournament for a Unique Opportunity because they have a shot at a unique opportunity! The winner gets a Unique Opportunity and he tells them to rest up because their match is next! Or not....they brawl and Cage hits a big lariat on Texano on the apron.

This was poorly explained, but amusing thanks to Dario. Ultima Lucha Dos' card is recapped, with everything run through so far along with the Gift of the Gods Title match. Matanza's path of rage is recapped and we see a rundown of his issues with Pentagon Jr. Fenix comes out in new orange and black gear that looks slick. Mundo comes out and Vamp marks out over Mundo's jacket and talks about how he helped Mundo put on his headband.

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Fenix vs. Johnny Mundo

Fenix slaps Mundo and gets a standing moonsault for 1. Mundo's basement knee strike gets 2 before a set of mounted forearms. Fenix machine gun chops him before cutting him out and then running chopping him. Fenix runs into a C4 for 2. Mundo chinlocks him, but eats knees. Mundo hits a hard spinebuster for 2. Mundo grinds his boot into the face - blocking the ref's view from Taya choking him.

Fenix flips onto them while a dueling Lucha/Let's Go Fenix chant breaks out. Fenix hits a diving chop to the fallen Mundo before hitting a big boot and a chest chop before a jumping Yakuza kick in the corner! A sunset flip powerbomb gets 2 for Fenix!

Taya holds Fenix up and he gets kicked - but lands on his feet before a Moonlight Drive gets 2. Fenix avoids the End of the World and lands a palm strike before a C4 off the top - but Taya has the ref distracted. Mundo grabs a Trios Title hits Fenix with it for the win - marking the first time this decade that a belt shot ends a match. I love that - it's such a cliche for a nearfall now, and I like seeing it actually get a win so it matters again.

PJ and Evans come down to celebrate and play air guitar while Vamp describes Taya in a fairly unfattering manner. Drago and Aerostar come down, and then Ivie comes down to battle Taya. The faces clear the ring and we hear that Ultima Lucha Dos will be a three week event that starts next week.

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