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Lucha Underground results: Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo


A recap of Matanza's wrath over the past year is shown, followed by the saga of Dante Fox and Killshot and the debut of the Black Lotus Tribe. Johnny Mundo's road to the title is shown while Rey Mysterio's elimination of Matanza leads to Sexy Star's win.

Paul London talks about the White Rabbit showing him his destiny. He engages in a kung fu battle with goons and a graphic says "they're here!" Matt Striker talks about this being a special show because Sexy Star is the champion and tonight, she'll face Mundo for the title.

The Rabbit Tribe comes out to get a Trios Championship shot. Vampiro talks about how drugs have led to great war and how the Rabbit Tribe is like that and takes peyote.

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Trios Champions Aerostar, Drago & Fenix defeated The Rabbit Tribe

London attacks Fenix, and Saltador, the checkerboard-suited member, does a flip dive. Striker says that they got an instant title shot due to London's reputation. Vampiro says he'll take Striker on a "trip" one day. Mala Suerte teases a coast-to-coast kick, but they just run across the ring for a dropkick. Aerostar does a pop-up dropkick to Drago for some reason and Fenix avoids a kick.  

Saltador misses a corner kick, and they high five while Striker makes a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure joke. Aerostar armdrags Fenix into the corner-mounted heels. Kobra Moon stalks Drago from atop Dario's office. Fenix avoids a back suplex and turns it into a victory roll with a bridge to pin Saltador. Kobra Moon cuts an angry promo on Drago and calls herself his queen. 

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Sexy Star and The Mack chat. Mack is a horrible actor even acting proud of his friend winning the title. Mack says that he can't let Mundo and his goons steal the title, so he's in her corner -- but she wants to prove it's not a fluke. Dante Fox comes out and Striker makes a reference to Clerks saying that Fox told him he "wasn't even supposed to be here today." Killshot is called deadly and gets a big chant.

Dante Fox defeated Killshot

Killshot avoids a punch and tackles Fox down. The bitter rivals engage in a tumbling exchange to determine the better fighter. Fox hits a suicide dive to the floor and then lands a second one. A third is met with a high kick. Fox hits a slick spinning kick before doing a shooting star press off the apron! Absolutely none of this fits his character, but it makes for a fun match.

Vampiro says that SWAT training led him to be able to do that. Fox eats a neckbreaker on the apron, which gets a "This is awesome" chant. A springboard cutter hits Killshot for two. Killshot avoids the Fox Catcher brainbuster before they break out a New Japan mid-ring forearm exchange. 

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Fox hits a flying kick and then a pump kick before eating a shot and then landing an elbow. Killshot has a bicep slicer on, but Fox escapes. Killshot and Fox get into a skirmish on the top rope before Killshot hits a death valley bomb on the apron off the top! Well, that was insane and the double stomp only gets two.

Killshot goes for the One Winged Angel, but a cradle counter gets two. A pop-up C4 hits and leads to the Fox Catcher and the win! This was a lot of fun, if a bit ridiculous at times. This was Fox's singles debut, making him one of the few people to actually win in a debut match. 

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Mundo complains to Dario Cueto about Angelico jumping him. Dario says that if he'd known Angelico was in the building, he'd have put him in Aztec Warfare. Mundo tells Dario that he's got his agent/lawyer on the case to ensure his restraining order on Angelico is carried out. Tonight, he's going to focus on winning the title. Mundo and Dario call each other jerks while wacky sitcom music plays.

Black Lotus comes back into Dario's office and tells Dario that she and the Triad want Pentagon Dark. Dario was impressed by them and Black Lotus tells him they want to show Pentagon about why their tribe is so feared.

Dario makes Pentagon face the Black Lotus Tribe next week in a gauntlet match and it won't end until he has faced every member. Sexy Star comes down wearing her title and now brandishing a ridiculous-looking staff with a mask on it. 

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Johnny Mundo defeated Lucha Underground Champion Sexy Star to win the title

They face off and Star rolls around a bit. Mundo locks her in a surfboard and curb stomps her for two. Mundo kicks each leg out from under her leading to a split and then landing a PK. Mundo locks on a LeBell Lock while Striker talks about how Mundo beat Star for the GOTG Title.

Mundo locks her in a tree of woe before landing round kicks to the stomach. She lands some short-range strikes in the corner before hitting a bronco buster. 

Mundo low blows her, slams her, and prepares for the End of the World. She lands a series of dropkicks before hitting an X Factor for two. Mundo lands a neckbreaker for two before locking on a sleeper. She chops her way out of trouble and a lung blower gets two. She tells Mundo to grow a pair before he hits a Russian legsweep for two.

Star avoids a Flying Chuck and hits a double stomp for a near fall. Mundo snaps the arm over the rope before stomping away. She avoids a baseball slide and kicks him into the barricade before diving onto him with a seated senton. Mundo grabs a fan's crutch but Star kicks him and uses it.

Star helps the fan and but the fan hits her with knucks. Mundo tosses her in and hits the End of the World to win the title. Taya reveals herself as the "fan" and the show ends. Solid episode.