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Lucha Underground results: Sexy Star vs. Mariposa in an I Quit bloodbath


Every match on the show is for an Aztec medallion as Cage faces Mascarita Sagrada, Marty The Moth battles The Mack, Sinestro faces King Cuerno, and in the main event - Sexy Star faces Mariposa. It isn't just any kind of match this - they will wage war in a No Mas match with Star being told by Dario to maim Mariposa and get revenge.

Show Recap:

The show begins with a rundown of this season's quest for the Aztec medallions. We also see Sexy Star and The Mack try to act, which is even worse in recap form. Dario Cueto closes up the ceiling in his office, but Catrina comes in and tells him that Mil nearly ended Matanza. Catrina wants a rematch for Mil, and he tells her that Mil's power doesn't match what kind of power the key has. He'll give Mil his match, and in his specialty - the Grave Consequences match. But Dario has a special twist - it will be Graver Consequences, with more coffins. That was awesome! Bang Data brings us in to Vamp and Striker, saying that every match tonight is for an Aztec medallion.

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Marty the Moth vs. The Mack

Marty flaps away before The Mack comes down to face him. Mack punches him to the floor and hits a flip dive with his jacket still on. Suplex hits, then a Northern lights, and then a big German - giving Mack the edge. Mack eats a dropkick and Marty does the Rick Rude hip swivel while removing his shirt and revealing his too-short trunks. Mack eats a corner exploder and it gets 2. Marty wears him down with a cravate, but Mack recovers and lariats him before spinkicking him down. Vamp talks about how much more money you make as a champion, while Mack gets 2 off a legdrop. Stunner hits, but Marty is still up, so a spinning TKO takes him out. This was fun.

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Catrina talks to King Cuerno and says that Sinestro will get the Gift of the Gods Title, but Cuerno says he'll take Sinestro out tonight. He'll take the title and Mil's mask because the hunt is on. Sexy Star knocks on Dario's door He says he respects her and knows something bad must have happened to her because there's been a change in her. He saw that when he was young, and experienced suffering at his mother's hands. He says that whatever Mariposa did to her, she will say no more and beat Mariposa to make her pay for what she did to her. It will be a No Mas match - and he tells her to not only make her submit, but not stop after the match is over. 

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Sinestro De La Muerte vs. King Cuerno

Vamp talks about how this is a battle for the medallions - and their origins are in bloody war. RKO by Cuerno gets 2 quickly. Cuerno lands a sick overhand chop and a running rana. This sends him to the floor for the dive, but Catrina hits him on the head with the rock. Flying legdrop off the top to Cuenro gets the win, in one of the biggest upsets so far in the show's history. Backstage, Mascarita Sagrada lifts weights while Famous B talks to him about setting up the biggest match for him ever! 

Chavo comes in and asks Dario why he isn't in a match for a medallion. Dario tells him he's not worth it, and that he lost not only two Aztec Warfare matches, but got hurt in a match for the LU Title. He isn't going to give him opportunities if he can't do anything with him, so Chavo basically tells him he'll make one for himself. Famous B cuts a promo and hands out his business card to fans before introducing Sagrada while Striker says that he has never dipped, but he will dance with Sagrada coming out. A huge Famous B chant breaks out.

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Mascarita Sagrada vs. Cage

Cage has a new black and yellow singlet, which looks better than the other ones he's had. Sagrada prays and then starts to do some pushups. Sagrada charges in, which fails. A charging kick misses and Cage eats some leg kicks. These have no effect, but a dropkick to the knee sends him into the buckle. Weapon X ends it. Cage tends to Sagrada, but Chavo comes out and steals his medallion - while Famous B tells him "YOU GOT ROBBED!" The main event is hyped up with a graphic and then instead of a break, it's time for the match. Striker talks about the history of I Quit matches and how both Tully Blanchard and Mick Foley were never the same after their most famous ones. They come in the ring and now it's time for a break.

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Sexy Star vs. Mariposa - No Mas Match

Vamp says that this is the one match he shied away from because he'd rather die than say he quits. Sexy is slammed onto the seal and eats a Muta elbow. Mariposa corner her and hits her with a slew of body blows. Sexy Star gets choked, but still won't quit. Sexy charges and attacks before cornering her and hitting a series of pop-up bronco busters. Chain of suplexes lead to a single-leg crab. Mariposa locks on a modified Indian deathlock, and kicks her head while she's in the move. Sexy low-bridges her and hits a seated senton to the floor.

Sexy hits a series of overhand chops on the floor, but eats some knees against the railing. Sexy eats a chair to the throat, then a chairshot, then a basement dropkick with the chair. She shakes her head no to prevent giving up. Sexy recovers, hits her with a chair and then places the chair between her legs for a chairshot to the chair between the legs. Sexy lifts Mariposa's leg up and kicks her in the crotch again. They fight up the staircase.

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Mariposa tears at the mask, but a "Sexy" chant breaks out. They fight up to Dario's ceiling. No! HE JUST HAD THAT FIXED. They fight up to the catwalk while Striker says that Cornette broke his ankles in a scaffold match. Mariposa tries to toss her off the catwalk, and then chokes her with the steel. Sexy's head is split open and she fights her way back to Dario's ceiling. Marty comes up and grinds her face into the railing. The Mack comes in and kicks Marty's ass before tossing him through a door.

Sexy chokes her on the bleachers and then smacks her head against the wall. Reverse powerbomb giant swing series into the announce table by Mariposa. Striker yells about how Sexy still has fight in her. She grabs a trash can and hits her with it while Striker name-drops Duke Droese. Mariposa punches her in the gut and back a few times before things end up back in the ring. Sexy avoids the Butterfly Effect, but a punch to the throat works.

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A kneeling Edgucator results in Sexy saying "f*ck you, f*ck you Mariposa!" completely uncensored, kicking her and locking on a choke before Marty comes back, but misses a punch and Mack stunners her. Sexy locks on an armbar and gets the win - which will certainly result in Striker comparing her to Ronda Rousey even more. True to what Dario told her, she keeps the hold locked on after the match while her theme plays and a "break her arm" chant breaks out. Sexy closes the show just covered in blood being embraced by The Mack. Holy crap was this crazy. It wasn't "good" in many ways, but it was sure memorable. 

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