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Lio Rush wins MLW Middleweight title at Kings of Colosseum


In his debut match for MLW, Lio Rush became a champion.

Rush won the MLW Middleweight Championship by defeating Myron Reed at Kings of Colosseum. The event aired on YouTube and other platforms on Wednesday night.

Reed hit an inside-out cutter to the floor near the end of the match, but Rush moved out of the way of a springboard 450 splash back in the ring. Rush then hit a bounce-back stunner and a top rope frog splash to win the Middleweight Championship.

Prior to losing the title, Reed had been Middleweight Champion since November 2019.

Rush cut a post-match promo after facing Reed and said that not only is he a musician, the hottest free agent in the world, and someone who owns more things than your entire life is worth -- he's now the Middleweight Champion of MLW and there's nothing anyone in the company can do about it.

Later in the show, Reed cut a promo and said he'll do anything it takes to get the Middleweight Championship back. Reed and Jordan Oliver were then attacked by CONTRA Unit's Jacob Fatu, Simon Gotch, and Daivari.

Rush also took part in NJPW's Super J-Cup last month, losing to tournament winner El Phantasmo in the first round.