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Lucha Underground season 2 taping spoilers: what's Mil Muertes up to?

Day One --

- Vampiro opened up the show giving us an update after the conclusion of season one: Dario Cueto's whereabouts are unknown, and Katrina is in charge of the Temple

- There is a throne where the live music was last season, and champion Mil Muertes sits stoically the whole show watching on.

Trios match

- Drago & Bengala & Famous B vs. Cage & Cortez Castro & Cisco

Drago & Bengala & Famous B win when Drago pinned Castro. Cage then turned on Castro and Cisco and played to the crowd.

Fenix vs. King Cuerno for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Cuerno pinned Fenix with a package piledriver. Good Match. 

Ivelisse vs. Angelico vs. Son of Havok for shot at the Lucha Underground title

Ivelisse pinned Angelico with roll up.

- Muertes left his perch and a match quickly commenced between him and Ivelisse. Angelico and Son of Havoc are cheering her on and The Disciples clean house and leave Mil Muertes to demolish Ivelisse.  There was an armbar spot that put Mil in danger but Mil recovered and shortly afterwards pins her. Katrina comes in to do her lick spot but does not do it; she then commands Mil to finish the job.  He is about to kill Ivelisse when Prince Puma runs in, grabs her and runs off. As Puma is talking crap to Mil, Pentagon Jr runs out to a huge pop, does a lung blower, sets up the arm break spot, and “breaks” Muertes' arm. Pentagon was super over.

Day Twp --

Killshot vs. Johnny Mundo

Great match.  Mundo nutshot followed by the end of world moonsault.  There were two ref bumps prior to the finish.

Mundo cut a promo about Alberto El Patron not coming back after the beating he gave him at Ultima Lucha and how he had the best match at Ultima Lucha and deserves a shot at the title. Cage interrupted him and talked about his match and how it was better and how he wants a chance at Mil Muertes. They shoot barbs back and forth and Johhny plays to the crowd. He was a heel so the crowd renamed him Johnny Puto.

Mack vs. PJ Black

This was PJ'd debut.  Good all-around match although PJ botched one spot as he slipped on the rope. Mack wins with the RKO out of nowhere. 

Handicap Match: Disciples of Death vs. Pentagon and Puma

Pentagon pinned Purple Disciple after Puma lands a his 450 splash Pentagon and Puma didn’t get along, after the match they teased Pentagon breaking Puma's arm but it didn’t happen.