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Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Dos pt. 2 results


We see the vignette debut for Night Claw and get a brief history video for King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes. Striker and Vampiro hype up the death match main event, and the seven-man Gift of the Gods title match starts the show. 

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Daga vs. Night Claw vs. Sinestro De La Muerte vs. Mariposa vs. Marty the Moth vs. Sexy Star vs. Killshot - Gift of the Gods Elimination Match

Killshot brawls with Marty on the floor while Sexy Star takes out Mariposa. Kobra Moon stalks Daga from Dario Cueto's office. Night Claw hits a big dropkick and Daga gets a two-count off a cradle.

Sinestro hits AJ's quebrada reverse DDT but lifts Night Claw up. Marty hits a cutter on Night Claw. Night Claw hits a PK on Daga and hits a C4 on Sinestro to eliminate him.

Night Claw slides to the floor and eats a flip dive by Daga. Sexy Star tosses Mariposa onto the pile and hits a corkscrew dive off the top to the floor. Twisting dive by Killshot before Marty hits a giant Deadman Dive to the floor.

Daga armbars Marty but gets Backlund lifted into the buckles. Daga hits a tornado DDT into a guillotine choke before Night Claw nixes that and brawls with Daga.

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Night Claw takes Daga up for a super frankensteiner with both guys up top, then takes him out with a flying kneedrop to the face off the top. Night Claw and Killshot chop away at each other. Mariposa and Sexy Star brawl. Night Claw goes up top on the office and moonsaults onto the pile.

Marty gets sent into the buckle and hit with a sick kick before Mariposa eats a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Cutter hits Marty, and Night Claw lands a super rana and then a kneeling superkick for two on Killshot.

Killshot hits the One Winged Angel on Night Claw to take him out. 

Killshot and Marty brawl while Sexy Star and Mariposa fight. Killshot launches Sexy Star ass-first into the Martinez siblings. Mariposa gets a close near fall off a sunset flip powerbomb on Killshot. Marty curb stomps Killshot before Mariposa beats Killshot with the vertebreaker.

Sexy Star is now in a makeshift handicap match against Marty and Mariposa. Sexy Star gets mockingly kicked around by them before she hits a Tower of London on them. Sexy Star locks Marty in a Fujiawara armbar before his sister saves him.

Mariposa holds Sexy Star, but Marty takes too long to punch her and she ducks, so Mariposa gets punched and eliminated.

A "Kill the Moth" chant breaks out and Sexy Star chops the daylights out of him. She locks on an Octopus hold, but he recovers and hits a sideslam. A fan yells at Sexy Star to "kick him in the dick!" 

She would, but he punches her and gets two off the same punch that took Mariposa out. Sexy Star locks on the cross armbreaker and he taps, so she becomes the first female singles champion in the company's history. 

After a break, we see officers Neehan and Reyes set up Francisco with a wire. If he gets evidence, he'll be cleared of all charges. Striker says that next week's show will be the two-hour Ultima Lucha finale. Next week's card is run down.

The death match is up next, with King Cuerno coming out first while Striker talks about there already being one death match in LU history that almost ended someone's career. Mil Muertes comes down to a huge ovation.

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Mil Muertes vs. King Cuerno - Death Match

A slugfest starts things off before Muertes picks Cuerno up and tosses him around like a ragdoll. Cuerno hits a running dropkick that doesn't even phase him. Muertes bullies him into the corner before punching him. He eats a backdrop and a high kick on the apron before being sent to the floor for the Arrow of Death. It hits and sends Mil right into a stack of chairs.

The fans chant for one more, but Muertes punches him to stop that. Muertes hits a TKO on the floor and throws him into a trash can. Muertes tells fans to leave, they do, and he chucks Cuerno into chairs before they fight up to the stands.

They slug it out, but Muertes eats a big forearm smash sending him back to ringside.

They fight up a flight of steps to the musical guest area. Muertes beats Cuerno up with a mic stand before grabbing the mic, teasing a song, and beating him with the mic. Cuerno hangs off the stage and gets booted to the floor.

Muertes grabs a table and then grabs a ladder to hit his opponent in the face. Muertes grabs the thick wooden steps, sits him on them, and punches Cuerno out. He charges, but Cuerno moves and he eats the steps.

Cuerno hits him a few times with a trash can and Vampiro says this is like a near-death experience for them, something that he says he's had 10 of.

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Cuerno is beaten by Muertes, who goes up top and eats a chop. A super rana hits and Cuerno sends Muertes to the floor with a clothesline. Muertes punches him hard and they fight up the steps where Striker says it's like a stairway to hell.

Muertes' head is put through a window, but he recovers and tosses Cuerno's head through another window before tossing him down the steps. After Cuerno goes for a pin, Muertes lifts him for a powerbomb and gets a rana. A kickoff DDT hits for Cuerno. 

Cuerno tries to put Muertes to sleep with a rear naked choke, but he recovers and slugs him. They get into a Frye-Takayama exchange before sending each other to the floor. Muertes goes to spear him into the ladder but gets backdropped onto it instead.

Cuerno grabs Catrina, but Muertes recovers and puts him through a table with a leaping spear. Muertes powerbombs him through another table, then another, and then a third table. Muertes grabs a crowbar and slugs him with it before winning with a tombstone piledriver, which is a far better finish for him than a few flatliner variants.

Catrina gives him the lick of death before the medics come to take Cuerno away. We get a hype video for next week showing Pentagon tossing Vampiro through a flaming table and Striker asks Vampiro how he feels about Pentagon's chances as his master. Vampiro grabs the pills and throws them away so he can train his student. 

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Mr. Cisco talks to Dario Cueto and asks if he needs anything. He says no and Cisco says hey, we used to be boys and he's a loyal soldier. Cueto tells him he's nervous and asks if he's wearing a wire. Cisco is forced to unbutton his shirt and the wire is discovered.

Cueto asks if he's wanted for murder and Cisco says no, so Cueto says "he is now" and bludgeons him to death with the bull statue.

Cueto gets on his bright red Batphone to either alert Commissioner Gordon, tell Mike Tenay and Don West that Kurt Angle is facing Samoa Joe, or call for backup against the cops. Probably the latter unless he also has access to a time machine on loan from Aerostar the Spaceman.

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