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Lucha Underground results: Last Man or Machine Standing


The Takeaway --

Mil Muertes continued his reign of terror, defeating The Mack in a Haunted House Match. The reasons for placing this match here were questionable, as it was so greatly overshadowed by the main event that it seemed a bit pointless. It was a decent match, though.

Meanwhile, Catrina viciously attacked Melissa Santos and left her laying. I have to think that this is building to the return of Fenix at some point to destroy Muertes, but time will tell.

Jake Strong continued his rampage but found opposition in Drago. The Worldwide Underground prepared for the wedding of Taya and Johnny Mundo, and Ricky Mundo continued to go deeper into insanity, killing a person trying to get into the party.

Pentagon Dark continues his reign as Lucha Underground Champion, defeating Cage in an excellent match. It had several unprotected chair shots, which were quite uncomfortable to watch. Despite that, working over Cage's head played into the story of the match. Pentagon pulled off some incredible moves, hitting a Canadian Destroyer from the top rope through a table, and hitting a package piledriver through the chairs. Absolutely spectacular match

The Recap --

The show opened with Melissa Santos and Dragon Azteca Jr. talking about Fenix. Azteca told her that Fenix is still alive in her heart, and he put her half of a medallion around her neck.

The Lucha Underground Temple was filled with weapons and a steal cage surrounded the ring with Halloween-themed weapons attached to it. It looked like they might have originally expected this to air around Halloween.

Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) defeated The Mack in a Haunted House Match

Before the match started, Catrina insisted that Melissa Santos introduce her properly. Santos refused, and Catrina attacked her. Catrina sent Santos into the steel cage, then grabbed a flower vase, gave Santos the lick of death, and smashed the vase over Santos’ head.

The Mack attacked quickly, kicking Muertes in the head, but Muertes no sold it and proceeded to beat the crap out of The Mack with a garbage can and a kendo stick before grabbing a crowbar. The object -- not the wrestler from WCW. Muertes hit a powerslam that almost planted The Mack on his head. The Mack nailed him with a pumpkin, and it looked like it sucked.

The Mack hit a DDT on Muertes. Muertes drove The Mack through one of the cage walls to the floor, then hit a DDT on the floor. Muertes grabbed a table and introduced it to the ring before scaling the cage and hitting a flying crossbody from the top rope. The table that Muertes set up in the corner had the word “Booooo!” written on it, while the other had “Spooky” written on it. The fans chanted “Spooky” in response.

Muertes grabbed a knife from the cage wall and hit The Mack with it. The Mack was busted wide open. The Mack somehow hit a spinebuster through one of the tables, but Muertes speared him through another. Muertes set up another table, but The Mack hit three stunners on Muertes and put him on the table.

The Mack climbed to the top rope, and Muertes cut him off and hit a flatliner from the top rope through the table. Muertes won in a decent match. Catrina refused to do the lick of death on The Mack.

Famous B took over the ring announcing, sitting at ringside in a wheelchair. He was quite upset that it was Jake Strong coming out next.

Jake Strong defeated Aerostar

Aerostar took it to Strong quickly in the early portions of this match, using fast-paced offense to keep the bigger man on his toes. Aerostar went for a dive off the top rope, but Strong grabbed him and tossed him off the top rope before locking on an ankle lock. Aerostar tapped out quickly.

Strong went to break his ankle, but Drago ran out and made the save.

The Worldwide Underground were together celebrating the upcoming wedding of Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie. Taya gave Johnny a picture of him holding a title as a gift. Taya said she secured a title match for him after the wedding.

Ricky Mundo was outside guarding the door, and the doll told him to take care of the guy that came to the door requesting to be let in. He was insulting Ricky, so the doll said, “do to him what you did to Angelico!” Ricky proceeded to kill him brutally, stabbing him with a pen.

Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Dark defeated Cage in a Last Man or Machine Standing Match to retain his title

This started with a brawl outside of the ring. Cage slammed Pentagon on the floor and ripped his mask. Pentagon broke a bottle over Cage’s head, but Cage no sold it and busted Pentagon open with a bottle of his own. Cage grabbed a table and brought it into the ring in the corner. Pentagon grabbed Cage and hit a Death Valley Driver into the table.

Pentagon went for a chair and hit Cage with an unprotected chair shot to the head. That was very uncomfortable. Pentagon hit a flying double stomp onto the chair on Cage, and Cage rolled outside before blocking a superkick and powerbombing Pentagon into a guardrail. Pentagon grabbed a garbage can and nailed Cage with it. Cage used the lid and hit Pentagon before superplexing him through two tables on the outside of the ring

Cage grabbed another table and placed it ringside. Cage went to powerbomb Pentagon off the apron, but he hit an enzuigiri. Cage countered a package piledriver attempt, but Pentagon hit another unprotected chair shot to Cage’s head before hitting a Death Valley Driver off the apron through the table. Cage hit a spinning clothesline back in the ring and hit a Drill Claw. Cage grabbed yet another table, making The Dudleyz jealous.

Cage grabbed a cinder block before Pentagon hit him with a garbage can lid and hit a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope through the table. Holy crap! A series of six chairs were set up in the middle of the ring, and Pentagon hit the package piledriver through the chairs. Pentagon has repeatedly attacked the head of Cage in this match, and went to break Cage’s arm. Pentagon succeeded, and broke his other arm too.

Pentagon broke the cinder block over Cage’s head, and the referee counted to 10. This was a great match. The unprotected chair shots were really uncomfortable, but it did work into the psychology of the match. Nonetheless, there were better ways to do it.