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Matanza slices arm open at Saturday's Lucha Underground tapings


At the latest set of tapings for Lucha Underground Saturday, a main event deathmatch between Matanza and Dragon Azteca ended abruptly after Matanza legit sliced open his arm after doing a spot where he put his fist through a window.

After a long delay, the match couldn't go on, and officials sent Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) and PJ Black out to work the crowd.

One of the guys said, "Good news and bad news. The bad news is Matanza's arm is f*cked! The good news? It's a full Mundo!" They two then mooned the crowd. That brought out Rey Mysterio Jr. and Dragon Azteca from the back who hit both guys with the 619, and then gave a babyface promo for the crowd. 

The crowd was held inside while medical officials on site took care of things. 

Jeff Cobb, who plays the Matanza character, is currently in the hospital waiting for an update from the doctor.

If we get futher updates on Matanza's condition, this story will be updated and will be discussed on tonight's Wrestling Observer Radio.