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Lucha Underground results: Rey Mysterio kung fu; pizza bites; Trios title match

Lucha Underground

The show starts with a recap of the Dial of Doom and Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio, with Dragon Azteca Jr making the save. The Sexy Star beating from the Worldwide Underground closes things out before we go to the Temple. Rey and Azteca have a kung fu battle with Rey arguing before Chavo comes in and armbars Azteca.

Chavo threatens to take over Azteca's training. Dario's Dial of Doom returns to give Matanza another victim. The Mack gets the shot and a big pop while Dario hypes up "the Return of the Mack". 

Lucha Underground Champion Matanza vs. The Mack

Mack fights with Matanza in the crowd and stunners him on the floor. Mack gets a lot of time to shine here with a variety of kicks and even a running rana, but Matanza's power proves to be too much. A deadlift German allows Matanza to dominate, and he's now added a variety of corner kicks to further massacre opponents. Mack wins a chop battle and gets a flip dive, but a frog splash meets the knees and the Wrath of the Gods spell the end for The Mack.


A Famous B ad airs and pisses off Son of Havoc, and Mascarita Sagrada. They're eating Pizza Bites in Havoc's mother's basement, and she tells him to not call her Mrs. Havoc. This was something else. Mundo storms into Dario's office and wants a title shot. Dario offers a trios title shot, but he wants an LU Title shot and doesn't get it - so he retreats to his dojo. Taya says she's up for the trios match and offers to find someone else.


Texano vs. Cage - Ultimate Opportunity Match

Texano is mid-ring to face Cage. Rumors have it that Cage is not a man and is instead a machine. Dario comes out and talks about how they were in the unique opportunity tournament - but they fell short. As result, this won't be for a unique opportunity - it will be for the ULTIMATE opportunity, and he will reveal that to the winner.  

Texano and Cage have a super fun match alternating between a variety of dives and stiff shots. Cage hits a high kick and a flip dive. Cage focuses on the neck, resulting in big "Texano" chants. Cage locks on Billy Goat's Curse, but Texano gets the ropes while Striker says that is the one thing that separated pro wrestling from Greco Roman wrestling.

Texano recovers enough to get an ankle lock that Cage escapes, but Texno lands a series of lariats and a spinkick. Cage gets a series of lariats and a calf kick before a spinebuster gets 2. Texano gets a cradle for 2, but a death valley driver gets 2 for Cage. Cage counters a rainmaker with a discus lariat for the win. Dario says the ultimate opportunity will be given to the winner...of the now Best of Five series - so Cage is up 1-0.

Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar face the Worldwide Underground of Taya, Jack Evans, and PJ Black in our main event. 


Dario unloads a box of Famous B merch before finding a series of photos. Dragon Azteca Jr. comes in and wants a match with Pentagon - but Dario wants him to have a rematch against Black Lotus, but she's in Hong Kong. Dario tells him that he'll give him the match with Pentagon. Ricky Mandel comes in asking when his next match will be and he spots the photos. Dario gives them to him. Chavo comes in and gets brushed off.


Trios Champions Aerostar, Drago, and Fenix vs. Taya, PJ Black, and Jack Evans

The trios champs come down before the heels and Striker says this must be under Freebird rules.  Jack uses a bit of Mortal Kombat movements according to Vamp before everyone else tags themselves in. Taya starts with Drago and they have an impressive little sequence won by Taya with an armdrag. Drago tags Aerostar in, but Jack won't tag Taya, so she tags PJ in. PJ lands a slick spinning brainbuster for 2.

Fenix gets tagged in and runs wild before Jack comes in to tag Taya in before a wacky kung fu movie exchange. Jack flips in before Drago comes in and hits the flying finger gun to the ass. PJ is tagged in harshly, so when PJ needs one, he does the same thing to Jack. Jack pouts on the floor before PJ eats a ton of moves in the corner.

Taya dives onto Fenix and Drago. PJ goes up for a springboard, but eats a rana by Aerostar! A springboard codebreaker gets the win for the champions.

The Worldwide Underground destroys the champions with the aid of Mundo, but Sexy Star comes down to even up the odds.


Dario talks to Rey about Dragon Azteca Jr. wanting a match with Pentagon - but he nixed that and made Azteca vs. Chavo with the winner facing Pentagon. Dario says he wants this to be fair, so Rey will be the referee.

Solid show - nothing amazing, but they moved things along nicely.