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Maximo reportedly in stable condition after suffering heart attack


Jose Christian Alvarado Ruiz, best known as Maximo, a former CMLL world heavyweight champion and star exotico, reportedly suffered a heart attack earlier today.

Alvarado, 39, the son of the legendary Super Porky, Brazo de Plata (Jose Alvarado Nieves), was admitted to a private hospital early today. The reports are that he has recovered and is in stable condition, while still under observation. He will remain in the hospital resting for at least 24 hours.

Super Luchas reported the story earlier today.

Alvarado started wrestling in 2000 and became a regular with CMLL three years later. He became a star as the exotico Maximo, wearing a toga type outfit in pink.

Maximo's career hit its peak in 2015 when he defeated El Terrible to win the CMLL heavyweight title. But in 2017, footage was shown of a number of members of the Alvarado family destroying Ultimo Guerrero's car at the private Arena Mexico parking lot. CMLL fired Maximo and stripped him of his title.

He wrestled for The Crash first, but moved to AAA as Maximo Sexy in 2018. Even with his past popularity and star power, he was not figured strongly into the AAA booking of late.