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Lucha Underground results: Muertes vs Matanza; Rey Mysterio Trios title match

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A recap video recaps the trios tournament, and the title win by Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio, and El Dragon Azteca Jr. We see a bit of the cop drama, and the announcement of Graver Consequences with Mil Muertes and Matanza - a casket match with four coffins in use. Dario meets with the mayor's goon in a club and gives him his payment -- thus explaining why he's allowed to run an "underground" fight club. The goon tells him that he's being watched by the police and he probably has at least one person on the inside. Dario is told that the Temple is very important, and that "his employer" will be visiting the Temple. Melissa Santos introduces our first match, for an Aztec medallion - a battle of former partners.

Mr. Cisco vs. Castro Castro vs. Joey Ryan - Aztec Medallion Match

Cisco gets a rollup on Castro for 2. Suplex by Castro to Cisco gets 2, while Joey is happy to just hang around on the outside of the ring. Joey Ryan goes for a schoolboy on Castro and beats him. Striker compares this to a flash knockout. Sure thing there, bucko.

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Catrina talks to Mil about waiting 197 years for tonight. She says Mil spent only a few days in stone before she guided him to safety, and saved him from death in Grave Consequences. Tonight, she will lick Matanza's face and make them immortal. King Cuerno rises from below in their sacred candle room area. Well, that should be a fun match down the line. Mundo is added to the former Trios Championship holders team tonight for a rematch.

Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Johnny Mundo vs. Trios Champions Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr

Mundo's new pink and white gear is something else. Ivie starts out with Azteca, and outwrestles him for a bit. Leg kick to Ivie leads to him leaving and we we get Rey-Havoc. Havoc gets 2 off a standing SSP, while Rey gets 2 off a sunset flip. Rey and Havoc grab one another's legs to avoid a kick - and agree to break on 3 and actually do. Puma tags in and then Mundo comes in for a slugfest.

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Mundo sends him over the rope to the apron and lands a high kick. Puma blocks a lariat with a high kick. Azteca and Havoc are now in and Havoc sends him up top. Azteca flips down and cradles him for 2. Superman Forearm by Azteca hits, but Havoc recovers and gets 2 off a handspring cutter. Rey and Havoc come in and a victory roll gets 2 for Rey. An argument breaks out and Mundo "accidentally" flying Chuck kicks Ivie.

Havoc high kicks Rey and gets 2. 619 hits and a tag to Puma leads to the 630 while Striker talks about the torch being passed and a new star being a tag and one move. Taya jumps Ivie after the match. The large funeral march begins to set up Graver Consequences. When combined with the tragic Western music, it's beautiful and a great way to add a sense of artistic beauty on a wrestling show in a new way. Mil Muertes comes out with Catrina, while Dario leads Matanza down.

Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes vs. Matanza Cueto - Graver Consequences Match

Mil jumps him and hits a chain of lariats in the corner. Matanza responds with a clothesline from Hell. Mil is tossed over the top onto a casked back-first like he's HBK - only he's 300 pounds. Matanza puts a casket next to the other, but Catrina hits him with a chair. It does nothing - but when he goes for Catrina, Mil spears him through chairs. Matanza powerbombs Mil onto the top of one of the three side-by-side caskets. 

Mil smashes Matanza's head into the posts, resulting in a wacky "bonk" sound effect. Matanza teases a chokeslam off the apron, but instead eats a Flatliner off of the apron onto the caskets. Matanza drags a casket into the ring, and then Dario gets pulled in - but Matanza saves him. Matanza hits the multiple gutwrench suplex, but Mil recovers, punches him and hits a spear without landing on his stomach.

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Mil grabs the turnbuckle connector hook, but Matanza prevents its use and headbutts him. Matanza goes for the mask with his hands instead and tears it up. Matanza attacks the head with the hook and Striker says it's to draw blood, and he's sliced open. Matanza gets chokeslammed onto the casket! Mil grabs a toolbox and gets a lead glove, which Striker says you wouldn't find that in a regular toolbox. Mil punches away on the mask with that glove. Matanza hits a low blow and a rabbit lariat. Matanza rips the lid off the coffin, and can't win by tossing him in the mid-ring casket now.

Matanza realizes this and tosses it outside before taking an even bigger casket off its base and placing it on the floor. Matanza shoves him in the casket, but Mil's hand raises up through the coffin and slams Matanza's head onto the casket! Mil smacks him with the ring bell. Dario and Catrina brawl! Matanza has the stone and throws it in a casket. Matanza grabs Catrina and puts her in the casket with the stone. Mil hits a suicide dive to the floor! 

They come back in and Mil lands a sloppy powerslam to Matanza. Mil opens the lid of a casket and puts Matanza in it, but Matanza survives - only to eat a slew of punches. One big hook allows him to recover. POWERBOMB ON THE CASKET. Matanza hits the Wrath of the Gods rewind powerslam and wins it! They open the casket with Catrina, but she has vanished. Mil Muertes is carried away in the casket by the pall bearers. King Cuerno takes off a hood to reveal himself as one of them.

More drama as the councilman's goon brings the money Dario gave them to a limo. He tells "his lord" that Dario thinks his brother is the most powerful being on Earth - but told him that his lord was, and we see a lighter spark and what looks like a cigar being lit up to introduce a new unseen character to the mix. This wasn't the best episode of the season, but a solid one that built to the future nicely.

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