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Lucha Underground results: Ultima Lucha IV build picks up


The Takeaway --

Matanza continued his murder spree, killing Jack Evans this week. Killer Kross arrived with El Bunny and Paul London went full Mad Hatter, as they eye The Reptile Tribe’s Trio titles. The Mack has returned and challenged Mil Muertes to a death match at Ultima Lucha, and it appears he’s going to try and kill Muertes once and for all.

Fenix and Dragon Azteca Jr. continued their feud, with Azteca saving Melissa Santos from Fenix yet again. Fenix seems very, very conflicted, but when attacked -- he does not hesitate in fighting back.

Meanwhile, Pentagon Dark was able to defeat Muertes (with some help from The Mack), Dragon Azteca Jr. (due to brawling with Fenix), and King Cuerno to set up a match with Marty the Moth at Ultima Lucha IV.

The Recap --

The show opened with Matt Striker reading a letter from Antonio Cueto saying that the main event was going to be King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes vs. Pentagon Dark vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. The winner will go on to face Marty the Moth. Vampiro admitted to not paying attention, and he looked very distracted.

Jack Evans was in the middle of the ring, and he said he can’t work for a company that lets XO Lishus wrestle. He said that if he was at Johnny Mundo’s wedding he would have ripped Matanza’s head off. Evans then quit Lucha Underground. Antonio Cueto came out and said that if Evans can win his match tonight, he can leave. But if he doesn’t, he’ll never leave here again as he’s about to be sacrificed.

Matanza defeated Jack Evans via Death in a Sacrifice to the Gods Match

Evans tried to run away, but the doors wouldn’t open for him. He turned around and looked at the ring, and Matanza came out of the doors behind him. Evans managed to run down the stairs, but Antonio tripped him with his cane.

Matanza powerbombed Evans on the apron. Evans managed to expose a turnbuckle and drove Matanza into it before hitting a 630 splash, but Matanza sat up, holding Evans, and hit a Wrath of the Gods for the pinfall victory. Evans was then sacrificed to the gods.

Before the next match started, Paul London came out and introduced El Bunny and The White Rabbit Tribe (Killer Kross).

Lucha Underground Trios Champions The Reptile Tribe (Kobra Moon, Daga & Jeremiah Snake) defeated Ivelisse, XO Lishus,& Joey Ryan to retain their titles

Ryan offered his lollipop to Jeremiah Snake, and he took it. Ryan threw Kobra Moon into Snake and tagged out to XO Lishus, who did some lucha and took Moon down. Moon tagged in Daga, but Snake came in and attacked Lishus instead. Snake then threw Daga into Lishus and continued the beatdown. Lishus hit a stunner on Snake and made the tag to Ivelisse.

Ivelisse hit a Code Red on Daga, but Snake broke it up. Ivelisse kicked Snake in the face and rolled to the outside. Moon tried to seduce Ryan a little bit, but Ryan threw her over the top rope onto her teammates. Lishus faked out the other team before Ivelisse hit a flip to the outside on Snake. Lishus hit a tope, then Ryan put another lollipop in Snake’s mouth and superkicked him off the apron.

Daga grabbed Ryan and armbarred him for the finish.

El Bunny came down to the ring as the crowd chanted “Tick Tock,” and Bunny and London took out Ivelisse, Ryan, and Lishus. Kross came down to the ring and said “Tick Tock” to all three of them and called off London and Bunny.

Jack Strong defeated Aerostar & Drago in a Nunchucks Match

Striker said that Cueto was able to get this match sanctioned in California. Vampiro called him an idiot. Vampiro was right, because we literally just saw a murder in the ring earlier. There’s no way any of this is sanctioned, because Lucha Underground is an underground fight ring.

Using double team work, Drago was able to climb the stairs and grab the nunchucks. When Strong turned around, he caught Aerostar after a dive and then beat on Drago around the ringside area.

Drago spit poison mist on Strong, then hit him with the nunchucks. Strong responded by throwing Drago through six rows of chairs. He went to powerbomb Aerostar, but Aerostar caught a ladder that was going up to the balcony above. Aerostar climbed up and grabbed the other nunchucks. Strong caught up to him, throwing him off the balcony!

Drago beat on Strong for a little bit, but as Strong made his comeback, Aerostar came diving off the balcony and took out Strong! Aerostar and Drago took it to Strong here, but they were unable to defeat him. Strong dumped Drago outside of the ring and hit a massive powerbomb on Aerostar before locking him in an ankle lock for the win.

Drago saved Aerostar from an ankle break, so Strong broke Drago’s ankle instead.

Pentagon Dark defeated King Cuerno, Mil Muertes, and Dragon Azteca Jr. for a shot at Marty the Moth's Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha IV

Muertes started the match attacking everyone. He hit a TKO on Cuerno, but as Muertes focused elsewhere, Cuerno was able to attack him and send him to the outside. Pentagon hit a big enzuigiri on Cuerno, and Azteca hit a satellite tornado DDT. As this was happening, Fenix came out and threatened Melissa Santos. Santos saw something in his eyes, and she ran away.

Dragon Azteca Jr. hit a tope con hilo that drove Fenix into the announce table, then Azteca Jr. and Fenix brawled out of the Temple. We might need Karl Stern to dedicate an episode of DragonKing Dark to finding out what went wrong in Fenix's resurrection. If anyone can figure it out, Karl can.

Cuerno hit a suicide dive on both Muertes and Pentagon, and Muertes somehow ended up in the ring first as Pentagon and Cuerno brawled on the apron. Muertes knocked them both off, but The Mack came out and hit two stunners on Muertes before Pentagon hit a Canadian Destroyer on Muertes for the pinfall victory! Pentagon will challenge Marty the Moth at Ultima Lucha.

The Mack challenged Muertes to a death match at Ultima Lucha. Mack said he wasn’t afraid of dying anymore.

  • Episode Death Count: 1