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Lucha Underground results: Johnny Mundo vs. Jake Strong


The Takeaway --

Jake Strong looks to be being built up for a match against Matanza at some point, which should be all sorts of fun. Matanza practically murdered Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie at the end of the show. Strong has his eye on the Gift of the Gods Championship, and you can’t help but think that whomever he challenges will not be able to stand up to him.

Sammy Guevara made his return to Lucha Underground, joining forces with Ivelisse and XO Lishus. Mil Muertes continues to be one of my favorite monsters in wrestling.

The Recap --

The show opened by recapping all the legs that Jake Strong broke throughout the season. Antonio Cueto had Strong come into his office and talked about how he was impressed with the destruction that Strong has brought to Lucha Underground. Strong didn’t want a title shot handed to him, so Cueto gave him a chance at the Gift of the Gods medallions.

 Strong said he saw the sacrifices that Matanza was making, and how there should be some left for him. Then his voice changed to a demonic voice and said that the temple was his.

Cueto announced to the audience that he was going to crown a new Gift of the Gods Champion before Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

Jake Strong defeated Big Bad Steve, Aerostar, PJ Black, Hernandez, Dante Fox, and King Cuerno in a battle royal for a chance at the Gift of the Gods Championship

This was a very quick battle royal that saw Strong absolutely dominate everyone and throw them over the top.

Strong told Cueto that he wanted to take on every man in the match next week for the championship, and that he was going to destroy every one of them. The match was booked for next week, but Strong wanted more, so Cueto booked the main event for tonight: Jake Strong vs. Johnny Mundo.

Killshot vs. The Mack ended in a no contest due to Mil Muertes

Killshot and The Mack had a very fast-paced match with Son of Havoc watching from the crowd. The Mack and Killshot hit several high-flying moves, however, what was going to be an excellent match was cut short as Mil Muertes ran in and took out both men.

Son of Havoc tried to make the save, but Muertes destroyed everyone as Killshot made his way out of the ring to avoid the monster.

Ivelisse and XO Lishus talked about how they were challenged to fight for the Trios titles against The White Rabbit Tribe and The Reptile Tribe. However, Joey Ryan was not fit to wrestle due to the beating he took last week, so they announced Sammy Guevara as their partner.

Famous B came out and told Guevara that he was brought to LU as a member of Infamous Inc., and as per his contract, he could only work for him for the next seven years. So XO Lishus and Ivelisse were without a partner. Guevara did a dive onto Famous B, threw the contract into the garbage, put the garbage can over B’s head, and superkicked the garbage can.

Jake Strong defeated Johnny Mundo

They started the match with Strong out-wrestling Mundo and overpowering him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Mundo responded with a Beautiful Disaster kick. Mundo went for a springboard, but Strong cut him off, blocked a kick, and drove Mundo into the ring post. Strong went to the outside and beat on Mundo for a little bit before bringing him back into the ring and stomping on him.

Strong hit Mundo so hard with a lariat that he fell down. Strong went for his avalanche splash off the middle rope, but Mundo got his feet up and brought it right to him with a tornado DDT. Mundo hit a spinning wheel kick, a knee to the face, and a standing Shooting Star Press, but Strong kicked out. Mundo went for Moonlight Drive, but after a series of counters, Strong sent him to the outside again.

Strong and Mundo ended up brawling into the audience, and Strong no sold some of the brawling. Mundo dove from one part of the stands into another, and then hit a massive sunset flip powerbomb over the guardrail to the floor on Strong, which was brutal. Mundo rolled Strong into the ring and hit a 450 splash elbow, but Strong kicked out.

Strong tried to hit a superplex, but Mundo fought him off. Strong ran up the ropes and hit an overhead belly-to-belly all the way across the ring, then hit his avalanche splash, but Mundo kicked out. Mundo went for the End of the World, but Strong rolled him up and locked on the ankle lock! Mundo sent him to the floor, hit a superkick when he came back in, hit Moonlight Drive, and Strong still kicked out!

After an exchange of strikes, Strong grabbed another ankle lock. Mundo tried so hard to escape, and he threw his elbow pad across the ring. The referee picked up the elbow pad to take it out of the ring, and as he did so, Mundo low blowed Strong to get out of it. Mundo hit the End of the World, but Strong kicked out and locked on the ankle lock again! Mundo tapped out and the crowd reacted in horror. This match was so awesome. Go out of your way to see it.

Just as Strong was about to destroy Mundo, Matanza came out. Strong threw Mundo at him and Matanza proceeded to annihilate Mundo. Taya Valkyrie ran out to try and make the save, but Matanza hit Wrath of the Gods on Taya. Mundo was busted wide open and bleeding everywhere while he was trying to protect Taya. Antonio Cueto came out smiling as Matanza was covered in Mundo's blood. Awesome closing angle too.