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Silver King passes away after collapsing during match


César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón, best known in the wrestling world as Silver King, passed away today during the course of a match in London, England at the age of 51.

thecubsfan on Twitter has confirmed that he has passed away. At this point, it is unclear what the cause of death is.

He was wrestling Juventud Guerrera for the Lucha Libre World promotion’s “The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre” event at the Roundhouse. King hit Juventud with a flying clothesline during the match then went for a cover. Juventud kicked out, but it appeared after this that King was struggling to move. Juventud kicked Silver King in the collarbone then went for a cover, but King was unresponsive as Guerrera tried to roll him over. The referee, Black Terry, paused before he hit his hand the third time, but eventually did make the three count, ending the match.

According to those in the arena, the rest of the show was cancelled.

Silver King, son of Dr. Wagner, started wrestling in November of 1985. After losing his mask a few years later, he began teaming with El Texano and together they were known as Los Cowboys. During the course of his career, he wrestled for UWA, CMLL and AAA among other promotions in Mexico.

King may be best known in the United States for his appearances in WCW, joining the promotion in 1997. He mainly worked with other luchadores in six man tag matches, though he also was a part of WCW cruiserweight division.

He continued to wrestle in Mexico after his release from WCW in 2000 and also wrestled in Japan as the third iteration of the Black Tiger persona for New Japan Pro Wrestling.