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Lucha Underground results: More death, Pentagon faces Hernandez


The Takeaway —

Catrina has fallen to her death after a battle with Melissa Santos. Mil Muertes was given the chance to save her, but just like how she left him at the start of the episode, he decided to leave her. Leave her hanging in mid-air, that is, and she fell from the top of the Temple to the ground below, apparently dead.

Aerostar took Santos’ half of her amulet and Catrina’s soul and traveled back in time and returned them to Fenix. Fenix returned with Aerostar to the present, but he was not completely himself, as his eyes showed.

Meanwhile, Matanza continued his warpath, killing Joey Wrestling in a Sacrifice to the Gods match.

Killshot and Son of Havoc’s feud intensified as Havoc stole Killshot’s mask, and Pentagon Dark reigned supreme yet again, defeating Hernandez. However, King Cuerno attacked Pentagon after the match, clearly setting his target on the Lucha Underground Championship.

The Recap --

The show opened with Catrina and Mil Muertes, and Catrina said that she is done. She said that she was never in love with Muertes and that the man she truly loved (implying Fenix) gave her freedom. Catrina gave Muertes the stone she had in the first season and told him that he can remember her with it.

Melissa Santos attacked her at the start of the episode, and both women started to fight. Santos put Catrina’s head through a window, and Catrina threw a chain at Santos. A double kick knocked both down. Catrina put Santos in an armbar, trying to break her arm. As she did, Catrina said that Fenix loved Santos, but Santos said that she was going to kill Catrina.

After brawling out to the roof of the temple, Catrina tried to kill Santos with her necklace, but Santos threw her over a guardrail. She was about to kill Catrina when Mil Muertes showed up and stopped her.

Muertes grabbed Catrina’s arm. He said, “This is to remember me by” and put the rock in her hands before dropping her. Catrina fell to her apparent death.

Aerostar showed up and told Santos that he needed her half of the amulet. He then appeared to suck the soul out of Catrina, teleported back through time, and raised Fenix from the dead before returning to the present, to the joy of Santos. Aerostar warned that Fenix was taken out of time, and it would take a while for him to return to normal. Something looked wrong in Fenix's eyes, though.

After the attack from last week from Matanza, Johnny Mundo would not be wrestling tonight. Vampiro said that he was hearing that Mundo might never wrestle again. However, Joey Wrestling (the former Joey Mercury), was here to defend the honor of his friend and he wanted to fight. Antonio Cueto gladly put him against Matanza.

Matanza defeated Joey Wrestling via death

Matanza threw Joey around the ring as Striker informed us that this was the sixth sacrifice that Matanza was making. Matanza grabbed Joey in a bear hug, but Joey broke free with a few punches, hitting a Death Valley Driver. Joey sent Matanza to the floor and smashed his head off the table before sending him back into the ring.

While the referee was distracted, Joey hit a low blow and a superkick, followed by a Pedigree. Matanza no sold it as Striker said, “No one gets up from the Pedi…” which was actually really funny. Matanza hit The Wrath of the Gods and got the pinfall. The lights went out, and when they came back, Joey was gone. Another sacrifice to the gods.

Killshot defeated Big Bad Steve (w/ The Beautiful Brenda) via pinfall

Son of Havoc came out at the start of the match with some popcorn. The fans chanted “We want popcorn.” Striker speculated that Killshot was a spy or agent of some sort. Killshot took out Steve’s knee a few times and slapped Steve. Steve hit a Saito suplex, driving Killshot to the mat. Steve went for a fireman’s carry into a press, but Killshot switched in mid-air and hit a double stomp.

Killshot kicked him in the face for his trouble, then went to the knee again. Steve hit a pop-up cutter. Steve hit a powerbomb into a facebuster, but Killshot got his feet on the ropes. Steve hit a chop and went for a superplex, but Killshot slipped out and hit the knee again before hitting a springboard double stomp. Killshot hit another and got the pinfall.

Killshot knocked the popcorn out of Havoc’s hand. Both men started fighting, but Havoc ripped Killshot’s mask off and he ran away.

Pentagon came out and issued an open challenge. Hernandez answered and said that he’d take the title from Pentagon.

Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Dark defeated Hernandez via pinfall to retain his title

Pentagon started quickly with two kicks and a hurricanrana. He followed that up with another hurricanrana on the outside, and he started chopping Hernandez and sending him into the row of chairs. Pentagon hit the ropes and Hernandez hit a flying shoulder block and a dive to the outside. Hernandez told the fans to move, then flipped them off after they did.

Pentagon hit a series of low kicks, but Hernandez overpowered him with a shoulder block and then a Canadian backbreaker. Pentagon hit a superkick and a slingblade, but Hernandez kicked out. Pentagon hit a chop and a clothesline. Hernandez went to the top rope, but Pentagon cut him off and went for a superplex. Hernandez countered with a strike and a big splash. Pentagon hit an enzuigiri and countered a flying shoulder block with a superkick. Pentagon hit the Pentagon Driver to get the pinfall.

Before Pentagon could break Hernandez’s arm again, King Cuerno hit Pentagon with his title and then hit Thrill of the Kill onto the belt! The show closed with Cuerno leaving Pentagon in a heap.

Episode Death Count: 2
Episode Resurrection Count: 1