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Lucha Underground TV season 2 taping results: Aztec Warfare match


Submitted anonymously

Show 1 -- 

Show started with a 4 way match between Cortez Castro, Mr Cisco, Kill Shot and Joey Ryan. I am not sure if Joey was at an earlier taping or if this was his debut. Crowd popped biggest for Joey in this match. 

Before the match Catrina came out of her office and announced that the winner of this match would win a spot in the Aztec Warfare match. I'm not certain if this match was for a separate episode or not.

Good match overall. Lasted under 10 minutes. Kill Shot in particular looked very good in this match. The two members of the Crew (Cortez and Cisco) at two points in the match got into each other's faces and argued when they each broke up a pin attempt being made by the other. In the end Kill Shot hit a double foot stomp on Cortez and stumbled afterwards and before he could gain his balance and turn around for the pin Joey Ryan snuck in to get the pin and win an opportunity for the Aztec Warfare match. 

AZTEC WARFARE match after this. Before the match Vampiro came into the ring and let the audience know that Catrina had set up this match since Fenix had won the Lucha Underground title. He would enter #1 and then Mil Muertes would enter in at #20, last in the 20 man match. 

So Fenix came out for a big pop. And then Melissa Santos announced the next participant. She said they are from San Diego, CA and the crowd started the stir and after a moment she announced Rey Mysterio came out at 2.Huge pop. Probably the biggest pop of the night. This Aztec Warfare match lasted anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. I don't think I could name every spot because at times there was multiple things going on at once. It was a bit hard to keep track of everything. 

Notable Spots:

 - REY Mysterio ended up hitting a 619 and then a frog splash on the #4 or 5th entrant Argenis very early on. After hitting the frog splash there was a lot of Eddie chants. 

  - Fun Spot - Jack Evans came out while three faces (Mysterio, Puma and Fenix) were stomping on King Cuerno. Evans called for them but neither looked at him. Then he spring boarded and they moved out of the way so he landed his splash right on the mat. Then the three faces all stomped on him which led to Mundo trying to join in on the stomping and the faces all looked at him and started hitting him. 

 - Another fun spot - Joey Ryan came out and handcuffed himself to a side gate and announced that he was going to stay there and win the match since no one could pin him as he was handcuffed to the railing(more on this later)

- PJ Black made an appearance late in the match. I couldn't see much of his out of the ring action from where I was standing. However later in the match he ended up being pinned by Texano JR

- When Brian Cage entered he ended up fighting with Mundo on the outside. Mundo threw him into the office window and then much later into the match Cage then attacked Mundo and threw Mundo back in for him to get pinned by Prince Puma. Later on in the match Mundo came back and knocked out Cage by hitting him and smashing a cinder block on his head which led to Cage being pinned. 

- Finally Mil Muertes came out with still around 6-9 people still left in the match. As he was down the steps Pentagon JR came out from behind with a chair. Pentagon hit Muertes several times with a chair and then threw him in the ring for Mysterio to hit a splash on him and REY and then Puma on top of Rey to pin Muertes and get him out.

- Muertes after a minute to recover from this was furious and chased off Pentagon. Catrina then started to yell and then slap Vampiro for mentoring Pentagon JR. And then out came Dario Cueto to a huge pop. He said that he was the boss and this was his temple. He announced that there is one more participant in this 20 man match. It was his brother Matanza. 

Note on Matanza's appearance he was about the same height as Pentagon JR. He had on a leather mask with a black skull cap underneath. The mask looked like a mix from something out of an insane asylum with it covering his mouth leaving little thin lines for air and it wrapped around his head not fully covering his head so it showed his black skull cap. Kind of looked like the Jason X mask but it was leather and wasn't exactly the same as that mask. Just reminded me of that mask is all. Matanza was wearing for an outfit a garbage collector outfit. Similar to a Wyatt family outfit that Daniel Bryan and Rowan wear. Except Matanza's was a dirty grey one that also had blood. His mask also had spots of dried blood on it. 

Anyway the match ended after Matanza took out several people. He took out Texano JR. He took out Chavo after Chavo tried to get him to attack some of the faces. Matanza took out Aerostar as well with a german suplex bridged into a pin. One of the very first people Matanza took out was the Lucha Underground champ Fenix. It was a little anticlimatic when he pinned him. Audience was certainly stunned. He pinned Fenix with a powerslam as his finish. Matanza sold very little. No sold a stunner from Mack and then pinned him after with the German Suplex into a pin. Came after Joey Ryan and smashed him against the gate and then broke the handcuffs and destroyed him in the ring. After he took out all those people all was left was Rey and Puma.

Puma and Rey double teamed Matanza. Eventually he threw Rey out of the ring and then took out Puma. Rey put up a bit of a fit after a long stare down. Matanza caught Rey's legs when he attempted a 619. Slammed Rey down. Rey kicked out. Rey hit another 619. Matanza kicked out at 1 i believe. Matanza then beat down Rey and won the Lucha Underground title. 

Notes on Matanza. He was as I said about the height of Pentagon Jr. He was a strong man. He was also very agile. He did a standing shooting star press at one point which was impressive.

Show 2 -- 

So this next taping started with a promo by Cueto. He announced that they needed to figure out a number 1 contender for his brother's title.  He also announced that there would be a new tournament for the number 1 contender for the Trios title. And then Pentagon JR came out. I don't speak much spanish but I understood that Pentagon wanted to know why he wasn't in the Aztec Warfare match. Cueto said he wasn't championship material which the crowd booed. Pentagon was super over by the way. Pentagon then said he wanted a match with Cueto's brother for the title tonight. After Cueto said no he then had him in position to break his arm as he did last season many times. Cueto eventually said yes to the match before Pentagon could break his arm.

Then came out Sexy Star accompanied by Mack. She faced Cheerleader Melissa( I belive it was her. Not 100% but I do think it was her in the mask) she was accompanied by Marty the Moth. I didn't catch the name they announced for Melissa. Cheerleader Melissa won in a short match. 

Then there was a trios elimination match for the Trios title. Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc (champs) beat the Disciples of Death. Very good and entertaining match. Ivelisse was the first to get pinned. One DoD then got pinned by Angelico. Some awesome spots in this match. No jumping off rooftops or anything but it was a good match. Angelico got pinned next setting up a 2 on 1. Havoc got a pin on one DoD and was about to get another before Catrina knocked him off the top rope. Ivelisse came out and superkicked Catrina and allowed Havoc to retain the Trios titles. 

There was a tag team match for the second episode they taped. It was a tag team match with Mundo and he had a female partner. I didn't catch her name. She was a blonde with pink at the tips of her hair. They faced off against the Crew (Cortez and Mr Cisco). They had a short match. Mundo and his partner were mainly playing heels. They worked Cisco for most of the match until Cortez picked up the hot tag. Cage came out and Mundo tagged himself out and stayed on the opposite side of the ring. Cage stood on right outside of the ropes and Mundo was too scared to break up a pin and so the Crew picked up the win. Mundo ran off with his partner before Cage could attack. This match came after the Cueto promo. Then came the Trios title match and then the Sexy star match and ended with the Pentagon match. 

Main Event: Pentagon JR vs Matanza. This was basically an extended squash. Crowd was super into Pentagon. He was really over. Pentagon kicked the hell out of Matanza but Matanza sold very little. He threw Pentagon outside slammed him into the ring post on right on Pentagon's back and threw him into the crowd's chairs two different times. He then slammed Pentagon into the gate railing. Pentagon was selling a back problem. Pentagon got a little offense in. Got to hit Matanza with a back breaker but Matanza no sold it. Matanza ended up pinning Pentagon after the powerslam. Vampiro ran in to check on Pentagon and threw up the X sign to get him help. He yelled for an ambulance. Matanza knocked out Vampiro and continued his attack on Pentagon and eventually slammed him throw the announce table. Matanza left to loud boos with Cueto at his side. Pentagon left on a stretcher. The show ended with loud chants by the crowd chanting Cero Miedo. Stryker was seen in shock and held up his microphone so the tv audience could hear the chanting for Pentagon after he left on the stretcher.