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Lucha Underground results: Mundo and The Mack go All Night Long


A recap of season three showed Johnny Mundo winning the Lucha Underground title and The Mack earning a title shot by winning a multi-man match. They got into a fight on the last show before the mid-season break, bringing us to tonight's All Night Long ironman match.

Metalache played us in with a pleasant mix of guitars and violins. Melissa Santos hyped up this being a one-match show, and we'll go all night long! The Mack was out first, followed by Mundo.

Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo defeated The Mack in an All Night Long match to retain his title

Vampiro and Matt Striker compared the various signature moves of the two wrestlers, with Striker finding the longest way possible to say "stunner." Mack slugged away to start, so Mundo used his agility to slink out and in the ring for a sunset flip for two.

Mundo hit Moonlight Drive for two before Vampiro talked about "the big Mack." Mack went for a superplex, but Mundo slugged away before using his mobility to trip Mack up and get the first fall with the End of the World.

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Mundo used a variety of flips but ate a uranage for two. Mundo recovered and sent him down for a Sick Kick to the chest. Mundo landed the Flying Chuck, but took too long for the End of the World, so Mack tried for a schoolboy only to have that countered. Mundo got a cradle and used the ropes to score another fall.

Vampiro pointed out that the second referee should have caught Mundo, while Striker said it's due to the ref being near Dario Cueto's office. Mack hit a flip dive, leading to Mundo trying to escape, but landing hard on the apron. Mack tossed him in for two. Mack hit a giant exploder and an Alpha Bomb to earn a pinfall -- Mundo is still up two falls to one.

Mundo lured Mack in with a fake neck injury to attack the throat with a choke. They exchanged slugs on their knees before Mack landed a headbutt and a sick chop. Mundo connected with a C4 for a close count. He went up top but ate a super exploder from Mack.

Mundo recovered with a shot to the eye and hit a sick flying corkscrew dive off the top to the floor. Mundo claimed an injury, but Mack didn't believe it and threw him back in. The trainer came out and they prepared to strap him to a backboard before a break.

They put a splint on Mundo's ankle and Mack hugged him, then Mundo hit him with a DDT on the stretcher and got a pin. He hopped around and did jumping jacks. Mack and Mundo brawled outside and in the crowd with the backboard. Mack slammed him on the backboard before surfing him down the steps. Okay, that was crazy and awesome.

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After this craziness, Mundo got flipped onto his face on the backboard. Mack hit a stunner and Mundo leapt high in the air to give Mack a fall. Mack was down by one fall. Mundo fled before Mack followed -- however, Mundo was just under the ring. It was revealed that Mack was chasing PJ Black in disguise, then Mundo caned Mack. Son of Havoc came down to beat up both guys with kendo sticks.

Havoc knocked on Cueto's office to give something to Mack. Cueto gave him water, but the fans demanded beer, so he grabbed some of their sponsored brew to power up Mack. Mack caned Mundo and Black before Havoc set up a pair of tables. 

The heels got the lead for a bit before Mundo ordered the band to play victory music for him. Sexy Star dove off of the bandstand after playing the maracas, leading to one of the funniest calls in the show's history: "I didn't know Sexy Star knew how to play maracas!"

Mack hit a Greetings From Asbury Park off the apron through the tables for a win to even the score. 

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Mack and Mundo traded a trio of dead weight two counts. Mundo brought a table into the ring, then Mack brought a ladder. Five minutes remained in the match as Mundo set up the ladder in the corner. Mundo hit a flapjack on the ladder for two, but an End of the World on the ladder missed.

Mack set up a ladder and chopped Mundo on it before laying him on a table. Ricky Mandell came down and is now the biggest Johnny Mundo fan, so he prevented Mack from climbing. Mack hit a High Fly Flow through the table off the ladder, but time expired at 2.5!

Striker said that everything that Mack went through was for this, and he may not have credibility, but he's a fan. Mundo was announced as champion, but Cueto said there must be a winner -- and next week, it will be restarted with the first fall winning.

Mack laid Mundo out with a stunner and held the title high. He didn't win it tonight, but he could next week, and he came off like such a star. 

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Final thoughts --

This was an outstanding match and the best performance Willie Mack has had in the promotion so far. The use of Mandell came out of nowhere, but it never hurts for the heel champion to have another goon in his group.

They formatted it perfectly as well, with Mack having an hour-long match with a lot of smoke and mirrors that were new and a lot of fun to see play out. If there's a such thing as a star-making match in one night in Lucha Underground, this was it.