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MLW Fusion Christmas Day Special results: PCO vs. Brody King

MLW Fusion

Quick recap:

  • PCO defeated Brody King in a no DQ match 
  • Myron Reed defeated Ace Austin
  • Puma King defeated MJF in a flag match


Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to a special Christmas Day edition of MLW Fusion. We immediately cut backstage to PCO where he reminds us all that he is not human, that Brody King is going to feel the electricity, that King is going to suffer, and that PCO is going to make his life hell.

PCO defeated Brody King in a no disqualification match (9:47)

This was a wild brawl. PCO put his body on the line with some crazy and risk high flying manuevers to pick up the win. 

There was no messing around at the start of this match as it took PCO less than 30 seconds to launch himself through the ropes with a suicide dive onto King on the outside. The brawling continued on the outside as they exchanged chops and attacks around the guardrail. Brody used a chair to gain the upper hand as they made their way up the ramp but PCO soon fought his way back with a DDT on the floor and a hangman slingshot to the underside of the guard rail.

PCO then set up King on a table and made his way up the steps through the crowd. He appeared at a the top of a balcony as the “please don’t die” chants were heard from the crowd. PCO then jumped from the balcony with a senton bomb from what must be at least 15 foot in the air. King moved from the table at the last second and PCO crashed to the floor, only barely clipping the table on the way down so his back and hip took the brunt of the impact on the concrete floor.

That didn’t slow “Frankenstein” down for too long though as they both slowly made their way back to the ring where King brought a guardrail in with him. PCO eventually ended up taking a back drop into the rail as it was set up in the corner. Both fighters made their way to the top rope where King got knocked off. There was some confusion between the referee and King as PCO set up for a moonsault. The referee ended up on the mat as PCO dove off with his moonsault and landed on the referee instead of King.

He then automatically tried to pin the ref as King took advantage of the confusion and dragged PCO off and hit him with a piledriver. A second referee appeared but King was only able to get a two count. King, frustrated, then brought multiple steel chairs into the ring and set them up facing each other to form a makeshift table. PCO fought back though and ended up chokeslamming King onto the chairs to pick up the win. 

-- We cut backstage with Kaci Lennox and MJF. She asks him why he challenged Puma King to a flag match. MJF said that hard working American jobs are being sold away by luchadores. He is sick of it and once he is done with Puma King, the phrase “skinning the cat” will be taken litteraly. 

Myron Reed defeated Ace Austin (7:13)

This was a highly athletic match between two top prospects in the middleweight division that saw Reed getting the win.

A test of strength double downs with duelling bridges started us off. There were some nice exchanges with close near falls which showed off both guys' athleticism. Austin took the early advantage with some high kicks, a running knee, and a springboard spinning kick to the head. Austin then followed up with a big Fosberry Flop to the outside. Back inside, Austin tried to continue the assault from the top rope but Reed was able to shove him off to the guardrail on the outside. This gave Reed the opportunity to get back into the match, and boy, did he take it. He ran from corner to corner, launched himself over the ring post, and hit Austin with a huge suicide senton.

Reed kept on the advantage in the ring with two cutters, the second being a springboard version from the middle rope, which got a two count. Austin stayed in the match though and after a quick exchange on the ring apron, he hit a springboard twisting leg drop from the top rope to the back of Reed’s head for another two count. Reed came back again though and went for another springboard cutter, but Austin was able to catch him and roll through into a victory roll, but Reed reversed that too for another close two count. 

Austin then had Reed up for a suplex but ended up on the receiving end of another cutter after a smooth reversal from Reed in mid air. The finish came when Austin launched himself into the ring and went for another modified reverse victory roll but Reed caught him, sat down on the pinning attempt and picked up the flash three count for the win. 

Puma King (w/Konnan) defeated MJF (w/Aria Blake) in a flag match (7:19)

This was a fun match to finish up the Christmas day edition of MLW Fusion. The winner would be the first man to capture their country's flag. MJF was accompanied by Aria Blake and took the mic before the match got started. He insulted the crowd saying they couldn’t speak English and said tonight was about America vs Mexico. Puma King, who was accompanied by Konnan, interrupted him by making his entrance to the ring. 

Both fighters tried to get their flag early on which brought Konnan into the action. We were told there were no disqualifications so the interference from Konnan was legal. MJF hit a big Fosberry Flop to the outside early on, but King replied soon after with a middle rope springboard cross body to the floor. The action stayed on the outside where they brawled with chops and whips into the guard rail. King backdropped MJF into the crowd and followed up with a senton dive. 

Back in the ring, King was distracted by Blake which gave MJF the chance to take the advantage. After a MJF chin lock, King came back into the match with a kick to the back of MJF’s head. They made their way to the corner where MJF tied up King in the tree of woe but King powered up and headscissored MJF off the top rope. King tried to follow up from the top rope but MJF pushed the ref into the ropes which crotched King on the top.

MJF went up to meet King but ate a power bomb from the top rope for his troubles. King then went to the opposite corner and captured his flag for the win, not before planting a kiss on Blake as she tried to stop him from obtaining the Mexican flag.