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Lucha Underground results: Worldwide Underground vs. Reptile Tribe


The Big Takeaways --

  • Antonio Cueto’s weakness has been exposed. He is easily persuaded by money and sex.
  • Paul London didn’t think twice about choosing Mala Suerte as his sacrifice to the Cuetos.
  • Thus far, nobody has posed any sort of a legitimate challenge to Matanza.
  • Jack Evans really dislikes XO Lishus. Joey Ryan may be warming up to him, however.
  • Jeremiah Crane has been reborn as a snake.
  • Aerostar appeared, teaming with the Worldwide Underground to defeat Drago and the Reptile Tribe, who Aerostar has plenty of history with.
  • Johnny Mundo, as a favor to Aerostar, forced The Reptile Tribe to free Drago.

Show Recap --

Mariposa’s Offer

Antonio Cueto finished up a phone call in his office before Mariposa walked in. She sucked up to him, calling him handsome and saying she always fantasized about being with a Cueto. She said she was there to ask for a Gift of the Gods title match. Cueto said that she didn’t deserve it.

Mariposa flirtatiously said her family has a lot of money and always gets what they want. It didn’t take long for Cueto to agree.

Paul London’s Sacrifice

The Rabbit Tribe made their way to the ring to compete in a trios match. Cueto interrupted their entrance and said that London needed to pick just one of his stablemates to be sacrificed. London said that since Mala Suerte had failed the White Rabbit, Suerte will be facing Matanza Cueto.

Matanza Cueto defeated Mala Suerte via pinfall

Suerte’s jocular antics didn’t go over very well with the monster, who no sold some offense before easily winning a squash with the spinning powerbomb.

Joey Ryan & Jack Evans defeated XO Lishus & Ivelisse via referee stoppage

This was a fun little match. Striker dubbed the new team Ivelishus. Lishus did a spot in the corner where he banged Ryan’s face off his backside while having his head scissored with his feet, then smiled at him. The crowd chanted, “Joey likes it!” It appeared that Joey did, indeed, like it.

Ryan and Evans controlled most of the match, wrestling a typical heel tag match while Lishus and Ivelisse mostly did kicks and comedy spots. After a brief melee in the ring, Evans slid to the outside while Lishus took control of Ryan, but Evans was still the legal man. He was able to surprise Lishus, then applied what Striker called a “modified locoplata.”

Lishus didn’t tap, but the referee stopped the match after he passed out. Evans kept the hold on after. Ryan yelled at his partner to release the hold, but Ivelisse came in and made the save.

Evans said that it’s not over until he kills XO Lishus.

Gift of the Gods Champion El Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Mariposa via pinfall to retain his title

Very short, uneventful matchup. Azteca hit a 450 splash, but Mariposa kicked out. Mariposa hit the Butterfly Effect, but also only got a two count. Azteca hit a bodyscissors into a folding press, crossing Mariposa’s legs for a three count.

Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Taya & Aerostar) defeated The Reptile Tribe (Drago, Daga, Kobra Moon & Jeremiah Crane) in an atomicos match via pinfall

The stipulation here was that if the Worldwide Underground won, Kobra Moon had to grant one wish to Mundo. If the Reptiles won, Mundo had to join their tribe.

Moon introduced her newest servant, “Jeremiah Snake” (Jeremiah Crane), whom she resurrected with venom, apparently. He joined the Reptile Tribe in the ring.

Mundo said that this match was one job that Ricky was not going to do, and told him to go play with the doll, because he couldn’t count on him. Since Evans is afraid of snakes, he had to find somebody else to cut off the heads of them. He introduced Aerostar as their surprise partner.

The match got off to a chaotic start, with everything quickly spilling to the outside. Pretty much everybody attacked everybody else with some form of a dive. It was basically a series of innovative ways to throw one body at six or seven others, but the crowd ate it up.

Eventually, things wound up back in the ring. Mundo hit the End of the World to pick up the victory for the Worldwide Underground and Aerostar.

Mundo used his wish for Aerostar, freeing Drago. Aerostar released him to a nice pop. Taya called Mundo an idiot and cried. Mundo said that Kobra Moon couldn’t grand his wish because only Taya could. Mundo ended the show by asking Taya to marry him (in a very Randy Savage style), and she said yes!

Backstage, Evans and the Doll cut a spooky promo, passively threatening to kill Mundo and Taya as the show faded to black.