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MLW Fusion results: Austin Aries vs. Brian Pillman Jr.


Main takeaways

  • Austin Aries defeated Brian Pillman Jr. and then called out Teddy Hart which led to a brawl, seemingly leading to a match at Saturday Night Superfight. 
  • LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park defeated Septimo Dragon and Magnus in a great tag team match. 
  • Dominic Garrini made short work of Ariel Dominguez in his debut. 

Full review

Los Parks (LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park) w/Salina de la Renta defeated Magnus and Septimo Dragon

We opened this week’s episode of Fusion with a Mexican Lucha Rules tag team match: no tags needed when a partner leaves the ring, no disqualification and non-stop action. Magnus and Dragon had a great outing and matched up to Los Parks well. But it was the Parks that took the victory after some outside interference from Salina de la Renta.

Quite out of character, the Parks offered their opponents a handshake at the start of the match, but they quickly resumed normal procedure when they blindsided them with a pair of chops. From there, the action was non-stop. They spilled to the outside. Around ringside and inside the ring, Los Parks used chairs and their belts on Magnus and Dragon. 

After controlling the early exchanges, LA was sent to the outside after a head scissors by Magnus, who followed up on both Parks with a slingshot corkscrew crossbody. Dragon then hit an Asai moonsault to the floor too. LA ended up crotched on the top rope and Hijo was hit with a Spanish Fly from Septimo Dragon. Magnus then followed with a Senton from the top, too. 

Hijo then hit Dragon with an assisted Spanish Fly from the top rope then LA speared Magnus but amazingly both Magnus and Dragon kicked out at two. Moments later, Los Parks hit duelling crossbodies into the crowd from opposite corners of the ring. LA is 53 years old and still pulling off these aerial moves...incredible! 

Back inside the ring, Dragon broke up a pin attempt with a double foot stomp, so Hijo came in and had a forearm exchange with him. Dragon got the better of it but Hijo caught him coming off the ropes with a dropkick to the face. Hijo followed up with a double knee facebreaker. 

Dragon hit Hijo with a GTS and then a soccer kick to the head, but Hijo popped up and hit a swift, smooth and quick Canadian/Mexican destroyer. The crowd gave a little “holy Sh*t” chant for the quickness of the move. 

LA and Magnus were back in next. LA missed a spear in the corner and collided head first with the ring post, but de la Renta pulled the ref out before he could count the three on LA. Hijo then hit a Back Stabber on Dragon for a near fall and took him out with a suicide dive moments later. 

Magnus and LA ended up in the corner. The referee tried to pull Magnus off after a barrage of right hands, but it ended up with both he and Magnus on the mat. LA climbed the ropes and leaped off, Magnus moved, and LA squashed the referee. De la Renta then got involved and kicked Magnus low and LA rolled him up for the win. 

As Los Parks were celebrating, a CONTRA propaganda video aired that had Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael tell LA Park that November 2nd will be the day of the dead of LA Park, and of course, "All hail CONTRA."

-- Rich Bocchini told us that Austin Aries had been fined $10,000 for his attack on Teddy Hart last week. But Hart had his own personal doctors clear him to attend tonight’s show.

-- The MLW cameras caught up with the Von Erich brothers. They said if the Dynasty wanted to insult them and the state of Texas, they wanted to challenge them to a match next week in Mexico. 

-- Bocchini then caught up with The Dynasty and asked them for a response. MJF and Richard Holliday told him that basically, their contracts wouldn’t allow them to compete in Mexico, so any match with the Von Erichs is off. 

-- “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs Timothy Thatcher and Alexander Hammerstone defending his National Openweight title against Davey Boy Smith Jr. are officially booked for the MLW Saturday Night Superfight PPV on November 2nd. 

Dominic Garrini defeated Ariel Dominguez

This was a a strong start for Garrini in MLW. For those not familiar with him, he is a straight shooting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi wearing submission machine. MLW also gave him a Street Fighter style opening video and song. This was a short and sweet match. They chain wrestled for a minute or so but Garrini was always in control. He gave Dominguez a hip toss and a deadlift overhead throw. Dominguez hit him with a fireman’s carry takeover but Garrini swiftly rolled through, took him down and locked in an armbar for the win. 

After the match, Kaci Lennox interview Garrini where he called out Lawlor and Thatcher. 

-- Cameras caught up Lawlor who told us that if Thatcher wants to call him out, then he will make sure that his missing tooth won’t be the only one missing after he is finished with him.

-- We were shown pictures of Mance Warner after his match with Jimmy Havoc and told he suffered a collapsed lung. A video package then played for Havoc and his “slaughterhouse” on October 19th.  

-- A Gino Medina hype video aired for his upcoming debut. It said the next generation of greatness is coming, and the world will be his "el intocable". They call him “The Untouchable”. 

-- Injustice (Kotto Brazil, Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed) had a promo calling out MLW officials for their handling of last week’s match. They complained that Brazil was pinned even though he wasn’t the legal man. Oliver said it didn’t matter what happened, because in the end, they were going to get their justice.  

Austin Aries defeated Brian Pillman Jr. 

This was a good main event here to continue the Aries vs. Teddy Hart feud. Pillman tried his best, but the experience of Aries rang out in the end. Aries tried and tried to hit the Brainbuster on the apron, the same move he injured Hart with last week. He eventually did, albeit inside the ring, but picked up the win nonetheless. Pillman started strong. He ate a slap from Aries but begged for another then turned it round on and rubbed a spit filled hand back in Aries’ face. 

Pillman chopped Aries in and out of the ring and hit an axe handle to the floor, but was soon cut off when Aries knocked him to the floor after an attempted springboard clothesline. 

Aries then torpedoed him with a suicide dive and a missile dropkick. He later tried to brainbuster Pillman on the apron but was blocked. 

Pillman fired back with a snap suplex but Aries kicked out by slapping Pillman’s ears. Pillman then went for his swinging neckbreaker finisher but Aries reversed it into a northern lights suplex for a two count and transitioned into the Last Chancery submission, but Pillman got to the ropes in time. 

Aries tried another brainbuster on the apron but Pillman blocked it once more. He hit a superkick and went for a suicide dive but Aries cut him off with a European uppercut. Aries fired up himself and hit a running dropkick in the corner, followed by his own brainbuster for the 1, 2, 3. 

After the match, Aries got on the mic and called out Teddy Hart, who obliged and made his way out against MLW doctor’s orders. They brawled to end the episode with Tony Schiavone begging officials to make the match official for MLW Saturday Night Superfight.