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Lucha Underground results: Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma confrontation

The episode begins with a recap of the importance of the Gift of the Gods Title, Cage's win and then cash-in against Matanza that led to Matanza retaining. We see the history of Famous B and Mascarita Sagrada and the Black Lotus-Dragon Azteca Jr. feud. Dario meets with a new luchador - Night Claw, who will compete in a medallion match to determine who gets a Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Dario gives Night Claw a history lesson about his jaguar tribe being destroyed, and Night Claw cuts a promo with a wacky voice filter about being on top of LU and Dario tells him to not be overconfident.

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The Voodoo Glow Skulls sing 'Revenge of the Nerds" while fans dance back and forth. Striker says that the "new luchador" debuts at Ultima Lucha Dos, and will compete for one medallion while the others will be on the line tonight. Daga is mid-ring and gets a "Daga" chant while Famous B interrupts Melissa and gets a "423-GET-FAME!" chant. Brenda brings Sagrada down while his epic theme plays.

Daga vs. Mascarita Sagrada - Medallion Match

Daga tosses him across the ring while Vamp talks about how Kobra Moon is stalking Daga from atop Dario's office. DON'T STAND THERE - BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Brenda cheers on Mascerita while Vamp buries her for having an annoying voice. A one-footed dropkick gets 2 for Daga. Sagrada gets a rana cradle for 2. We get a shot of Kobra and Daga tosses Sagrada high in the air. A Russian Legsweep into a crossface gets a tap - but Daga keeps moving and the ref can't see it.

Finally, the ref sees it and stops things long after they should've been stopped. Maybe it was just an homage to PRIDE. Brenda gives Sagrada a big kiss resulting in comedic lips appearing on his mask, and Famous B kicks his ass with his shoe before telling Brenda to go get it. It's amazing how he went from the biggest babyface to a huge heel in no time. Striker says that the next match will be for three medallions. 

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Dario talks to Dragon Azteca Jr. about how his brother didn't kill El Dragon Azteca. Azteca calls him a liar, and Dario says that Black Lotus will destroy the Azteca mask by beating him. "When you look into her eyes, you will see the eyes of your mentor's killer". The Crew and Joey Ryan walk down the aisle and Striker talks about how he shoves himself down everyone's chest and Vamp says he doesn't want to wrestle someone with a very oily chest. Marty tells Killshot to hang on and not kill him and offers him his dogtags back as a show of unity for tonight.

The Crew & Joey Ryan vs. Killshot, Sinestro & Marty the Moth

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Marty kicks Castro and Striker rattles off movie characters that Marty reminds him of. Flying neckbreaker gets 2 for Castro. Marty and Joey go at it and Marty steals the lollipop and puts it in his mouth, before Joey recovers his stolen property and chomps on it. God, just imagine how great a Kings of Sleaze team would be with Joey and Marty.

Sinestro goes at it against Mr. Cisco and Cisco chops away and lands a fancy armdrag to a huge pop. Sinestro goes for a blindside lariat, but eats a snap powerslam for 2. Striker calls Cisco a hispanic Buzz Sawyer, which Vamp doesn't sell. Striker talks about the Canadian trip and then calls it a Mexican trip before talking about how it originated from Lance Storm and Vamp says he's not Canadian - he's from Alberta.

Marty and Castro go at it and a DDT gives Castro a chance to recover and he tags in Cisco who lands a series of lariats. Cisco hits a sloppy and kinda scary rana off the second rope for 2. 

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Sinestro comes in for a low blow on Joey, but it has no effect. Marty teases a dive, but flaps instead and gets sent to the floor so folks can do dives. Killshot hops off the top onto Castro's chest and onto the pile! Marty tags in Killshot and they double team Cisco before a Marty spinebuster leads to a Killshot dropkick for 2. Cisco comes in and hits a rewind rana before The Crew goes for the 3D Codebreaker, but Joey superkicks Sinestro and nixes that.

Marty curbstomps Cisco and a Killshot double stomp ends it! This was a blast! Marty steals Killshot's dogtags again - absolutely perfect. Sexy Star teams with Mariposa against Ivelisse and Taya next.

The Voodoo Glow Skulls play more music so the fans can dance more. Sexy Star comes down and they talk about her character's backstory being a victim of domestic abuse. Vamp calls her "the face of Lucha Underground", which is some grade A BS even by pro wrestling standards.

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Taya and Ivelisse vs. Sexy Star and Mariposa

Taya starts off against Sexy after arguing with Ivie. Taya armdrags her down and wants more. A wacky cradle leads to a wacky submission by Sexy. They go back and forth on the mat in an expressive exchange before they tag their partners in. They exchange a variety of headlocks and Ivie gets 2 off a sunset flip before eating a lariat. Mariposa locks on a modified Sharpshooter, but gets pushed into the buckle and schoolgirled for 2. Taya and Mariposa tag in, argue and Sexy tags in.

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Sexy eats a superkick to the gut, but lands a flying armdrag off the top. Running rana sends Taya to the floor and they talk about how we could see a female Gift of the Gods or LU Champion. Mariposa tosses Taya into a set of wooden steps on the floor. Sexy lets about another F bomb and Mariposa dives onto Taya on the chairs, before Ivie dives onto Mariposa on the floor.

Taya hits a corner choke with he foot and hits a back elbow. Double knees hit Sexy and only get 2. Sexy hits a yakuza kick and a lariat before a spinkick and DDT give her a brief edge.

A victory roll gets 2 for Sexy. Taya tags in Ivie before a chop exchange breaks out between Ivie and Sexy. A series of cradles get 2 for each. A standing backslide gets 2 for Sexy before a jackknife cradle gets 2 for Ivie. Taya runs in for a spear, but "misses" Sexy and hits Ivie before Mariposa hits the Celtic Cross and tosses Sexy on top to score the win.

This was far better than it seemed like it could be going in. Prince Puma talks to the crowd next.

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Prince Puma comes down and Striker talks about him being the face of the company - like Tanahashi, Cena, and Bockwinkel. Puma debuts a new mask and says that he wants only one match at Ultima Lucha Dos. When Konnan was training him, he was told he could be the best - he could be the next Rey Mysterio.

He says Rey is the best and he wonders what he has to offer, and is he really the next Rey or is he even better? Rey comes down and Vamp says this is a meeting of a legend and icon against a future legend. Rey says he was one of the people who paved the road for a talent like Prince Puma, and he has a lot of respect for him.

Rey says that Puma is still a prince, while he is El Rey. Rey says that Puma needs to know if he's better, while Rey needs to know if he's still the best. This was built up very little in-storyline, but done so in a way that makes perfect sense now and it should lead to a classic.

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