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Semifinals set for AAA's Ruleta de la Muerte tournament

Four luchadores advanced to the semifinals after losing tonight at Triplemania.

Four luchadores have advanced to the next stage of the Ruleta de la Muerte tournament at tonight’s Triplemania event in Monterrey.

Pentagon Jr., Villano IV, Blue Demon Jr., and Psycho Clown all lost their respective matches tonight at Triplemania. As a result, they advance to the semifinals of the tournament that will take place on the second Triplemania on June 18 in Tijuana. At the end of tonight’s Triplemania event, it was confirmed that Pentagon Jr. will face Blue Demon Jr. in the semifinals, while Psycho Clown will face Villano IV.

The rules of the tournament mean that whoever loses will continue to advance in the tournament. The two that lose on June 18 will advance to the finals on the October 15 Triplemania event in Mexico City. The luchador who loses in the finals will lose their mask.

Pentagon Jr. lost to Ultimo Dragon in the opening match of tonight’s show. Villano IV lost to LA Park, while Blue Demon Jr. lost to Rayo de Jalisco Jr. after interference from Cien Caras and NGD (Cuartero, Forastero, and Sanson). In the final tournament match of the night, Psycho Clown lost to Canek after Dr. Wagner Jr. attacked Psycho Clown with a baseball bat.