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Lucha Underground results: Three-Way to the Grave match


Worldwide Underground Seeks Revenge

After a recap, Johnny Mundo held an emergency meeting with the Worldwide Underground to discuss revenge against the Reptile Tribe. He noted that Jack Evans is going to wrestle tonight and that he wanted him to call out the snakes. Evans said he won’t, because he’s afraid of snakes and had a “colonics” appointment to get to.

Taya Valkyrie and the others made fun of him a little bit. Mundo said he owed Angelico an ass beating. The doll told Ricky Mundo, “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” Ricky had an evil smile after that.

XO Lishus defeated Jack Evans

Matt Striker and Vampiro kicked it off, hyping up the Three-Way to the Grave match later in the show. With Evans in the ring, the debuting XO Lishus (Sonny Kiss) made a very over-the-top entrance for a singles match. Evans stole the mic from Melissa Santos and introduced himself to a tepid heel reaction.

Lishus opened with some acrobatic moves and then hit a hurricane handspring slap. Evans countered the colorful style of Lishus with heel offense until Lishus hit a huge dive to the outside and twerked for the Believers. Evans applied mostly rest holds and slow-paced offense.

Evans mocked Lishus with the handspring into an eye gouge and continued the onslaught. Lishus made a comeback and climbed to the top rope. Evans kicked him, but Lishus fought back and hit a top rope split-out X-Factor for the upset victory.

Pentagon Dark Promo

After the commercial, Pentagon Dark stood in the ring with the title and cut a promo in Spanish. He talked about how he won Aztec Warfare against 19 other competitors and overcame Matanza Cueto. He said anybody else who wants the title will fail, too.

Cage ran out from the back and attacked Pentagon by surprise, beating him down in the middle of the ring. He nailed the champion with the title, then pulled a table out from beneath the ring. Cage drug Pentagon to the apron and powerbombed him through the table. He got on the mic and said that he’s gunning for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Three-Way to the Grave Match: Mil Muertes defeated Jeremiah Crane and Fenix

Santos came out to ominous-sounding music and a cool eerie green lighting effect. She explained the rules of the match. Striker put over the idea that this match was Mil Muertes’ specialty and that he’d be hard to beat.

There were some fast-paced lucha spots to start it off. Fenix carried the match early with a lot of high-risk offense.

Muertes chokeslammed Crane on one of the caskets on the outside. Crane hit a springboard splash off the back of Fenix onto Muertes, then powerbombed him through a table.

Muertes somehow wound up in the back, popping out of a door and continuing to beat up Crane on the bleacher risers. Meanwhile, Fenix climbed to the eagle’s nest-style area as Muertes and Crane fought. Fenix hit them both with an insane crossbody.

Muertes put Crane on the top rope and went for a suplex, but Fenix stopped him with a kick to the kidneys. Fenix went for a Frankensteiner from the top, but Crane tossed him out of the ring, where he landed on Muertes, putting him through a table.

Crane hit a piledriver while jumping backwards on Fenix through a table and rolled him into a casket. Crane pointed at Catrina, who pointed back at him. Before he could shut it, Ivelisse came out and busted him open with the hammer, knocking Crane into the coffin and shutting it, eliminating Crane.

Muertes beat on Fenix as Santos looked distraught. Fenix got busted open but kept fighting back.

They exchanged offense, as Fenix continued to fight back and overcome the odds. Finally, Muertes caught him with a flatliner when he attempted a top rope attack. Muertes drug him to the apron and opened a coffin. He fireman carried Fenix and placed him in the casket, slamming it shut for the victory.

Santos reluctantly announced Mil Muertes as the winner as Catrina and Muertes celebrated their victory.