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UFC's Cain Velasquez in Mexico City for Triplemania press conference


What was hinted about recently in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter may be announced Tuesday as former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is in Mexico City for the Triplemania press conference.

As part of an angle, the 36-year-old casually made a remark about Lucha Libre not being real which led to AAA stars like La Parka and Psycho Clown wanting to show him how real it is.

Velasquez spent one week training at the WWE Performance Center last year and is a lifelong fan, as is training partner and UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. Velasquez is under a UFC contract, so the organization would have to agree to allow him to do the show. They have been hit-and-miss over the years about allowing their fighters to do pro wrestling, but seem to have relaxed that in recent years.

Velasquez was the company's flagship fighter in Mexico when it first expanded into Mexico City. Unfortunately due to injuries, and a loss to Fabricio Werdum due to miscalculating the affect the altitude would have on his legendary cardio, he never fully reached his potential in that market. But, he is still the biggest MMA name in the country.

Triplemania takes place on August 3rd at Arena Ciudad in Mexico City and is considered one of the two biggest pro wrestling events of the year in Mexico, along with the CMLL anniversary show that traditionally takes place in September. This year's show is headlined by Dr. Wagner Jr. putting up his hair against the mask of Blue Demon Jr.