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Lucha Underground results: Prince Puma vs. Matanza title match


The show begins with a recap of the Dial of Doom and Vampiro leading Puma to the dark side. Catrina killing Sinestro is shown, as is the Ultimate Opportunity match leading to the best of five series. Dario comes out to a "jefe!" chant and says it's time for everyone's favorite game show: Dario's Dial of Doom!

Prince Puma gets a shot tonight, showing that the dial actually can lead to exciting matches that should make Matanza seem like he's in danger. Striker makes monkey jokes about house band The Chimpz, leading to Vamp doing an excellent facepalm. Ivelisse comes out and is called a one of a kind by Vamp.

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Ivelisee vs. Mariposa

Mariposa outwrestles Ivie to start, but Ivie gets an armdrag and a lariat to gain control. Mariposa slams her and lands a power drive elbow for 2. Mariposa locks on a sick-looking kneeling sharpshooter/Indian deathlock, but Ivie gets to the ropes. Ivie lands a discus forearm and gets 2 off a crossbody. Ivie kicks her and goes for a Code Red, but Mariposa gets 2 off a Samoan drop. Ivie finally lands the Code Red to win it. Marty puts the boots to her post-match.

- Dario talks on the Batphone and says that Matanza is a god who won't be beaten tonight. Mundo complains about Puma getting a shot. Dario says it was fate and Mundo says that his abs aren't fate -- they're from hard work. Mundo says he wants the LU Title, but he can't get that, so he'll settle for the Gift of the Gods Title since Sexy was beaten last week. Dario says she was, but Jack got the win so he faces her tonight for the title.

A creepy video says "They'll be here soon", but I'm guessing Sanity isn't going to be on both NXT and Lucha Underground.

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Texano vs. Cage - Best of Five Series, match two

Cage gets a shoulder tackle to start, but he eats a flip dive. Vamp says that this series could change the history of the sport. Texano slams him on the floor before posting him. Cage goes for a powerplex, but Texano avoids it and then misses a flip into the ring. Cage gets 2 off a small package and lands a neckbreaker while the fans slam the barricades to the tune of The Terminator. Cage powerslams him and hits a second rope moonsault for 2. Texano hits the Tye Breaker for 2. Cage hits a sitout Alabama Slam for 2. Texano's superkick gets 2, but Cage gets the powerplex and wins with the Lucha Destroyer/F5. 

- Sami Callihan debuts as Ivie's boyfriend and says he's sorry and figured she'd main event. She gets upset about him treating her like she's weak, so she just wants to go home. He takes a swig out of his flask.

Melissa Santos is mid-ring to introduce the main event. Striker says this match is what the company is all about, while Vamp says Puma was the man, but he's broken and needs to do something different.

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Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto vs. Prince Puma

Puma darts at him with a pump kick, but eats a clubbing blow. Puma hits a triangle dropkick that sends Matanza to the floor and lands a PK off the apron before hitting a shooting star to the floor. Matanza smashes him into the announce table, but he gets smashed into the barricade. Matanza tosses him into the ring, but eats a palm strike before landing an overhead belly to belly.

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Matanza lands a series of shoulder charges in the corner as Dario goes "Yes!" to every one of them. Matanza charges into him and sends him flying. Matanza lands a series of backbreakers, but misses a corner charge and eats a 619. Puma goes for a Regalplex, but Matanza powers out and gets the Karelin lift German suplex.

Matanza hits one avalanche in the corner, but gets caught on another and Puma carries him mid-ring and hits the Northern lights>brainbuster combo for 2!

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Puma goes for a high kick, but gets caught in a capture suplex and powerbombed for 2. Puma lands a superkick and turns a Wrath of the Gods into a DDT! A spinkick, pump knee, and tornado kick send Matanza down into position for the 630. It lands, but Muertes spears him! Marty Elias wants to call a DQ, but Dario tells him not to. Catrina saunters down and Mil flattens Puma with the flatliner. She raises the stone high and Mil leaves before Matanza hits the Wrath of the Gods and retains with a pin.

This was an outstanding match by the end. It took a while to get going, but they made everyone here look outstanding.

- Backstage, Killshot works out but is interrupted by Joey Ryan. Joey gives him an envelope and says some guy left it for him. Killshot asks for a description, but Joey says he's not a detective. Killshot opens the envelope to reveal a piece of paper reading  "You left me for dead."

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