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Lucha Underground San Diego, CA, live results: Angelico vs. Johnny Mundo street fight

Johnny Mundo

Submitted by reader Daniel Short

Lucha Underground held the third and final stop of their first En Vivo tour in the San Diego, CA area, specifically the Northern County city of Escondido during the Escondido Tamale Festival. 

As with all En Vivo shows, this was free, but they limited to how many could be seated, which I counted to be around 450-500. Everyone else crowded around one of two areas between the bleachers to watch. To give some folks a chance to be seated, they split the event into two shows with everyone having to clear out and lining back up after the first show. They ran thirty minutes behind due to some mud pits around the area holding up the process of transporting the ring gear as well as some traffic issues for the talent.

There were cameras out and about, so it's possible the event was being taped for future TV airings, which was further suggested with how it seemed that a storyline or two were being introduced or played out.

Show 1 --

- Paul London defeated Mil Muertes and Bestia 666

London was clean shaven compared to his having full facial hair in his vignettes. Catrina was not present to accompany Muertes to the ring. Much of the match was Muertes being the dominant monster with London and Bestia occasionally utilizing double teaming effectively. The finish saw London's Rabbit Tribe (later identified as Mala Suerte and Saltador) running in to hold Muertes at bay as London won after preventing Bestia from doing a Superplex attempt by pushing him off and then hitting the Shooting Star Press for the pin.

Muertes started beating everyone down afterwards when King Cuerno ran in and laid Muertes out. Cuerno took the mic to announce that he was back and told Muertes that it was not over between the two of them.

- Drago defeated Aerostar

In keeping with what's aired so far on TV, Aerostar and Drago are the Trios Champions with Fenix, though this was not mentioned. They had a fairly competitive match with each one taking their time in hitting specialty moves. Drago pinned Aerostar with a crucifix hold and hooking Aerostar's ankles to prevent any kick out leverage. They shook hands afterwards.

- King Cuerno defeated The Mack in a 2/3 falls match

This was the main event of the first show -- a solid match where the two also took their time in building things up. Mack won the first fall after hitting the Stunner. King Cuerno won the second fall with a Frankensteiner into a pin. The finish saw Cuerno hit Mack with a tope suicida and then the Thrill of the Hunt for the win. Muertes immediately hit the ring afterwards and laid out Cuerno with the Flatliner. He took the mic and agreed that it wasn't over between the two of them, rather it was far from over.

Show 2 --

- Ivelisse defeated Jack Evans

Evans took the mic after introductions, claiming this was put together because he was out to prove he was the true "baddest bitch in the building" even if the event was outdoors. Jack got the heat throughout for "manhandling" Ivelisse for the most part. Ivelisse eventually won the match with the Desert Eagle.

Afterwards, Taya and Ricky Mandel hit the ring to beat on Ivelisse before Paul London's Rabbit Tribe hit the ring for the unexpected save. Vampiro then came out with the mic, claiming that Dario Cueto left him in charge for the day's event after immediately booked a trios match between everyone present.

- The Rabbit Tribe (Mala Suerte and Saltador) and Ivelisse defeated The Worldwide Underground (Jack Evans and Taya) and Ricky Mandel

The match was designed more as a slight showcase for the Rabbit Tribe. Saltador got some nice reactions for making numerous physical innuendos by positioning himself behind Taya, constantly causing her to squirm. The rudos got the heat on Saltador before he made the hot tag to Ivelisse and eventually all six going at it, with the big spot being Taya hitting a top rope splash onto all four guys on the floor.

The finish saw Taya attempting a superplex on Ivelisse when Paul London came out and distracted her with carrots, allowing for Ivelisse to hit a top rope crossbody followed by superkicks from each of the Rabbit Tribe and then a grounded rolling roundhouse kick to the head from Ivelisse. The Rabbit Tribe piled onto Taya for the pin to Ivelisse's initial confusion before she eventually jumped on and they got the win. Ivelisse still looked confused, but nonetheless joined along when London and the Rabbit Tribe celebrated with carrots and throwing them out to the crowd.

- Angelico defeated Johnny Mundo in a San Diego street fight.

In keeping with where the storylines are at on TV, Mundo was the reigning Gift of the Gods Champion and proclaimed the title was not on the line. He slightly flubbed on the mic, saying the belt was behind a "bulletploof" case at the temple, causing Melissa to giggle. Mundo tried to get on her for this, claiming there was nothing funny about "bulletploof", leading to the fans chanting the word and making Mundo himself break into a chuckle. Melissa had to take a moment to compose herself before introducing Angelico.

The final main event was a San Diego Street fight, which was named as such probably due to the presence of pinatas set up around ringside, two on ring posts and a table with more at the DJ stand. They had a regular match for a few minutes before finally heading out of the ring and looking for plunder to hit each other with. After a while, the fans chanted for someone to use the pinatas and Angelico obliged. There indeed was candy inside, which kids ran to grab despite officials trying to stop them from doing so while the match was still going and Angelico throwing them out to the crowd when able. He was also throwing tamales at Mundo, who tried to bat them away with a chair before getting hit by a few and selling them like he was getting hit with clotheslines.

Taya came out to help Mundo, leading to him powerbombing Angelico from the DJ stand through the table. They did their version of the Magic Killer for a near fall, causing Johnny to beat up referee Marty Elias. This led to all the talent coming out one by one to get involved, eventually just brawling with each other, though Paul London and the Rabbit Tribe just walked around eating carrots. Another near fall led to Johnny beating up Elias again, but then he snapped and started kicking all the present members of the Worldwide Underground and Ricky Mandel, causing the fans to just lose it.

Vampiro and an official tried to calm Elias down, leading him to duck and the official accidentally decking Vampiro, Elias kicked him, and then let the momentum carry him into hitting a top rope splash on the Worldwide Underground and Mandel. The fans were loving every minute of this. The finish saw Mundo eventually bring a trash can into the ring, hitting Angelico over the head with it. He attempted to hit a moonsault press with it, but Angelico moved and Mundo ended up slamming himself onto the trash can. Angelico picked him up and did a running powerbomb through a table that had been set up to finally get the pin.


This was a fantastic event from start to finish. A couple botches here and there, but they did little to dampen the enjoyment everyone was having. A great main event capped things off with a finish that was awesome to witness live. If they do more En Vivo events, it is highly recommended to attend.

They had a booth during the festival showing off the Lucha Underground Championship and the Gift of the Gods Championship belts in a display case and mannequins of classic lucha attire before a brief historical timeline of lucha libre and Lucha Underground history. There also appeared to be a spot where fans got to print their own posters.