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Lucha Underground results: Pentagon battles the Black Lotus Triad


We get a recap of the Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca Jr. drama before Dario Cueto's announcement of the Black Lotus Tribe vs. Pentagon Dark match. Vampiro meets with Pentagon and tells him that everyone has to pay for their sins and even if he makes it out of here alive, he'll still have hell to pay.

Pentagon gives him the zero fear hand gesture and leaves. Matt Striker talks about Pentagon Dark's attack at the hands of the Black Lotus Tribe and says that it was Black Lotus' revenge for Pentagon breaking her arm. Vampiro stares at him like he is a moron for verbalizing this before Striker names the Triad -- Doku, Yurei, and Hidokiri. 

Pentagon Dark defeated Doku

Doku comes out first and Vampiro talks about how a samurai asked a monk about heaven and hell and was told that staring into his eyes was hell. Doku lands a series of slaps, palm strikes, and chops before landing a back fist and a diving forearm in the corner. Pentagon kicks the daylights out of her before hitting the windup overhand chop.

He tosses her out while the fans chant "Cero Miedo" and he then kicks her into the guardrail. He press slams her into a snake eyes on the ring apron! Jesus! Doku spears him and hits a gorgeous flying elbow, instantly getting her over before a second elbow is met with the arm snapper. Doku got over more in one match than most of the roster has in three seasons.

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Backstage, Jeremiah Crane talks to Catrina, who says it's a shame that Ivie got hurt. She says that Crane brought her here and now she can see him in the flesh. Great, so is he a 200 year old Wiccan or something?

He's apparently wearing a stone of hers around his neck, and she's in love with someone else. Now he's either got Ivie coming to kill him, Mil Muertes, or the 200 year old witch who can bring people back from the dead -- he's screwed either way.

Pentagon says the numbers don't matter because he will break Black Lotus' arm again.

Pentagon Dark defeated Yurei

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Pentagon stretches in the corner to prepare for the match. A tumbling exchange leads to armdrags and then a flying victory roll into an armdrag by Yurei. She sends him outside and hits a standing High Fly Flow to the floor.

She tosses him into the guardrail and kicks away at the ribs before sending him head-first into the chairs. She sends him into the announce table before hitting him with the ring bell a couple of times.

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She fights him up the bleachers while Striker teases a possible DQ. Really now. Pentagon saves himself briefly, but he eats a shining wizard mid-ring. A second shining wizard leads to him catching the leg and locking on a half crab before snapping back. She gets to the ropes and Pentagon keeps the attack going on the leg. A pitching chop takes Yurei down and she lands a high kick and rana off the top.

A slick double stomp hits for two. She lands a tornado DDT and goes up top for a flipping senton, but Pentagon uses that to move into the package piledriver. An arm snapper ends it.

Vampiro hypes up Hidokiri as the biggest challenge yet for Pentagon. Matanza is shown destroying things in his cell before Dario tells Matanza that he'll get a title shot next week. Matanza roars in dissatisfaction. He wants Rey Mysterio instead and we see a question mark painted in blood on the wall.

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Hidokiri defeated Pentagon Dark

Hidokiri hits a missile dropkick and then flies to the floor. She lands another suicide dive before just barely moving to avoid the railing. She grabs a chair, revs it up, and runs at Pentagon with a shot to the face. A minute in and she's already the biggest female badass on the roster.

She undoes the mats around the ring and kicks him in the groin before cockily kicking his face and back. He wants more and she obliges. She kicks him, goes for a handspring kick, but eats a basement dropkick in the face. Pentagon lands a sick basement kick to her back. The pitching chop lands once again. He sets her up for a punt and just demolishes her face with it. He tosses her over a sea of chairs while the fans chant "holy sh*t."

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Pentagon grabs some camera cable and drags her around over his shoulder with it by the neck. He traps her against the ring post and chokes her out. He grabs a chair and hits her with it. He punts her ribs and tosses her into another sea of chairs. He lands an AA on the concrete. She tosses Pentagon into a chair before she goes up top and climbs the Temple. She hits a crossbody off the top of Dario's office onto Pentagon, who thankfully catches her.

Striker talks about her being the first female to dive off the office. She avoids the package piledriver and beats him with the Canadian Destroyer. Black Lotus comes down for her match with Pentagon Dark.

Black Lotus defeated Pentagon Dark

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The fans chant "break his arm" before Black Lotus attacks the ref and the Triad surrounds him. She tries to do the arm snapper to Pentagon and succeeds! Vampiro is overjoyed and then Dragon Azteca Jr. returns. He stares at Lotus and the Triad leaves. Azteca stomps on the now-broken arm and does the arm snapper to the non-broken arm!

Striker says that both Black Lotus and Azteca got revenge on Pentagon for breaking their arms. We get shots of candles and Vampiro with slices on his throat and face before Puma shows brief signs of life. This was an outstanding show and easily the best of the season.

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