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Second Mistico leaves CMLL, Caristico gets name back


The second Mistico has left CMLL.

His departure was reported this afternoon by Mas Lucha. Shortly after the news broke out, CMLL announced that the original Mistico, who had been going by the name Caristico, would get the name back. The second Mistico is the brother of Rush and Dragon Lee, and the son of Bestia del Ring, all who work for Ring of Honor. Both Rush and Lee congratulated the second Mistico on Twitter after news broke that he had left.

Mistico and Caristico were the CMLL World Tag Team Champions. The titles have now been vacated.

Mistico was given the name and character in 2012 after the original Mistico (Caristico) left for WWE. He previously worked as Dragon Lee, a character that was later given to his younger brother when he entered professional wrestling in 2013. When the original Mistico returned to CMLL in 2015, he took the name Caristico.

Several wrestlers have left CMLL due to issues within the company politically. Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sanson, El Cuatrero, and Forastero) left CMLL earlier this month and appeared at Lucha Libre AAA’s Triplemania event five days later, joining forces with Sam Adonis, Puma King, and Diamante Azul, who also previously wrestled for CMLL in the past.