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Lucha Underground results: Pentagon Dark vs. Matanza Cueto


By Josiah MacDonald for

The show opened with Katrina appearing in a chair in King Cuerno’s home. Cuerno has the Gauntlet of the Gods, and Katrina was trying to steal it. Katrina wanted her life force back, but Cuerno gave it to someone else, and he said didn’t know where or when it is.

Famous B came out after Melissa Santos introduced him, and he said he had 3 new signings for Famous Inc.: Big Steve, Sammy Guevara, & Jake Strong (Formerly known as Jack Swagger).

Trios Champions The Mack, Killshot, & Son of Havoc def. Infamous Inc. (Big Steve, Sammy Guevara, & Jake Strong) w/ Beautiful Brenda & Famous B to retain

Killshot and Guevara started the match with some fast paced offense. Sammy flipped Killshot off, and Killshot didn’t like that. Killshot ran wild in the early portions of this match, taking out all three members of Infamous Inc. After Guevara took out Killshot with a big dive, Strong and Guevara worked over Havoc.

Guevara went for a top rope Frankensteiner, but Killshot blocked it. Killshot put Guevara on his shoulders and threw him off the top rope into a huge shoulder block from The Mack. Strong grabbed Killshot locked in an ankle lock, but Famous B was distracting the referee. The Mack slapped Strong trying to break it. The Mack hit a big boot, and Strong fell to the outside. The Mack hit a stunner on Steve, and Havoc hit a shooting star press for the win.

Post-mach, Strong beat on Steve and Guevara and locked an ankle lock on Famous B, snapping his ankle. Strong led the fans in chanting “Strong".

Antonio Cueto announced that a medallion would be on the line, and the one that collects all seven medallions will be the Gift of the Gods Champion.

Dragon Azteca Jr. def. Drago (w/ Kobra Moon)

Vampiro speculated that Drago was injected with some sort of venom that has led to him being under Moon’s control.

Azteca Jr. had the advantage early on, but Moon tripped him. The distraction didn’t work though as he avoided Drago, and Drago almost collided with Moon. Azteca Jr. hit a springboard arm drag, and a good kick to the head before hitting a tope con giro. Drago pulled Azteca Jr.'s mask off to boos from the crowd. Azteca Jr. did not take to that kindly, and hit a flurry of offense before Drago hit an inverted slam that saw Azteca Jr. hit the mat face first. Azteca Jr. managed to hit an O’Connor roll off the middle rope for the pinfall.

Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie came out and attacked Moon and Drago.

Antonio was in his office and Katrina appeared in front of him. Apparently, she is stuck between this life and the spirit realm. She asked Cueto to book a Grave Consequences match next week between Mil Muetres and Fenix so he can kill Fenix again, and Katrina can steal his life force.

Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Dark def. Matanza Cueto

Pentagon started the match strong, hitting chops, and driving Matanza into the ring post, hitting more chops. Antonio came out and smiled at the violence before Pentagon missed a chop and hit the ring post. The brawl at ringside continued for quite some time, seeing Pentagon take out several rows of floor seats.

Matanza controlled the action back in the ring with several suplexes. In a comeback, Pentagon hit two sling blades and a big leg kick. Pentagon hit a Lung Blower and a Code Breaker, but Matanza kicked out. Matanza caught Pentagon mid springboard and hit a back suplex. Pentagon went for a Canadian Destroyer, but Matanza rolled through. Pentagon hit an enzuguri and a superkick before hitting two Canadian Destroyers. He then hit a Package Piledriver for the pinfall in an awesome match. Matanza suffered his first singles loss in Lucha Underground, and Pentagon Dark reigns supreme.

Post-match, Pentagon tried to break Matanza’s arm, but he reversed it and threw Pentagon off. Antonio came out and threatened Matanza, and he recoiled in fear. The show closed with Jeremiah Crane asking for a triple threat match with himself, Fenix, and Mil Muertes. Antonio granted the match, and so that will be the main event for next week.