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Lucha Underground results: More Ultima Lucha IV build


The Takeaway --

Melissa Santos is unwilling to give up on Fenix. Aerostar told her that Fenix was too far gone -- and that Catrina's soul has corrupted him.

Son of Havoc continued his feud with Killshot, and a mask vs. mask match was set for Ultima Lucha.

The White Rabbit Tribe has a new intensity with Killer Kross. They look to be gunning for a Trios Title shot.

Marty the Moth beat up his sister, then challenged Pentagon Dark to a Cero Miedo match at Ultima Lucha. Pentagon accepted.

The Recap --

The show started with Melissa Santos discussing what happened to Fenix. Aerostar talked about how he shouldn’t have brought Fenix back from the dead and how Catrina's soul corrupted Fenix's, turning him evil. Santos said that he must still be in there. Aerostar said that he could not be saved, because he has seen the end. The end of everything.

The White Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, El Bunny & "The White Rabbit" Killer Kross) defeated Joey Ryan, Ivelisse & XO Lishus via technical submission

Ivelisse started the match with London, who was covered in white face paint. Ivelisse tagged out to XO Lishus, and El Bunny was tagged in by London. El Bunny outwrestled and brutalized Lishus, then London was tagged back in. Ivelisse came in and German suplexed both London and Bunny. The match broke down with everyone getting involved except The White Rabbit. Ryan superkicked him twice, to no result.

Ryan tried to use his lollipop, but Kross hit a Saito suplex and put on a white glove. Kross locked on a Mandible Claw -- and Joey Ryan passed out. Kross had blood over his glove when he withdrew his hand. The crowd chanted “Tick Tock.”

Son of Havoc defeated Killshot

Killshot immediately took the action to the outside and tried to rip Son of Havoc’s mask off. Killshot tried to break Havoc’s wrist, and there was a cracking sound that made it sound like his wrist was broken. Son of Havoc, however, is not one to give up easily, and was able to hit a suicide dive. Son of Havoc followed up with a double stomp onto Killshot’s back and a Shooting Star Press, but Killshot kicked out.

Killshot went back to the mask, but Son of Havoc hit a cutter and Killshot kicked out. Killshot hit a double under hook suplex, but Havoc kicked out. Killshot had an armbar, but Havoc refused to tap out. As Killshot went for a La Magistral cradle, Havoc countered and pinned Killshot!

Killshot grabbed his dog tags and beat on Son of Havoc with them after the match. The crowd booed as Killshot tried to take Son of Havoc’s mask, and as he ripped it off, the crowd booed even more. Antonio Cueto came out and said “You know how much that mask means” and how they were symbols of the new warriors that they have become. Cueto booked a mask vs. mask match between the two for Ultima Lucha IV.

Marty the Moth entered The Temple with Reclusa and cut a promo while the fans refused to hear him and chanted "Cero Miedo." Marty addressed Sexy Star, saying that she embarrassed him and his family, and how he got Reclusa to deal with her. Reclusa apparently beat her so badly that the only thing left was her mask. It appears that Reclusa killed Sexy Star.

Marty the Moth said Reclusa was wonderful and beautiful, but there was one woman who was more beautiful. Marty looked at Melissa Santos -- and Santos did the “Cero Miedo” sign to massive cheers from the audience. Marty clarified, and said that he was talking about his sister, and that he owed her a match.

Lucha Underground Champion Marty the Moth defeated Mariposa to retain his title

This was really uncomfortable to watch, as Marty beat on Mariposa. Marty threw Mariposa into a few rows of chairs and head-first into the announce table. Mariposa was bleeding. The crowd got quiet watching this, indicating a large amount of discomfort. This sucked. Plain and simple.

Marty beat on her for about five minutes before she made a brief comeback, smashing him repeatedly with chairs. Reclusa kicked Mariposa, and Marty was able to hit a package piledriver to defeat her. This was really, really uncomfortable in the early portions of the match. By the end, it turned around with Mariposa making a comeback and Marty being unable to beat her without Reclusa. Mariposa’s comeback was fantastic, but the rest of this was very hard to watch.

Marty challenged Pentagon Dark to a Cero Miedo match. He then broke his sister’s arm. Pentagon ran out to a massive pop, and he said he would accept. He promised to break Marty’s bones at Ultima Lucha IV and take his title back.