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Sin Cara announces name change to Cinta de Oro


After returning to Lucha Libre AAA using his WWE name and mask, Sin Cara (Jorge Arias) has announced a name change.

On his Twitter and Instagram accounts last night, Sin Cara revealed that his new in-ring name is Cinta de Oro. Lucha Blog notes that Sin Cara had been wearing a gold ribbon on his mask to honor the original Cinta de Oro: "WWE's Sin Cara today announced he was going to switch his name to Cinta de Oro. That's the name of a Ciudad Juarez legend who trained him; he's been wearing a gold ribbon on his mask as a way to honor him the last few years."

The original Cinta de Oro passed away in 2016. Sin Cara posted a picture that looks to show Cinta de Oro's sons giving their approval for him to use the name.

Sin Cara publicly announced on November 11 that he had requested his release from WWE. He had the request granted earlier this month, with WWE announcing on December 8 that Sin Cara, Luke Harper, and The Ascension had been released.

Sin Cara appeared for AAA at Guerra de Titanes over the weekend. Video of the segment is available to watch below: