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MLW Fusion results: Hammerstone & Von Erichs vs. Holliday, Muertes & Krugger

This week's Rise of the Renegades edition also featured a lumberjack strap match.
Fusion 09-Jun-2022

Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to Dallas, Texas, for another episode of MLW Fusion recorded over WrestleMania weekend. 

After seeing a recap of last week's highlights, we saw the events leading to tonight's main event: MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone and the Von Erichs vs. Richard Holliday, Mads Krugger and King Muertes. Octagon Jr will also defend his IWA Caribbean title against Matt Cross, plus Aramis will get payback against Gino Medina in a Mexican lumberjack strap match.

Gino Medina defeated Aramis in a Mexican lumberjack strap match

Faces and heels surrounded the ring and were free to whip the competitors with leather straps once they left the ring. The heels were on one side and focussed on Aramis while the faces were on the other and attacked Medina whenever he left the ring.

Throughout the high flying lucha-based match, the heels bent the rules and began whipping Aramis when he was on the apron and even pulled him out of the ring a few times behind the referee's back to add extra damage.

The story coming into the match was Aramis getting revenge from Medina attacking him weeks ago after Medina suffered an embarrassing pinfall loss to Microman. The story coming out of the match was the heelish antics of Medina.

At the finish, Medina had brought a strap into the ring and used it behind the referee's back, but Aramis got his own whips in moments later. Aramis then tried to victory roll off of Medina's shoulders, but "El Intocable" sat down and grabbed the tights to pick up the tainted win instead.

After the match, Bocchini tried to get a word with Medina but Aramis jumped him to the delight of the crowd. They brawled back into the ring, but Medina hit a low blow and unmasked Aramis in an ultimate lack of respect. Matt Cross ran out with a towel to help save Aramis' identity, but the focus was on Medina in what looked like the start of a strong heel push. 

Later in the night, we heard that Cesar Duran had given Medina a bonus after the unmasking.

- In a quick promo segment to hype the main event, we heard from Hammerstone & The Von Erichs, saw King Muertes receive a small wooden head on the top of a walking stick, and lastly heard from the clout couple of Holliday and Alicia Atout.

IWA Caribbean Champion Octagon Jr. defeated Matt Cross to retain the title

Cross got his shot here from recently defeating TJP. Octagon had recently won the title from previous champion King Muertes in a four-way match.

This was great from start to finish. As you can imagine, it was filled with dives and high flying with Octagon taking to the skies first with a moonsault to the floor.

It was back and forth throughout to highlight the face vs. face match with both being equally balanced. Octagon hit a twisting slingshot splash from the apron into the ring for a near fall before Cross hit a double stomp from the top rope.

Octagon then met Cross on the top rope and hit a big hurricanrana for only a one count as Cross fired up and hit a springboard Cross Cutter after bouncing neck and shoulder first off the top rope.

Cross went for the shooting star press from the top again, but landed on his feet as Octagon moved. Octagon was then quick to hit his spinning package piledriver to pick up the pinfall victory and retain his title. The commentary team mentioned Octagon's comparison to AEW's Pentagon Jr. throughout the closing moments of the match.

- Backstage, Microman was confronted by Strange Sangre's Holidead, Mini Abismo Negro and Dr Dax.  Holidead teased "a sacrifice" before her Women's championship opportunity next week, but the debuting pair of Taya Valkyrie and Lince Dorado were quick to jump in Microman's defense and scare off the heels.

- After beating nZo last week, a hyper KC Navarro met Myron Reed and challenged him for his Middleweight title. nZo also unexpectedly annoyed Jacob Fatu as when he stormed to the back after his loss last week, he barged into the Samoan Werewolf which angered the former champion. Look for that clash to happen soon.

- Speaking of Fatu, in a pre-recorded promo from earlier in the day, Fatu introduced his "Uso" Juicy Finau and talked up their Samoan and Tongan relationship. 

- Cameras caught up with National Openweight Champion Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas who teased more members joining the Bomaye Fight Club shortly.

- Seven new names were announced for this month's Battle Riot IV: Little Guido, Los Maximos (Joel & Jose), nZo, Davey Richards, Ace Romero and Savio Vega.

Richard Holliday, King Muertes & Mads Krugger (w/ Alicia Atout) defeated MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone & The Von Erichs

After the champion defeated Opera Cup winner Davey Richards at MLW SuperFight, Holliday turned his back on longtime friend Hammerstone and bloodied him up in an act of total betrayal. More recently, after Duran had forced him to tie one arm behind his back in a match, Hammerstone had to be saved by the Von Erichs after Holliday, Krugger and Muertes tried to jump him.

This trios match served as a set-up to the future Hammerstone vs. Holliday title match. They kept both competitors apart other than a short confrontation that was quickly broken up.

The Von Erichs used their speed against Krugger early on, but the big man kept coming back and eventually got the advantage for his team. The heels beat down Ross as the Dallas crowd chanted for Muertes before he chokeslammed the poor Von Erich brother.

Hammerstone got the hot tag after Ross was able to dropkick Holliday for a reprieve. He cleared Muertes and Krugger out before momentarily getting his hands on Holliday. Muertes saved his Dynastic teammate and powerslammed Hammerstone. Hammerstone fought back and had Muertes pinned after the Nightmare Pendulum, but Alicia Atout had distracted the referee by getting on the apron. 

During the scuffle that followed, Atout slipped Holliday her shoe which was used against Hammerstone's skull before Holliday hit the 2008 twisting suplex finisher to pick up the shock win over the MLW Champion. 

Holliday will be getting a shot at Hammerstone's title soon. Could this be a glimpse into the future if Holliday was able to pin the champion here? 

Next week:

  • Taya Valkyrie vs. Holidead for the inaugural MLW Women's title

In two weeks:

  • Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match