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Lucha Underground season 2 taping spoilers: Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black

Lucha Underground

Submitted anonymously 

Dark match: 

Jeff Cobb defeated El Mariachi Loco

Wednesday, February 24th: 

Jack Evans defeated PJ Black

Jack cut a heel promo on the crowd before the match started where he called himself "The Dragon Slayer". Midway through, Drago appeared on one of the corner platforms wearing a dragon skull and taunting Jack with nunchucks. Finish saw Drago come down and try to spit mist at Jack, but ended up hitting PJ which led to a rollup.

King Cuerno defeated Killshot

They messed up a move on the apron but it didn't take much away from the match. Cuerno kept beating on Killshot afterwards until Fenix came out for the save

Chavo Guerrero, Mr Cisco, & Cortez Castro defeated El Texano Jr in a gauntlet match

Cisco is eliminated within 10 seconds after a kick to the face, Castro put up more of a fight in that it took just 2 minutes to beat him. Most of the match was Chavo/Texano with Cortez using Texano's rope to trip him and hold his feet down for the cover

Johnny Mundo defeated Cage

A woman came out to distract Cage but I could not identify her (Blonde hair, similar attire to Asuka). After the match, both of them beat down and taunted Cage. Good match

Wednesday, March 2nd:

Cobra ??? (Last name sounded like Moon) defeated Sexy Star via submission

Cobra made her debut and looked to be Cheerleader Melissa under a blue snakeskin bodysuit (If it helps, she had a tiki tattoo on the back of her neck). The Mack came out to cheer Sexy on and Marty the Moth was in the stands near the end to distract Sexy. Cobra won with a rear naked choke and did some hissing towards Marty, clearly some type of relationship between them.

Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr went to a no contest

Nice back & forth matchup until Mil Muertes ran 5 minutes into the match and beat both of them out. Mil left both laying with a double flatliner

Fenix defeated King Cuerno in a ladder match to regain the Gift of the Gods title

Awesome ladder match which saw them fight in the stands and in the floor seats. Match ended with Fenix giving Cuerno a top-rope hurricanrana through a table, then grabbing the title. The tapings ended with a staredown between Mil Muertes from his throne and Fenix on the ladder.