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Lucha Underground results: Mil Muertes vs. Pentagon Jr vs. Prince Puma

Mil Muertes

Tonight, The Mack battles Marty The Moth while Marty's sister makes her debut. Famous B returns with more advice on how to be famous, and a new partnership is formed inside the Temple as rivals of Drago come together. Cage battles Taya, while Mil Muertes, Pentagon Jr., and Prince Puma battle in the main event for the Lucha Underground Title.

Show Recap:

The show begins with a recap of the Moth vs. Sexy Star feud and Cage and Johnny Mundo's issues, including the debut of Taya. The Jack Evans vs. Drago rivalry is run down, as are Pentagon Jr. and Cuerno's issues with Catrina. Backstage, Sexy Star is in the back being sad, while The Mack comes in and attempts to act. He says it's time to squash the bug and make Sexy the Sexy he knows. God bless The Mack, but acting is not his thing.

In the ring, Marty the Moth stands over Melissa Santos and sniffs her hair creepily. The crowd chants "no means no!" and The Mack runs down to attack.

Marty The Moth vs. The Mack

Striker says that it's time for a garden of empowerment to grow. Mack runs Marty down with big punches and lariats. Mack gets backdropped to the apron and he eats a big kick. Marty hits a dive and Striker says the Math had to fly. Marty plays the bongos on the apron before chopping Mack's chest and getting 1. Marty goes for a bulldog into the buckle for some reason, and gets crotched.

Marty elbows Mack down, but he misses a diving splash and eats a big German and T-Bone suplex. Mack goes up, but the lights go out and Marty's sister comes down to distract while Marty gets a big slam off the top and a stomp to win. Mariposa is his sister and Sexy freaks out on the floor. She tells Sexy to get up and knocks her back down.

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Fenix walks around Mexico in a suit, in his mask saying he grew up with nothing to call his own. He had fantasy though, and heard about Lucha Underground and was told he wouldn't survive. He proved them wrong doing that and even became champion. They think he won't become LU Champion - but he will, and it's no fantasy. Backstage, Jack Evans pees, but is attacked by Drago afterwards.

He wants Evans to prove he's the Dragon Slayer, but PJ Black attacks with nunchucks. Then everyone gets a set and spins them around before Drago hits them with a shot, but eats several more. They threaten him, but Aerostar the Time-Traveling Spaceman returns from the future to save his rival. This was hilarious. Cage is mid-ring for his match with Mundo. Taya comes down with Johnny's slow-mo fan intro and says it's time for her to kick his ass since Johnny already did.

Cage vs. Taya Valkyrie - No Disqualification

Striker says she was trained by Lance Storm while Vampiro says she's been adopted by lucha fans. Tays starts by slapping the shit out of him and he responds by shoving her down. Cage does lifts in a backbreaker position before putting her in a gorilla press and then powerslamming her down . Taya punches him in the balls before landing a kneeling dropkick. Shotgun knees in the corner hit the chest hard and get 2. Striker says that Lance is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, while Vamp says Lance had nothing to do with her success.

Cage powerbombs her on the railing, then on the post before saying "WHO'S THE F***ING MACHINE", which went unbleeped.  Big powerbomb in the ring leads to a buckle bomb before he sets up two tables on the floor. He gets the deadlift superplex from the apron to the floor on her through the tables. Mundo has seen JUST ABOUT ENOUGH and hits Cage with the pipe to get a 2 count. Mundo brings in another cinder block and beers.

Striker was okay with the man on woman stuff, but THIS is too much. Cage avoids a powerbomb onto this stuff, but he Alabama slams him and goes for a curb stomp. Taya saves Johnny, and he hits Cage with two beer bottles - but he gets his ass kicked and Taya eats Weapon X on the broken glass leading to a pinfall. 

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Famous B says he's famous, and a retired underground fighter. He also has a wizard hat and meets Brenda, who has no job and car - she's tore up from the floor up, but Famous B's magic touch  makes her beautiful. They flash some cash around and do the classic local ad bit of holding the camera on folks way too long.

Ivelisse comes out of Catrina's office and says she got them a trios title shot, but they have to leave LU if they lose. The guys argue and she tells them to argue and man up. Angelico has a new grey and black Lucha Underground shirt on while Striker hypes up Aztec Warfare. Main event time.

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Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes vs. Pentagon Jr - Lucha Underground Title

Striker says each man brings something special, and Vamp says yes - and one guy is dressed like a Puma. Pentagon and Puma attack Muertes in the corner.  Puma and Pentagon stare at one another, but resuming beating Mil in the corner. Mil recovers and powerbombs Puma to death. Tilt a whirl backbreaker to Pentagon. Corner lariats to Pentagon lead to Puma intervening and being thrown into the corner to eat them too! Pentagon gets tossed to the floor, but he lands on the floor perfectly and Vamp says that's an old Jerry Estrada move.

Puma high kicks Mil, but punched out on the apron. Mil hits a dead man dive over the top to the floor! They fight in the crowd and Puma hits a flying lariat off the steps. Mil goes to toss him in the ring, but Puma does some ninja stuff and runs up the apron before Pentagon superkicks Mil. Mil tosses Pentagon into the post and powerbombs him in the ring for 2. Mil spikes him with a DDT for 2.

Pentagon lands 2 Slingblades sending Mil to the floor, where he eats a flip dive. Puma responds with a more beautiful flip dive of his own, then a second, and a third! Puma and Pentagon fight on the railing area with some punches amongst the fan. Pentagon lifts him up and hits an FU on the platform before diving onto Mil. Mil runs his spine into the apron five times and he tackles him into the chairs.

Pentagon stops short of a barricade toss and Puma hits an SSP off the barricade onto the pile! That gets a "holy sh*t!" chant, which Vamp says in Spanish is still "holy sh*t!".

Pentagon goes down and Puma hits the 630, but Mil makes the save! Puma lands a chain of uppercuts, but eats a powerslam for 2. Mil sets up a Flatliner, but Pentagon superkicks him before they each land a ton of superkicks leading to Striker saying it's time to RSVP for the superkick party.

Pumphandle powerbomb gets 2 for Pentagon! Package piledriver to Puma leads to an arm snapper, but Mil spears Pentagon to end that and hopefully take Pentagon out. Mil double flatliners both for the win! This ruled!

Catrina gives both Puma and Pentagon the lick of death before Fenix stands atop the temple. He tells them to celebrate now, because he's handing in the Gift of the Gods Title to get his LU Title shot. Fenix was so passionate here that it made up for his iffy English, and when combined with the prior video package, made Fenix seem like a big star. 

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