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MLW Fusion results: Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Timothy Thatcher


The Big Takeaways --

  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. submitted Timothy Thatcher in Thatcher's first MLW appearance and then challenged Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone.
  • Contra Unit accepted Tom Lawlor's challenge to a War Chamber (War Games) match and debuted a new member who took out Marshall Von Erich.

Full Recap --

Low Ki defeated Jimmy Yuta by referee stoppage due to knockout (:31)

After a quick recap video of last week's action, we opened with another quick Low Ki squash. Yuta hoped to last longer than his predecessors but ultimately succumbed to a very familiar KO outcome via a Low Ki big boot.

Replays showed Ki's big boot was more of a soccer kick and as his boot was still rising, the instep connected with Yuta's jaw and knocked him right out.

- Contra Unit's propaganda video this week was them accepting Tom Lawlor and the Von Erich brothers' challenge to a War Chamber match, but said it would be four-on-four, meaning both sides have one spot to fill.

- We were shown a confrontation between Konnan and Salina de la Renta from earlier in the day. Jimmy Havoc accompanied de la Renta and was not too happy when Konnan made her agree to book him vs. LA Park at a later date. Konnan is in possession of de la Renta's phone and is blackmailing her to comply to his demands or he will let her secrets out.

- Dynasty debuted their new segment: "Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic." This week, they were at a Porsche dealership waiting on their new purchase. They laughed and joked about Teddy Hart failing the wellness policy and therefore the Hart Foundation would not be able to cash in their rematch clause for the Tag Team titles.

Marshall and Ross Von Erich defeated The Spirit Squad (Kenn Doane & Mike Mondo) (1:56)

Doane got on the mic and said all the New York sports teams suck and that they were not here because of their last names. They issued an open challenge that was accepted by the Von Erich brothers.

The brothers came out guns blazing and beat down the Spirit Squad with fists and a pair of double dropkicks. As well as their entrance music, their dominance continued throughout including a gigantic moonsault from Marshall and a claw assisted back suplex from Ross. Marshall picked up the win after pinning Doane following the suplex.

Josef Samael and Simon Gotch from Contra Unit attacked the Von Erichs after the bell. They brawled briefly before Contra were joined by a masked assailant, who unmasked and spat mist into Marshall's eyes. EMTs and officials entered the ring to help Marshall, but Contra put the boots to them as well. They eventually left as we saw Marshall was bleeding from the eyes.

Gringo Loco defeated Zenshi (3:55)

This was a bonus due to the two short matches on the show.

We got a very athletic opening from both as cartwheels, headscissors, and backflips filled the opening minutes. Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver were seen in the crowd calling for “justice”. Back at ringside, Zenshi hit a nice handstand hurricanrana from the apron to the outside. He then hit a slingshot corkscrew senton back into the ring for a close two count.

Zenshi hit a 450 from the bottom rope for another near fall. But he went to the well once too often as Loco caught him after a handspring and planted him with a tombstone piledriver to pick up the win.

- Kaci Lennox was backstage with Davey Boy Smith Jr. He didn't want to talk about the rumored relationship between his sister, Georgia, and Alexander Hammerstone. He did want to talk about his opponent tonight: Timothy Thatcher. He said they have trained together and knows how tough he is, but when he locks him in a submission, there will be no escape.

Lennox didn't let up about the Georgia/Hammerstone issue possibly causing a distraction, but Smith didn't get to answer as Brian Pillman Jr. barged in saying “Girls will be girls...and boys will be boys” before walking off with Lennox.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Timothy Thatcher by submission (14:46)

A scientific master class that turned into a strong style battle was our main event this week. Smith had an early hammerlock, using his legs instead of his arms -- but Thatcher then applied a standing heel hook while Smith was lying on his back. Thatcher focused on Smith's legs during the early exchange of holds.

Thatcher tried to keep Smith on the mat as much as he could and kept going back to the heel hook at every opportunity. He hit a belly-to-belly to keep the big man down and keep his focus on the lower limbs of his opponent.

Smith blocked a second belly-to-belly into a cross armbreaker, but Thatcher transitioned back into the heel hook again. Smith was able to reverse the hook into a Sharpshooter that Thatcher broke with a rope break.

They then started a forearm and uppercut exchange with both keeping their hands down and letting the shots come straight in. Smith ducked and went for a backslide and then a small package, but Thatcher kicked out both times.

They exchanged forearms again, but it soon escalated to open hand chops before Smith hit a German suplex for a two count. Thatcher switched and hit a release version of his own. Smith hit another two Germans, followed by a Tiger suplex, but Thatcher kicked out at the last moment.

Thatcher fought and locked in a cross armbreaker, but Smith powered off his back. Thatcher transitioned into a triangle choke, but Smith powered up again and slammed Thatcher down to break the submission. Smith then slid seamlessly into a crossface that made Thatcher tap for the submission win.

Georgia came out to the stage to interview Davey after the match. He thanked the fans but quickly turned the interview onto Hammerstone. He shot Georgia a look before saying that it doesn't matter if Georgia wants to stay silent, the more important thing is Hammerstone is hiding from him. He said it wont be long before he gets him in the ring and locks in the crossface chicken wing.

He left by telling Georgia, “I won't be light on your boyfriend.”

Next week --

  • Alexander Hammerstone will defend the MLW Openweight title against the debuting Savio Vega.
  • Rey Horus vs. Bestia 666