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Lucha Underground results: Pentagon Jr & Johnny Mundo thrive in Six to Survive

The show begins with a recap of all the cop drama that has happened throughout season two. We see the death and resurrection of Mil Muertes and then Pentagon Jr's return last week leading to his team entering into tonight's feature content - the first-ever Six to Survive match where the winner gets a shot at Matanza Cueto's Lucha Underground Title at Ultima Lucha Dos.

The Voodoo Glow Skulls play us into the show and Vamp and Striker run down that the main event will be an elimination match.

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Pentagon Jr. vs. King Cuerno vs. Ivelisse vs. Taya vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Fenix - Six to Survive

Vamp says Pentagon's recovery is nothing short of a miracle and he has no idea how he did it. Cuerno starts things off with a slick sliding schoolboy that gets 2 on Pentagon. Ivie gets double-teamed by Taya and Mundo and kicks out of the Moonlight Drive. Fenix superkicks Johnny and then kicks Taya right in the ass. Fenix and Pentagon double team Pentagon with a wassup spot - only with a double stomp instead of a headbutt. Cuerno lands a running deja vu DDT to Pentagon.

Mundo hits a flip dive onto Pentagon on the floor. Ivie gets picked up and tossed out onto Mundo and Pentagon by Cuerno and Fenix! Somersault superman punch by Fenix to Cuerno up top! Cuerno hits a rewind rana.Cuerno goes for the Thrill of the Hunt, but Muertes runs down and spears him to his doom before landing a nasty powerbomb to Cuerno. Mundo's DILLIGAF face is perfect and he beats Cuerno with the End of the World.

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Taya jumps Fenix and pounds away, before Ivie comes in and clubs away at her. Ivie kicks Fenix's legs and then lands some kneeling kicks. Outside the ring, Pentagon kicks Taya's legs out from under her. Fenix won't fight Ivie, so she opts to chop and kick him. Ivie hits a high kick to Pentagon. Ivie charges in at Taya, but she moves and Mundo kicks Ivie. Ivie ranas Mundo off the middle rope and hits a high kick to Taya for 2. Taya hits a front slam, but a moonsault misses. Ivie goes for a Code Red, but Taya powers her into a Northern Lights and a double stomp for the pin.

Taya misses a corner dropkick and Pentagon goes after her in the corner and hits Shattered Dreams. Mundo gets hits with Snake Eyes into the post on the floor. Pentagon lands the nasty shush chop on Taya, or as Vamp puts it "he just chopped the bitch out of the biatch!" Pentagon lands another kick to Taya - only now it's another ass-centric one. Mundo and Pentagon trade mid-ring forearms. Taya holds Pentagon for a Flying Chuck. Fenix hits a superkick and then a calf kick to Mundo.

Taya hits a rana and a corkscrew DDT-ish thing on Pentagon. Northern lights into the double stomp only gets 2 on Fenix. Mundo hits the basement knee strike on Fenix for 2. Fenix attacks Taya and Mundo goes after him. Shotgun knees to Pentagon by Taya. Fenix kicks Mundo in the gut, then Taya in the face, then Mundo in the face. Pentagon hits the package piledriver on Taya to eliminate her. Mundo consoles Taya on the floor before coming back in to fight.

Vamp puts over every single person here as someone who is tough enough to win - but Mundo isn't scarred enough to beat them in a sheer war. Everyone chops everyone else a billion times. A billion may be a low estimate. Mundo lands a nice spinebuster and gets 2. Fenix goes for a handspring off the ropes, but gets stopped and a Batista bomb gets 2. They fight to the floor and Pentagon Jr. hits a flip dive amid a "lucha!" chant.

Striker talks about how everyone is going for strikes and palm strikes to avoid breaking their hands. Mundo hits a huge dive to the floor and nearly knocks over the camera man. Mundo tosses Fenix into the ring and lands a sloppy standing End of the World for 2. Standing C4 hits Fenix for 2. Pentagon hoists Johnny up top where Fenix hits a double stomp up top. Fenix and Pentagon pin Johnny underneath a wacky cradle combination.

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Pentagon and Fenix face off to close out Six to Survive. Pentagon hits a flapjack and then the Haas of Pain. Fenix locks on a scorpion deathlock tequila sunrise! Pentagon locks on a double-trap backbreacker, but Fenix gets a Low Ki-style dragon sleeper. Fenix gets a run-up armdrag that sends Pentagon to the floor. Fenix hits a double-jump corkscrew dive on the floor! Fenix throws him in and gets 2.

Pentagon tosses Fenix into the buckle and hits a running punt to the gut. Fenix catches him for an Alabama Slam, but Pentagon turns into a Mexican Destroyer for 2. Pentagon chops him on the rope, but eats a palm strike. Fenix fires up before flipping a whole bunch and hitting a super rana for 2. Pentagon hits two Slingblades, but Fenix won't fall. Fenix kicks him to prevent a third. Fenix misses a double stomp off the top on the apron and eats a superkick.

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Fenix is sent to the floor and eats a Mexican Destroyer on the floor! Fenix is tossed in for another Mexican Destroyer, but Fenix counters it into a Dudebuster for 2! They're each fighting off of their knees with slaps and meet face to face to fight more on their feet. Fenix swats him down with a hard slap to the face, and Fenix kicks him, but Pentagon superkicks him! Package piledriver gets the win for Pentagon Jr.!

The camera pans to Vampiro looking absolutely shocked. Vamp tells Matt to shut up and let him think so he can enjoy the moment. Matanza comes out on the steps and stares down Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Jr. tells Dario that he'll break every bone in Matanza's body, and Dario's as well because he is Pentagon Jr. and he has zero fear!. Pentagon Jr. is an amazing promo and he says next to nothing in English. His passion says more than words ever could.

This was an excellent match and between this, Aztec Warfare, and the All Night Long match, Lucha Underground really has mastered the art of making one match shows compelling from start to finish.

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