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Lucha Underground results: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star


The best-of-five series between Cage and Texano is recapped -- which is good, since I completely forgot about that. Johnny Mundo's ever-present need for the Lucha Underground Championship is also recapped, and we see Jeremiah and Ivelisse bicker from a few weeks ago.

Sexy Star comes into Dario Cueto's office and says she wants a match with Matanza next week. He tells her that she still has to beat Mundo, and she says it's a tune-up match. Her friends the trios champs are banned from ringside, and Dario says that, as his mother would attest, women don't fare well against Matanza.

Marty the Moth creeps up behind Melissa Santos before his match against Ivelisse. 

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Marty the Moth defeated Ivelisse

Ivelisse kicks Marty's legs out in the corner, but he gets two off a powerslam. Marty gets a seated full nelson and then lifts her up high. Ivelisse gets two off a victory roll and hits a knee strike for two. She hits a KENTA combo before going for a running code red, but locks on a guillotine choke instead. Marty hits a spinebuster and spikes her on her head to win.

Jeremiah pump kicks Marty and takes Mariposa out too. Ivelisse comes back in and brawls with Mariposa while Jeremiah knees Marty, but he escapes. He tells her she just needs a hug -- pissing her off more.

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A man in a white suit says that he followed the white rabbit and it led him back to his tribe.

Jeremiah argues with Ivelisse about coming in, and he has accepted Dario's offer to compete. He loves the idea of getting paid to hurt people and the couple that slays together, stays together. Dario goes into a limo and talks about having a perfect host body -- and it could be the winner of the Ultimate Opportunity tournament. 

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Texano defeated Cage in a best-of-five series match

Texano is down 0-2 in the series, while Cage is, in fact, still a machine. A back and forth slugfest starts before Texano gets two off of a spinebuster. Cage kicks him off a dive while the fans slap the barricades to the Terminator theme. Cage is tossed into the chairs like a bowling ball according to Matt Striker. Cage suplexes Texano on the floor. Cage goes back in, but Texano hits a sunset bomb to the floor! 

Texano misses a beautiful somersault senton, but a follow up lariat only gets two. Cage fallaway slams him with a no-look toss and then superplexes him. Cage hits a pumphandle X-Factor for two. Cage goes up, but gets caught and hit with a rana off the top for two. Cage hits a discus lariat before a buckle bomb and an F5 for a near fall, but Texano wins off a flash cradle.

In his office, Dario stares lustfully at his shiny silver treasure chest. Rey Mysterio Jr. interrupts him and tells him that there may not be much time for him in the Temple because he needs to end things with Chavo Guerrero and he's tired of Chavo's bullsh*t. He doesn't want to leave LU, but he needs to end Chavo's career. Dario hopes that Mysterio enjoys it as much as he will.

Johnny Mundo and Sexy Star come out for their match. During the break, Mundo advertises the Lucha Underground En Vivo house shows.

Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star to win the Gift of the Gods Championship

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Mundo outwrestles Star on the mat and then kicks her butt, legs, and butt again. He tosses her into the buckle before locking on a crossface chickenwing. She elbows out, but gets seated up top. She goes for a sunset bomb, but gets backdropped.

Star recovers and sends Mundo flying across the ring. She runs around awkwardly before going for a monkey flip that Mundo flips out of. Star hits a codebreaker and lungblower for two. Mundo spins her into the ref, but the ref misses her cradle and he kicks out at two. 

Mundo accidentally spears Marty when Star moves. She chokes Mundo out, but the ref is still down. Mundo's goons come down and take her out. They hold her up for a wacky double slam and a new ref comes in to count, but she kicks out!

Jack Evans and PJ Black invite the second ref to a superkick party because of that. They go to Pillmanize Star's neck during an End of the World, but The Mack returns! Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago were banned -- but not him. Stunners for everyone!

Mundo kicks out. He tosses Star around, but the End of the World misses. Marty takes the chair out, but Mundo lands a brass knuckle shot to the jaw to win the Gift of the Gods Championship and get his second title in the company.

Vampiro tells Prince Puma that beating Mil Muertes was a great first step -- but he's not done with Muertes yet. He still needs to get revenge for Konnan, but while Vampiro hated Konnan, he didn't kill him -- that was Muertes. Puma needs to find his power and send Muertes to an early grave as well. Vampiro hated Konnan, but respected Puma from day one. 

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