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Lucha Underground results: Monster vs. Machine as Matanza battles Cage

The show starts with a recap of the Trios title history this season, showing the former champs losing them to Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr. before that team lost them to PJ, Mundo, and Jack Evans. It transitions to showing Chavo winning the Gift of the Gods Title, then losing it to Cage last week and cashing in the title for a match tonight. Striker runs down tonight's card, where the former trios champs get a rematch tonight and Matanza battles Cage in the main event.

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Son of Havoc vs. Daga

They start off with a fancy series of counters to arm wringers. Havoc is sent down off a tackle, but catches him with a rana. Superkick on the floor by Daga leads to him trying a snake eyes on the post, but that's countered and Daga is sent in. Havoc trips him mid-ring and gets 2 off a standing moonsault. Daga gets a back suplex into a facebuster for 2. Daga traps him in the corner for mounted punches and a face wash. Daga slams him down and gets 2 off a Muta-style power drive elbow. Havoc lands some standing forearms, and eats punches. Armdrag into a Tequila Sunrise by Daga!

Kobra Moon comes down as Daga hits a corner elbow. Havoc flips out of the corner and hits a series of lariats. Muta-style handspring elbow in the corner and a springboard crossbody gets 2. An apron high kick by Havoc leads to a suicide dive on the floor. Kobra comes up and grabs the ankle of Havoc, leading to Daga hitting a kick up top and then going for a superplex - but eating a gordbuster and a shooting star press. Kobra Moon comes into the ring and caresses Daga in a weird way. She caresses his leg and he kicks her off. 

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Winner - Son of Havoc

Backstage, Rey works on his spinning backfists while Azteca talks about finding Matanza's cell. He wants revenge, while Rey tells him that Dragon Azteca Sr.  wouldn't have wanted that. They argue and Prince Puma comes up and says their match is next. They tell him to leave, Rey says that it doesn't concern him, and he says that as their partnets, it does concern him. Dragon Azteca Jr. is a fairly bad actor, but everyone else was fine here.

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Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Trios Champions Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Johnny Mundo

The heel team has red bandanas on now, and Rey is dominated for a bit by a PJ headlock. A shoulderblock gets 2 on Rey. Rey flips out of a schoolboy and hits a buzzsaw kick and a rana. Rey is up on his shoulders and Mundo distracts the ref so that PJ can toss him down and kick him in the nuts. A triple team neckbreaker by the heels gives them more of an edge. Jack comes in, stands on his chest and gets 2 off a standing moonsault.

Jack tells Rey "I think I can, I THINK I CAN" to mock him for trying to make a tag before attacking him. Mundo comes in and eats some punches, but a tilt a whirl takes Rey down again. Rey gets a DDT out of nowhere and tags in Puma. Puma's headscissors and dropkick take Jack down while the northern lights brainbuster hits Mundo. Corner crossbody leads to a double kick in the corner and then a triple dropkick to PJ from the floor. Flip dive over Puma by Azteca.

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Rey goes for a dive, but Jack stops it with a dropkick. Jack promises something big, and gets it as Puma hits him with a superplex off the top onto the pile on the floor. Puma goes for the 630, but Jack is pulled to the floor by his partners. Jack hits a 630 and gets 2.5. Puma hoists him up and lands a modifies GTS. Azteca and Mundo are in, and Mundo accidentally leaps into PJ in the corner. Azteca hits an around the world DDT on Mundo for 2. Azteca avoids the Moonlight Drive, and eats a kick to the nuts. Puma is pissed and kicks Mundo in the nuts - leading to a DQ so the heels retain and the faces have lost their rematch. Puma attacks Taya with a huge kick as well, while Rey tries to control Puma.

Winners - PJ Black, Jack Evans, and Johnny Mundo

After the match, we see Dragon Azteca Jr. meet Matanza. Black Lotus tells him that Dragon Azteca killed her parents, and that the truth hurts. They fight for a bit before he tells her that she knows it isn't true. Well, they haven't done much with that story thread for a while - so it's good to further it slightly here. Cage comes out first carrying the title out like it's a trash bag. As Matanza comes down, Striker runs down everything Matanza has done - including him beating nine foes in Aztec Warfare to win the title.

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Cage vs. Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto

We get a staredown and they immediately go into a Frye-Takayama exchange. Cage rams him, but Matanza doesn't move. Matanza and Cage barge into each other, which doesn't give anyone an edge until Cage hits an uppercut. Cage sends him to the floor and hits a flip dive. Cage goes up top and hits a moonsult while Vamp talks about Cage tearing the original LU title up last year. Thank God he did - that thing looked awful.

They fight on the floor and Cage tosses his head into the barricade before pulling the covers off the concrete. Cage taking the time to do that gave Matanza time to heal, and he tosses Cage into the barricades. Matanza lands the multiple Karelin Lifts on the floor, but Cage escapes the third one and lands a forearm. Giant German suplex on the floor by Matanza. Matanza tosses him in the ring and chokes him before hammerfisting his head.

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Standing SSP leads to Cage getting his knees up and getting 2 off a neckbreaker. Cage traps him in the corner for a series of lariats. Cage showboats, giving Matanza time to get under him and land an exploder for 2. Matanza picks him up for a pumphandle bridging suplex for 2. Cage jacks his jaw and then lands a basement dropkick after a schoolboy. Matanza recovers and goes for the eyes. Vamp talks about how Matanza's hands are always covered by blood. Cage lands an X Factor for 2. They each charge into each other with lariats and take one another down with pump kicks.

Cage and Matanza exchange Germans and then no-sell them like Hawk. After three of them, Cage starts to sell and then Matanza sends him down like a basic wrestling takedown, but hoists him up high for a German that looked incredible and gets 2. Cage avoids the Wrath of the Gods, but hits a discus lariat for 2.

Cage hits the power superplex from the middle rope. Flying elbow gets 2 for Cage. Matanza grabs him and lands the Kevin Steen sidewinder back suplex for 2. Cage counters a powerbomb with an Alabama slam and a standing moonsault for 2. Cage goes for Weapon X, but Matanza counters and lands an overhead belly to belly. A sitout powerbomb gets 2 for Matanza.

Cage counters the Wrath of the Gods with a small package for 2. Cage hits a Canadian Destroyer for 2. Cage pulls down the straps and lands a series of kicks, including a superkick - but the Wrath of the Gods gives Matanza the win. This was a pretty exctiing match and definitely worth checking out - it will probably be the match from the show put on El Rey's Youtube channel later this week.

Winner - Matanza Cueto

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