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Lucha Underground results: Pentagon vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero


The show starts off with a recap of Pentagon Dark snapping the arm of El Dragon Azteca Jr.

We see him beat Chavo Guerrero, and then get a recap of the Famous B saga with Mascarita Sagrada and Dr. Wagner Jr. joining the fray. Johnny Mundo's anger over not getting a Lucha Underground title shot is shown, setting up Jack Evans vs. Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods title later tonight.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. talks to the spirit of his mentor about fighting with honor when his opponent won't. Chavo attacks him with a chair and says that he won't let a punk take his chance for revenge away from him -- so he batters the camera from Azteca's POV with a chair. Rey Mysterio Jr. comes in to survey the scene and begs for help before screaming to the heavens that it's Chavo.

Slapbak is our house band, thankfully preventing Matt Striker from making monkey jokes this time around. Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B team up for the first time tonight, and Famous B sees in-ring action for the first time in over one season of the show. Son of Havoc teams with Mascarita Sagrada here, and Havoc rides down to the ring with Sagrada in a customized sidecar. Well, that's adorable. 

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Famous B defeated Son of Havoc & Mascarita Sagrada

The faces start things off with flip dives, and Sagrada beats Wagner up on the floor. Fortunately, Famous B spends more time with Sagrada after that. Mid-ring, Wagner gets two with a sit-out powerbomb. Famous B stomps away at Sagrada while the fans chant 423-U-Suck. Famous B holds Sagrada so Wagner can superkick his leg. Brenda is perfectly annoying on the floor degrading and insulting Sagrada. Wagner eats a flying headscissors, opening the door for Havoc to come in.

He lands a slick pump kick and elbows away before getting two off a crossbody. Famous B gets caught making the save and eats a back suplex. Wagner is thrown out and Havoc grabs B and tags in Sagrada, who crossbody blocks him and hits an airplane spin. Havoc goes up top, but Wagner kicks him down and a Wagner Driver ends things for Sagrada. B gets his stethoscope on and covers Sagrada with it to win, earning B his first win in three seasons.

The unseen white rabbit tribe asks how long forever is. Vampiro hypes up Pentagon Dark vs. Azteca before hyping the main event. Striker says that Dario's Dial of Doom returns, and now we get clips of past shows along with still photos of the action to show you what happened before. Jack Evans comes out to face Sexy Star. Evans talks smack and gets the hell slapped out of him for it.

Gift of the Gods Champion Sexy Star defeated Jack Evans to retain her title

Evans stalls for a bit and then dropkicks Star down before posing. She lands a flying armdrag off the top and then flies off the apron with a seated senton. She drags him around by his hair and lands some forearms. She posts him leading to a "post-traumatic stress disorder" line from Striker that actually makes Vampiro laugh.

Evans regains control and kicks Star on the mat hard. Evans insults her in Spanish, leading Striker to ask Vampiro if his poor Spanish offends him. A mafia kick lands for Star but only gets two. Evans lands a series of sick knees to the face before rubbing Star's face against the buckle. Evans flips around a bunch before a multi-backflip thumb to the eye. Star reverses a whip and lands a series of shoulders to the gut and a pair of bronco busters for two.

Star slaps Evans' chest before putting him in a Gory special and dropping him to his knees for two. Star charges into the corner, but eats a kick and a neckbreaker for two. Evans goes up top and gets slammed to the floor before Star hits a crossbody to the floor. 

PJ Black flies around from the crowd into the ring before Mundo spears Star on the floor and then rolls under the ring. That only gets two. Mundo tries to come in, but Drago and Aerostar come down to take Mundo and Black out. Evans gets his flipping backslide, but his feet are on the rope -- so Fenix points it out and then leaves.

Star gets a Singapore cane and hits Evans in the groin before hitting a spinning fisherman suplex for the win.

Dario Cueto is on the phone and thanks someone before telling Chavo that Azteca isn't leaving any time soon. Cueto makes Chavo vs. Azteca, but Mysterio calls Chavo a piece of sh*t for taking Azteca out. He wants to face Chavo in the main event tonight. But first, a kung fu fight breaks out as it always does, and Mysterio wins this one.

Cueto says he loves this and Chavo gains a brief edge. This gives Dario an idea -- Pentagon Dark is in the main event because he promised him, but he'll make a three-way match tonight between all of them.

Pentagon Dark defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Mysterio gets double teamed to start, but lands a series of headscissors and ranas. Chavo gets sent to the floor and Mysterio lands a deja vu headscissors on Pentagon. He flies over the top with a huge dive to both before enjoying the cheers of the crowd. Mysterio sends Pentagon in and lands a seated senton. A springboard crossbody gets two.

Chavo grabs his chair and boots Mysterio on the floor. Pentagon lands a series of nasty kicks on each before kicking Mysterio down on the floor and yelling Cero Miedo into the camera.

Pentagon grabs the chair and slaps it to get the fans hyped and wedges it in the corner. He goes to toss Mysterio in, but it's reversed and Chavo drop toeholds him into it. Mysterio gets a cradle for two before Striker talks about the WWE history of Mysterio and Chavo, while Vampiro says that this really goes back to Chavo Classic and Chavo against Rey Sr. and Rey Jr.

Chavo lands a sick kick in the corner to Pentagon before uppercutting Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio slides under Chavo and lands an enzuigiri on Chavo. Pentagon baseball slides Mysterio on the apron and gets sent to the floor. Chavo lands a dropkick and a senton gets two.

Mysterio monkey flips Chavo out of the corner. Chavo lands three amigos, drawing the ire of Striker for some reason. Pentagon Dark powerbombs Mysterio for two. Mysterio rolls Pentagon into Chavo for a dual 619. Pentagon gets the win on Mysterio after the package piledriver. Mysterio attacks Chavo, but he gets pounced and Chavo hits him with the chair on the head and then the knee. Chavo wraps him into a tree of woe and chair shots the knee.